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Lio Rush gives an update on his current status with WWE

The Man of the Hour had a rough past couple of months.

Back in April, reports ran wild that Lio Rush earned himself the dreaded “backstage heat” within WWE. Rush tried get out in front of the reports but was soon taken off TV just a few weeks later.

In early May, Rush did a very candid interview about the topics of low pay and race in WWE. This interview only got the 24-year-old star more backlash from a pair of well known industry vets, with Booker T and Mark Henry both attempting to give Rush advice.

Gone for the past few months, and with no real rumors of a return date, Rush provided his own update during a recent interview.

Co-hosting ESPN’s Cheap Heat podcast, Rush was asked about his current standing with WWE.

“Right now, I’m still with the company. I’m home and enjoying time with the kids, with my family, with my wife, working on projects that I have always wanted to work on now that I have the time to actually do that. Everybody is not always on TV. There’s always have your certain spots, you have certain characters and what is hot now and what is going to be hot later, right now it’s not my time. It was when me and Bobby were working together and we were able to do and accomplish so many great things in the amount of time we had, I think it was about 6-7 months. We were on Raw every week, almost like 2-3 promo segments every week, every pay per view, so it was awesome. I know Bobby is out with an injury right now and I am working on some music. Doing some things I have always wanted to do.”

Asked about when fans can expect to see him back on television, Rush sounded optimistic.

“Oh definitely. I’m only 24 years old. My heart is still in wrestling. It’s still a dream. It’s still a passion of mine.”

Rush would go on to say that communication between him and WWE is still open. If he does come back to WWE, it will be interesting to see how Rush gets booked.

Whether with NXT or on the main roster, when do you anticipate Lio Rush returning to WWE?

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