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AAA Roundup: Dr. Karonte has died, Hijo del Vikingo injured, new mummy luchador, more!

Welcome to the AAA Roundup. Let’s get caught up on news and lucha libre action from Conquista Total.

Dr. Karonte has died

We’ll start with sad news to report. Dr. Karonte died on Monday, August 26.

Dr. Karonte came to Mexico from El Salvador in the 1960s. His biggest career achievements were winning the hair of Greco and the mask of Mongol Salvadoreño. Dr. Karonte left a family legacy in the lucha libre world. His two most famous sons are Caristico (WWE’s original Sin Cara) and Argenis.

Introducing Karis La Momia Jr.

AAA has a new mummy luchador in the mix, Karis La Momia Jr.

Karis La Momia Jr. is La Parka’s son. La Parka presented his son as taking over his old mummy character. La Parka actually debuted in AAA as Karis La Momia before donning the skeleton suit. Karis is based on Universal Studios’s Mummy series from the 1940s. Last we saw La Parka’s son, he was getting beat up by Hijo del Fantasma. It is now time for Karis Jr. to make his own path.

Injury news

As mentioned in the last Roundup, Fenix injured his leg, but it wasn’t as serious as first suspected. Rumors say he will still compete with his brother Pentagon in a ladder match against the Young Bucks at AEW’s All Out.

Whatever the case, enjoy this slick photo of gigolo Fenix. Look at all those gold chains.

Hijo del Vikingo looks to be banged up with a ruptured knee ligament. He won’t need an operation and will be out for six weeks.

Vikingo’s tweet more or less says, “Nobody hits harder than life, but no matter how hard it hits, resist and keep moving forward. This is how you win!”

In an interview with Lucha Central probably filmed before his injury, Vikingo talked about getting a visa to work in the USA. “The bread is baking.” He’s been working on getting the visa and thinks he’ll be able to wrestle at AAA’s show in New York City.

Conquista Total: Guadalajara, Part 1

AAA went back to a two part split for Conquista Total from Guadalajara, Jalisco. Part 1 (here) featured a trio of trios bouts.

Keyra, Mini Psycho Clown, & Low Rider vs Vanilla, Aramis, & La Parkita

This bout (starting at 8:00) was a typical AAA trios match with highlights aplenty: a springboard elbow drop by Vanilla, a German suplex by Keyra to Aramis, a corkscrew crossbody by Vanilla to the outside, a suicide dive by Aramis, a springboard moonsault by La Parkita to the outside, a tower of doom, a tope con hilo by Aramis, and a corkscrew crossbody by Parkita to the outside.

The finish came down to Reina de Reinas champ Keyra and plucky Puerto Rican Vanilla. They exchanged big pinning maneuvers; a sitting super Spanish Fly by Keyra and a Northern Lights suplex by Vanilla. In the end, Keyra outsmarted Vanilla to get a German suplex then a sitdown double underhook slam to win.

After the match, Vanilla was giving Keyra the death stare, so Keyra talked shit. That led to Vanilla attacking and the two luchadoras fought some more until staff broke it up.

Eterno, Chik Tormenta, & La Parka Negra vs Laredo Kid, Myzteziz Jr., & Hijo del Vikingo

Eterno entered with a pope outfit.

Lucha Libre AAA

The first big move of the bout (starting at 29:20) was a triple suicide dive from the Trios champs. They immediately followed up with another flying attack of corkscrews by Myzteziz Jr. and Hijo del Vikingo and a moonsault by Laredo Kid. The champs then did triple rolling slams followed by triple 450 splashes off the same rope all at the same time for a triple pin. The rudos kicked out.

The flow went back and forth with big time moves from both teams. The finish came down to La Parka Negra and Vikingo going one-on-one. Each luchador had chances to win, but Vikingo pulled it out with an inverted 450 splash.

OGT’s vs Aerostar, Pagano, & Psycho Clown

Chessman attacked Pagano (starting at 48:20) before Psycho Clown made his entrance. I don’t know if they were still going at it when Psycho came out. He did his thing with the kids and didn’t seem to care about Pagano and Chessman.

Floor brawling started the main event. The first ‘what a maneuver’ moment was triple flying attacks by the tecnicos. Psycho did a tope con hilo, Pagano did a suicide dive, and Aerostar did a step-up flipping cannonball. After that, the tecnicos brought a broom and cookie sheets in the ring to do some smashing. Aerostar, Psycho, and Pagano each had a turn running wild showcasing their many moves.

The end of the match involved accidental contact. Psycho hit a suicide dive. Aerostar was next, but the OGT’s moved out of the way and his suicide dive hit Psycho instead. In the ring, the OGT’s clobbered Pagano with chairs. Super Fly flew for a frog splash. All three OGT’s pinned Pagano for the win.

After the match, the OGT’s stole tecnico masks and stood tall.

We’ll close with a silly photo of Pagano and Maximo.

It’s not a party without a clown.

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