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AEW All Out predictions - Page vs. Jericho, Omega vs. PAC, more!

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All Elite Wrestling is putting on their latest pay-per-view tomorrow (Sat., Aug. 31, 2019). For the last show before they premiere on TNT, they’ll be back in the city and venue that started it all. Last time The Elite were in Hoffman Estates, Illinois’ Sears Centre, ALL IN provided the blueprint for how a group of indie, ex-WWE, and puroresu guys (and a few gals) could change the business. Now they’re back for All Out, with the revolution underway.

After a free streaming pre-show which starts an hour earlier, the event starts at 8PM Eastern, and can be purchased on B/R Live (and traditional PPV) here in the U.S. & Canada, on ITV Box Office in the United Kingdom, and on everywhere else. The card features two title matches, two bouts which will determine the wrestlers who will compete for another, and plenty of bad blood.

No matter what they may say, AEW is the first real competition WWE has had in quite some time. Cageside Seats is planning to treat them like a WWE-caliber promotion, and that means assembling our motley crew to give thoughts & predictions on each match on their PPV.

Let's get to it.


Adam “Hangman” Page vs. Chris Jericho for the AEW World championship

Geno Mrosko: Does it have more of an impact if the first AEW world champion you see on television is Chris Jericho or Hangman Page? The answer gives you the hot tip on who is winning this match. It’s barely even a question. Pick: Chris Jericho

Sean Rueter: On the one hand, going with the well known name makes sense. But on the other, why not try the new guy and if he’s a hit, you’ve got a new star. If he doesn’t, just quickly have him lose it to Jericho, Moxley, Omega, Rhodes, etc. to pop a TV number. Isn’t not doing the safe thing, aka “Cowboy Shit”, what got AEW this far? Pick: Hangman Page

Kyle Decker: Jericho is really the right answer here. I know it may get some groans from the hardcore crew putting their title on the WWE guy, but he’s the guy people know and may entice them to tune into TNT on Wednesday nights. Take some time to build up Hangman first and then crown him. Pick: Chris Jericho

Rev. Claire Elizabeth: Neither of these guys can make the AEW title a “real” world championship, but Our Heavy Metal Dad Chris Jericho brings instant gravitas and respectability to the belt that’s gotta be tempting. Plus he’s really settled into his age and is a great grumpy old man brawler— maybe not the perfect choice for your first champ (I’d have gone Mox or Omega or even Janela), but of these two guys, he’s the one. Pick: Chris Jericho

Cain A. Knight: I know Page can do great things because I’ve seen the match with Janela at All In. However nothing about his performances stood out on the previous AEW pay-per-views this year, and winning a pre-show Battle Royal is not a convincing way to earn a top title shot. He seems miscast here and I’d be shocked if he gets the win. Pick: Chris Jericho

Stella Cheeks (of the always awesome NYD podcast, and Cageside social media maven): My gut says Jericho because it just makes sense to put your title on the only real big name you have before heading to TV. Jericho is a literal wrestling legend, of course casual fans will tune in to see what he’s doing. But on the other hand, how revolutionary is it to put your main title on a WWE old timer? That smacks of hypocrisy and of mistakes of past rivals. The bold move here is to put the title on Hangman and continue the feud to TV. Jericho is still in the title picture and is still a draw, but the face is a new face. Pick: Hangman Page

Tommy Messano (of the one-and-only Bros B4 Elbows pod): Think it’s too early to pull the pin on Hangman Page. The story is in the chase and with AEW heading to TNT in less than two months, Chris Jericho makes for a good final boss. Also curious to see what kind of match Y2J nets out of Hangman. Pick: Chris Jericho

Henry T. Casey: COW. BOY. SHIT. AEW wants to say they’re gonna do this better than WWE, right? Then build — nay, make — the young guy. Pick: Hangman Page

Cody Rhodes vs. Shawn Spears

Geno Mrosko: Legitimately intriguing if only to see how they’ll book programs like this. Is Cody going to do a job to Spears to put him over here? Or is Spears being fed to one of the top dogs? Pick: Cody Rhodes

Sean Rueter: This has been a fun program, and I’m much more invested than I thought I’d be. But at the end of the day, The American Nightmare’s a star while The Perfect Ten is a good hand. Pick: Cody Rhodes

Kyle Decker: Cody is 1-1-1 in AEW, while Spears is 1-0, but Cody can handle a loss here more. If they want to build up an established upper midcard heel that can be used to help guys ascend, Spears getting the win makes sense here. Pick: Shawn Spears

Rev. Claire Elizabeth: The Grandson of a Plumber or the man who was once a perfect ten... American Nightmare time, y’all. Pick: Cody Rhodes

