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AEW All Out results, live match coverage: Chris Jericho vs. Hangman Page

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) returns to pay-per-view (PPV) TONIGHT (Sat., Aug. 31, 2019) at the Sears Centre Arena in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, with All Out, its now annual Labor Day weekend showcase event.

CagesideSeats will provide LIVE match-by-match coverage of All Out below, beginning with the first match of the evening and right on through to the main event.

If you need information on how to watch, or to get caught up on the stories behind the matches, check our Quickstart Guide here. We’ve also got predictions from the staff for each of the ten matches here.

Kick your off your shoes, relax, and enjoy all the action with your favorite pro wrestling website. And remember to keep refreshing!

  • Chris Jericho def. Hangman Page
  • Pac def. Kenny Omega
  • Cody Rhodes def. Shawn Spears
  • The Dark Order def. Best Friends
  • Jimmy Havoc def. Darby Allin & Joey Janela
  • Riho def. Hikaru Shida
  • SCU def. Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt
  • Private Party def. Angelico & Jack Evans
  • Nyla Rose wins the Casino Battle Royale

All Out Line Up

- Nyla Rose wins the Casino Battle Royale to become a #1 contender for the AEW women’s championship

Leva Bates, Nyla Rose, Priscilla Kelly, Salonga Royale, and Fabe Apache start - Nyla Rose eliminates all of them. Peter Avalon even tries to get involved but he gets tossed as well.

Next group has Penelope Ford, Shazza McKenzie, Sadie Gibbs, Big Swole, and Dr. Britt Baker.

Shazza McKenzie is eliminated early by Britt. Big Swole eliminated by Nyla and then Ford.

Third group: Tenille Dashwood, Bea Priestley, Brandi Rhodes, Awesome Kong, & Ivelisse.

Britt Baker goes to meet Bea on the outside after their issues at Fight for the Fallen.

Kong eliminates Dashwood and Ivelisse. (She used Ivelisse as a weapon to knock off Allie.)

Final Group: Allie, Nicole Savoy, Tea Piper, ODB & Jazz

Nicole Savoy was eliminated. As was Teal Piper (by Kong). Kong eliminated as was Brandi when the camera wasn’t focusing on it.

The Joker: Mercedes Martinez!

Nyla Rose drops Allie to the floor when Allie is on the apron.

Bea eliminates Sadie Gibbs.

Mercedes eliminated by Britt Baker when they’re both on the apron.

Final 3 looks to be Nyla Rose, Britt Baker, and Bea Priestley.

Britt eliminates Bea! But Bea grabs her arm Hogan style and Nyla eliminates Dr. Britt to become a #1 contender for Women’s title.

- Private Party def. Angelico & Jack Evans when Private Party deliver a top rope Frankensteiner into a cutter to Evans for the win.

Show of respect after the match turns into Angelico and Evans attacking and beating down Private Party, focusing on their legs.

- Video package for a guy named Wardlow shows him slow-mo street fighting a bunch of dudes.

- MJF backstage promo, hoping that Cody beats Shawn Spears.

- Jim Ross enters to a nice pop. The Buy In wraps with shots of excited fans while the announce team of JR, Excalibur & Golden Boy gives the PPV the hard sell.

- The National Anthem is accentuated with some pyro, in case you didn’t get this is ‘Murica

- SCU def. Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt via pinfall with Best Meltzer ever on Jungle Boy (who JR kept calling “Jungle Jack Perry”). Luchasaurus is very over, and there were lots of fun spots which made both teams look good, and really let the younger trio shine in defeat.

- Pac def. Kenny Omega by referee stoppage. After a hard hitter, back and forth affair, it looked like Kenny was finally going to hit the One Winged Angels, which was reversed into Pac’s Brutalizer submission. The referee ended up calling the match when it looked like Kenny was out. Omega is now 1-2 in singles matches in AEW.

