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CM Punk’s Starrcast III panel being offered as a traditional PPV

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Starrcast III’s Twitter

For all the debate about whether CM Punk is ever coming back to pro wrestling, if he hates the business that made him famous, and how fans should “get over” him... the man still captures our attention.

Take this weekend in Punk’s hometown. Everyone’s shot down talk that he’ll appear at All Elite’s All Out pay-per-view (PPV) on Saturday night (Aug. 31), yet talk persists among fans hoping/believing/dreading he’ll how up at Sears Center.

And we already knew his panel at Conrad Thompson’s Starrcast III would be available to stream as part of the overall $39.99 convention package via, and word is spreading now that just Punk’s interview will be available on traditional outlets like DirecTV and InDemand for $14.99.

CM Punk: Best in the World Live is listed as a 90 minute show, and ads promise “the unfiltered truth” in an “unprecedented interview” “where anything can happen”.

Probably not something cable and satellite providers would do if they didn’t think there was demand. Are they right?

And does it mean anything for Punk’s future (which to be 100% clear, everyone’s said has nothing to do with AEW, All Out, or pro wrestling )?

Shell out 15 bucks and find out!

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