Cain A. Knight: Hmmm, I guess this one could go either way depending on how serious they are about pushing Spears as a top heel. But for now I just can’t shake his status as a jobber in WWE out of my head enough to take him seriously here. Pick: Cody Rhodes

Stella Cheeks: LOLOLOLOLOLOL as if Cody Rhodes is going to lose to Peyton’s husband. Pick: Cody Rhodes

Tommy Messano: No way Cody Rhodes should be losing to a nice hand like Shawn Spears. Though it feels like no matter the outcome on Saturday night, this rivalry is far from over. Pick: Cody Rhodes

Henry T. Casey: What does the win do for Cody? Move him to the title picture? I don’t really see that as something this soon. This story feels like it’s not finishing this weekend, and it feels like Cody’s corner-person will play a role in leading to Cody’s loss. Pick: Shawn Spears

Lucha Brothers (Pentagón Jr. and Rey Fénix) (c) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson) in a ladder match for the AAA World Tag Team Championship

Geno Mrosko: Let’s just hope everyone is healthy enough to make it through this match. Meanwhile, the Young Bucks have to lose at some point. Pick: Lucha Bros

Sean Rueter: I fully expect Matt & Nick to drop the titles back at the next big AAA show, but they gotta go with the home team (because that’s how this feud’s been booked). Pick: The Young Bucks

Kyle Decker: The Bucks are 3-0 in AEW but the titles belong to a different promotion. Let’s say the Lucha Bros pick up a win here to retain their titles. Pick: Lucha Bros

Rev. Claire Elizabeth: Au contraire, my friends— the Young Bucks do not in fact have to lose. Especially with Fenix coming in with a target on him on... whatever body part is hurt it’s been a stressful month for me and I know he had an injury scare but not what it was exactly, alright?! Pick: The Young Bucks

Cain A. Knight: I’m tempted to pick the Lucha Bros because the AAA tag titles are on the line. But I expect the Young Bucks to be pushed in AEW as the best tag team in the world, including main eventing PPVs, so they should probably win this match. Pick: The Young Bucks

Stella Cheeks: The Bucks have to lose eventually right? And I don’t see them bringing the AAA tag titles to TV, especially when they need to build up their own tag division after All Out. Pick: Lucha Bros

Tommy Messano: In the AEW Universe the Lucha Bros need this win more. The Young Bucks have to lose sometime, so why not to Pentagón Jr. and Rey Fénix, in a Escalera De La Muerte. Heading into AEW’s tag team tournament, knocking Matt and Nick Jackson down a peg feels like the right move. Pick: Lucha Bros

Henry T. Casey: Lucha Bros don’t need to drop AAA’s tag titles to the bucks of youth again, right? That just ... makes little sense. Keeping the championships on them keeps them strong for this tag tournament (I’d bet they make it to the finals, but don’t win). Pick: Lucha Bros

PAC vs. Kenny Omega

Geno Mrosko: No way do they bring in a replacement opponent and have him beat Omega before they even get to the bigger Omega matches they had planned, right? Pick: Kenny Omega

Sean Rueter: Still can’t pick Dustin Rhodes, huh? Shoot. Well, in that case, seeing as they were already invested in a “Kenny’s lost his mojo” story en route to either a redemption arc or heel turn, and since he seems much more focused on the guy he was supposed to be facing here rather than the one he is... I’m guessing Omega is looking past fka Neville, and gets upset again so Jon Moxley can give him crap about it. Pick: PAC

Kyle Decker: Interesting match up here. Is PAC going to lose his first AEW match (a match rumored that he was to eventually have and lose) or is Kenny going to drop to 1-2 in singles matches. I think the latter makes sense because the blood feud with Mox is still there. Pick: PAC

Rev. Claire Elizabeth: Replacement babyface always wins, replacement heel always loses, and I feel like (ever you mind that AEW alignments aren’t black and white, shut up though) that means this shakes out to the Best Bout Machine picking the win up. Pick: Kenny Omega

Cain A. Knight: I don’t know who I would have picked if this was Moxley versus Omega, but choosing between Omega and Mox’s replacement is much easier. Pick: Kenny Omega

Stella Cheeks: Omega is still focused on Mox which is a big mistake. Pac is a formidable opponent with a grudge. I think PAC will use Mox’s absence and Omega’s lack of focus to his advantage and destroy Omega. Who knows, maybe Mox’s music hits and Omega is distracted long enough to PAC to get the win. But then PAC is mad that Mox helped and now we got ourselves a three way feud! BOOK IT! Pick: PAC

