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MJF demonstrates the Platonic ideal of how a heel should handle appearances

Starrcast’s Twitter

Should everyone who plays a wrestling bad guy act the way All Elite Wrestling and MLW’s Maxwell Jacob Friedman does at all times? That’s not realistic, especially not in this day and age of performers working different characters for different promotions and cultivating a personal brand for live outside the ring.

But does MJF provide us with an amazing example of how a heel from the 1970s would operate in 2019, and a glimpse into how things would look if today’s wrestlers so thoroughly embodied their characters the audience forgot they were characters?

Yes. Yes he does.

Case in point, his “contractually obligated” appearance at Starrcast III.

Meeting and greeting the biggest stars like Jon Moxley, Sting, and CM Punk at the pre-All Out convention Labor Day weekend will run you between $129 - $149. MJF’s session on Fri., Aug. 30? It’ll cost you $150...

“STARRCAST was legally obligated to offer this Meet & Greet for Mr. Friedman on Friday from Noon-3P. Mr. Friedman demanded to charge fans more money for his Meet & Greet than any other Superstarr at STARRCAST. Mr. Friedman also required us to share this disclaimer verbatim: “NO TOUCHING OR DIRECT EYE CONTACT!” Any infractions will be subject to an additional tax to be determined by Mr. Friedman. In theory this should include your photo with MJF and an autograph on your item or our 8x10. Good luck.”

Got it? No?

He’s probably gonna make as much money selling fewer tickets to folks with disposable income who want to annoy him as he would breaking character and making nice for $30 a pop. And he’s increasing his own value as an act people will pay to see their favorite babyface beat up in main events for years to come.

Everybody can’t, and I don’t expect them to. But bless MJF for doing it.

I think I know what he’d tell me to do with my praise, though.

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