- Jimmy Havoc def. Darby Allin &. Joey Janela in the Cracker Barrel Clash

Early on in the match, Jimmy Havoc stapled himself. A bit later, Darby taped him to a chair, put tacks in his mouth, and then Joey taped his mouth shut. Lovely.

Later, Jimmy baited to Darby to deliver a swan dive from the top of the turnbuckle onto the chair. It did bust the chair which allowed Jimmy to get free and eventually get those tacks out of his mouth.

Those tacks were actually spit into the face of Joey Janela later. He followed up by doing the paper cut spot between the fingers and stapling his forehead.

Also, this happened:

Havoc used some Cracker Barrel biscuits as a weapon and then introduced the actual barrel. This gets a “We want barrel” chant.

Allin introduces a skateboard that has tacks on the bottom.

Darby tries to do a back drop while holding the barrel from the top onto the ring steps and Jimmy Havoc, but Jimmy moves and that may be it for Darby for the night.

Jimmy Havoc introduces the other barrel, superplexes Joey Janela through some of it and then delivers the Acid Rainmaker to Joey through the rest of it for the win. This was a train wreck (a good train wreck), folks.

- The Dark Order def. the Best Friends to win a first round bye in the tag team championship tournament

Towards the end of the match, Chuckie T was swallowed up by the minions when Rick Knock was distracted elsewhere. This left Trent Barreta alone to endure the fatality to pick up the first round bye.

Afterwards, the druids start taking Trent out of the arena when the lights go out... and Orange Cassidy is in the ring afterwards. He does a tope on the creepers with his hands in his pockets!

The Best Friends both hug Orange Cassidy, who keeps his hands in his pockets.

- Riho def. Hikaru Shida to become #1 contender for the AEW women’s championship

The smaller Riho was the underdog the entire match. However she was able to spin around and pick up a roll up victory.

After the match, Nyla Rose walked out stared up at Riho.

- Cody Rhodes (w/MJF in his corner) vs. Shawn Spears (w/Tully Blanchard)

Throughout the match, Tully helped Spears get plenty of underhanded tactics. Some of those times, MJF was inadvertently distracting the referee about their attempted cheating.

Cody hit Cross Rhodes but Tully completely distracted the ref. This led to a standoff in the ring between Blanchard and MJF! Spears delivered a big bicycle kick to MJF during this confrontation and then Tully lays the boots into MJF.


Back to the match itself, when Shawn grabbed a chair. But Cody kicked it aside and grabbed it himself. But won’t use it first. After doing his daddy’s elbow, he tossed the chair at Spears who caught it and took a Disaster Kick into the chair. Then Cody delivered Cross Rhodes for the win.

MJF and Cody hug after the match.

- Lucha Bros (c) def. The Young Bucks in a ladder match to retain the Triple A tag team championships

This is the match you’d expect from these four. There’s a ton of giffable moments, but this one kind of sums it up:

Matt is on top of the ladder with Pentagon and he rips Pentagon’s mask off! And then kicks Fenix who is jumping his way! But Pentagon still knocks the ladder down, preventing Matt from winning.

Pentagon remasks and the Bros delivers Zero Fear to Matt on a planked ladder.

Then they climb the ladder to retain their titles.

Masked figures enter the ring and push down the ladders that the Lucha Bros are celebrating on. And take out the Young Bucks as well. The Street Sweeper is delivered so it has to be LAX - AND IT IS! LAX IS IN AEW!

- Chris Jericho def. Hangman Page to win the the AEW world championship

Jericho targets the right arm of Hangman for a while. Eventually, Hangman delivers a stiff punch, busting Jericho open above his left eye, calling back to when Jericho did that to Hangman at Fight for the Fallen. This allows Hangman to really take control and leaves Jericho staggered for a good amount of time.

Page hits the Dead Eye and looks like we’re about to go home but Y2J kicks out! Hangman follows up with a Buck Shot Lariat! But the second Dead Eye attempt is countered by the Judas Effect! 1-2-3! Jericho is your new champion!

That’s the show, folks! Thanks for watching with us! Thank you, Chris Jericho!

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