Tommy Messano: It has to be Kenny Omega here, right? AEW found a big money feud with Omega versus Jon Moxley. I don’t see PAC derailing Omega building momentum here. Pick: Kenny Omega

Henry T. Casey: Something tells me PAC is a part-timer in AEW, and I think he could use some of that Brock Lesnar unbeatable sheen. Omega might be fighting a replacement, but the expedience of that announcement makes me think that PAC was always destined to be on this card, and be an important part of the promotion. Pick: PAC

Best Friends (Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta) vs. The Dark Order (Evil Uno and Stu Grayson) for a first round bye in the AEW World Tag Team Championship tournament

Geno Mrosko: I don’t get the appeal, but they’re probably winning here. Pick: The Dark Order

Sean Rueter: Until Chuckie T gets his own “nudie boys”, got to go with the “spooky perverts”. Pick: The Dark Order

Kyle Decker: The heels are better suited with the advantage while the babyfaces should have to work for it more. Pick: The Dark Order

Rev. Claire Elizabeth: I... kinda just want this to be an episode of Best Friends. Can this just be an episode of Best Friends? No? Well color me peer pressured. Pick: The Dark Order (Evil Uno & Stu Grayson)

Cain A. Knight: Tournament byes usually go to the heels, right? Pick: The Dark Order

Stella Cheeks: Trent? and Chuckie have the power of friendship, but The Dark Order has friendship power and minions. Never bet against minions. Pick: The Dark Order

Tommy Messano: Not completely sold on The Dark Order, but the potential is there for something really unique to AEW. Pick: The Dark Order

Henry T. Casey: Dustin, I will always owe you for your contributions to my Orange Cassidy Oral History piece. Greg, you’re big now, so I trust that you could get the job done. But if Uno and Grayson are supposed to be a formidable team, they need this win more. Pick: The Dark Order (fka Super Smash Bros)

Darby Allin vs. Joey Janela vs. Jimmy Havoc in a Cracker Barrel Clash

Geno Mrosko: I actually love this story because it’s just three guys desperate to win a match. That’s the kind of simple storytelling I can get behind, mostly through the passion of the performers. Pick: Jimmy Havoc

Sean Rueter: Darby is AEW’s Jeff Hardy, but pushed from the jump and hopefully without as many addiction-related issues. Pick: Darby Allin

Kyle Decker: A match born out of three guys really needing a win. I think Darby has been the guy who they’ve showcased the most, able to last the entire time against Cody, so it makes sense to push him further. Pick: Darby Allin

Rev. Claire Elizabeth: I love watching all three guys in this match wrestle, and Darby and Jimmy have very special places in my heart from their time in Evolve and Progress respectively, but Janela is the guy. Pick: Joey Janela

Cain A. Knight: Darby was able to avoid taking a loss to Cody at Fyter Fest, so I assume that means they have bigger plans for him than Havoc or Janela. Pick: Darby Allin

Stella Cheeks: I honestly, don’t get the appeal of Darby and Janela is a d*ck, so I guess I’m picking Jimmy Havoc. Plus, he has the best hair. Pick: Jimmy Havoc

Tommy Messano: Feel like this match-up is a toss-up between Joey Janela and Darby Allin. Janela winning something called the Cracker Barrel Clash while doing some very weird ish long away is just too good to pass up. Pick: Joey Janela

Henry T. Casey: Jimmy F**king Havoc’s time in Progress is known to those who subscribed to Demand Progress and those who listen to the former. Everyone else needs to see him rule in order for the guy to be the serious dude he should be. F*ck, turn him evil too. Pick: Jimmy F**king Havoc

Riho vs. Hikaru Shida

Geno Mrosko: I’m learning with the rest of you! Pick: Riho

Sean Rueter: Hmm... Kenny Omega’s partner at DDT’s November show at the Sumo Hall, or his (alleged) ex-girlfriend? As far as I know, only one of them has rocked a Princess Mononoke costume for a match, so... Pick: Hikaru Shida

Kyle Decker: There’s legit nothing to go on here. Let’s say Riho. Pick: Riho

Rev. Claire Elizabeth: I’m just playing the odds here. Pick: Hikaru Shida

Cain A. Knight: Riho is awesome; how can I possibly pick against her? Pick: Riho

Stella Cheeks: There isn’t much of a story here, but I expect this match to be excellent. Part of including joshi in AEW is giving them the time to show off and steal hearts. Riho stole my heart at Double or Nothing so I’m picking her. Pick: Riho

Tommy Messano: No matter the outcome, have a funny feeling the joshi match steals the show again for AEW. Pick: Hikaru Shida

