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Triplemania XXVII results: Blue Demon Jr. shaved Dr. Wagner Jr.’s head after bloody battle

The Triplemania XXVII main event delivered the goods. Blue Demon Jr. and Dr. Wagner Jr. had a longstanding rivalry that was to be settled in a mask vs hair match. It was bloody, full of chicanery, and flat out entertaining.

The two legends entered on cherry picker cranes for a high altitude face-off. Blue Demon Jr. wore his classic blue and silver duds. Dr. Wagner Jr. came to battle wearing all white as a throwback to his father. Blue Demon Jr. was accompanied by his son, while Dr. Wagner Jr. brought a huge posse with him. There were five, six, seven, maybe more hefty dudes in the same outfit as Wagner.

The heated feud erupted early with both men bleeding and having their masks ripped. Wagner quickly lost his mask, since it was only an adornment. Foreign objects were also utilized. A cookie sheet and a glass bottle were the softer parts of the fight. Blue Demon went on to use a hammer to smash Wagner’s hand and fingers.

They teased submission finishes, but the lasting image was both men leaking blood.

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Near the end, Wagner flattened Blue Demon with three Wagner Drivers. On the third pinfall count, the son of Blue Demon pulled the referee out of the ring. That led to a fight between Blue Demon’s son and the Wagner clan.

In the confusion, Blue Demon ended up shattering a cinder block against Wagner’s head. That was enough for victory.

Blue Demon Jr.’s identity remained a mystery, and Dr. Wagner Jr. was to receive a haircut. Wagner was attended to by medics and placed on a backboard, but he showed intestinal fortitude and lived up to his word as Blue Demon shaved Wagner’s head.

After the match, Wagner got on the mic to announce his retirement. He threw shade at Blue Demon for how he lost. I don’t blame Blue Demon for doing what he had to do. Wagner is not a true babyface. He came out with seven or eight extra dudes. That’s bullcrap. Also, I don’t believe Dr. Wagner Jr. will retire, but we’ll see.

Blue Demon Jr. versus Dr. Wagner Jr. was no technical masterpiece, but it sure did deliver in the sports entertainment vibe. It was wild, chaotic, and bloody. A great climax to a furious feud.

Did you enjoy the main event of Triplemania XXVII? Do you think Dr. Wagner Jr. has grounds to complain? Do you believe that was Wagner’s last match?

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