Henry T. Casey: I bet we’ll have a great time watching this, but wow AEW’s done nothing to build the sole women’s match on its main card, such a 2017 WWE thing to do. I’m going to go with Riho because I remember her performance at Double or Nothing more. Pick: Riho

Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt vs SCU (Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, and Scorpio Sky)

Geno Mrosko: I’m no Jim Cornette but I cannot possibly take Marko Stunt seriously. Then again, they really seem to like him and the Jungle Boy/Luchasaurus thing has potential. Pick: Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt

Sean Rueter: This is - the WORST trios match - I’ve ever tried to predict! Stunt takes the fall to send Kaz & Scorp into the title tournament with some momentum without hurting The Boy & His Dinosaur’s. Pick: SCU

Kyle Decker: SCU is the more established team. They can make The Boys and their Dinosaur look good before picking up the win. Pick: SCU

Rev. Claire Elizabeth: This is where you put the hype young talent over. I love Daniels, but SCU can take the hit and look good doing it. Pick: Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus, & Marko Stunt

Cain A. Knight: It looks to me like Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy can quickly become one of the top duos in AEW with a proper push, and that means winning this match. Pick: Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt

Stella Cheeks: SCU is over. Luchasaurus and Jungle boy still have to prove themselves as a duo to a wider audience. This is their opportunity to do that. Pick: Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt

Tommy Messano: Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt have the potential to be a really cool, breakout trio for AEW. Think the Boys and their Dinosaur need to get knocked down a few more times, before they get a big underdog run. Pick: SCU

Henry T. Casey: Sean stole my damn gimmick for how I was going to phrase this pick, so I’m going against him. Pick: Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt

21-Woman Casino Battle Royale for a spot in the inaugural AEW Women’s World championship match

Geno Mrosko: I know Britt Baker is the hot pick considering the obvious push they have planned for her but you can’t go against Kong in a match like this. Pick: Awesome Kong

Sean Rueter: There’s one woman I associate with AEW, going all the way back to the January press conference. She’s my... Pick: Nyla Rose

Kyle Decker: Dr. Britt Baker feels like the woman they are pushing the hardest out of the gate so let’s go with her. Pick: Britt Baker

Rev. Claire Elizabeth: I mean... not to be tribal about it but I kinda have to, right? Put her all the way through to be the first champ, cowards. Pick: Nyla Rose

Cain A. Knight: Let’s see if AEW can’t help themselves but to make a WWE booking decision and give this win to Brandi Rhodes. Pick: Awesome Kong

Stella Cheeks: Britt is going to be the face of this women’s division and I am HERE FOR IT. She has worked so hard on the indies, she has a great look a great story and I have a feeling she’ll look great draped in gold. Pick: Britt Baker

Tommy Messano: This is Awesome Kong’s match to lose. Though wouldn’t hate if a surprise entry pulls off the upset. Pick: Awesome Kong

Henry T. Casey: AEW keeps hyping up Sadie Gibbs and she’s in the match, but my heart is with... Pick: BIG SWOLE

Private Party (Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen) vs. Angélico and Jack Evans

Geno Mrosko: I just hope it’s as fun as it looks like it could be. Pick: Private Party

Sean Rueter: Kassidy and Quen are definitely getting a push come October. Doesn’t that mean I should pick against them here? I’m so used to 50/50 booking. Pick: Angélico and Jack Evans

Kyle Decker: Two really good teams but little else to go on to make a pick here. The Party were a blast at Fyter Fest so let’s go with them. Pick: Private Party

Rev. Claire Elizabeth: I friggin’ love Private Party and Los Gueros del Cielo are established. Again, push the young exciting guys— I like Evans better as a single anyway. Pick: Private Party

Cain A. Knight: This looks like a coin flip match. Which makes me wonder, do people actually flip a coin when they say that’s what they’ll do to make a prediction? Or do they still just go with their gut instinct without admitting it? One thing that’s for sure is I don’t need no damn coin. Pick: Private Party

Stella Cheeks: I LOVE LIME GREEN & FLIPS. Pick: Angélico and Jack Evans

Tommy Messano: As a huge Lucha Underground fan, I feel like this duo needs the win more. Pick: Angélico and Jack Evans

Henry T. Casey: The sentient Monster energy drink can boys can eat a loss, but I need Private Party to get a win and get the hell out of the pre-show. And they’re set to face The Young Bucks in the tag team tournament on week 2 of the unnamed AEW TV show. So let them win here so they go into that tournament (and sadly predictable loss) with a little bit of momentum. Pick: Private Party

That's who we've got. Who are you taking, Cagesiders?

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