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AAA Roundup: Dr. Wagner Jr. not retiring, Cain Velasquez’s next lucha libre dates set, more!

Welcome to the AAA Roundup. Let’s get caught up on some news and lucha libre action from Conquista Total. Dr. Wagner Jr. decided not to retire, Cain Velasquez has his next lucha libre dates set, and LA Park’s butt cheeks went missing.

I took a little break from the AAA Roundup since the news cycle and TV show was a little slow after Triplemania XXVII. Several bits of news, major and minor, will be covered that occurred in the span between then and now.

If you missed out on Triplemania XXVII, get caught up on the full coverage: Blue Demon Jr.’s training montage, Cain Velasquez’s open workout flying crossbody, event preview and predictions, live results, main event recap of Blue Demon Jr. shaving Dr. Wagner Jr.’s head, Cain Velasquez’s awesome lucha libre debut recap, and all the rest from Triplemania such as Fenix getting a challenger for the Megacampeonato, LA Park’s surprise return, Aerostar high diving again, and two new champs.

Dr. Wagner Jr. retired, walked it back, then unretired

After Dr. Wagner Jr. lost his hair to Blue Demon Jr. at Triplemania XXVII, he announced to the crowd that he would be retiring. The next day, Wagner clarified that the process of his retirement would take a year, so he could finish out dates that have already been booked.

It looks like AAA gave Wagner’s retirement the stroyline treatment at the post-Triplemania show in Saltillo, Coahuila on August 10. Wagner announced his retirement to the crowd, but Psycho Clown, Hijo del Vikingo, and Niño Hamburguesa came out in an attempt to change Wagner’s mind. Blue Demon Jr. entered the scene to talk smack and slap Wagner. After that, Wagner had a change of heart.

“Hey, Saltillo. You know something? Demon, you know what? I already analyzed it. You know what? I’m not retiring. YEAH!!!!” There was much rejoicing.

I don’t know if Wagner completely changed his mind about retirement or if this is part of a storyline to carry toward a retirement match at Triplemania next year. In the meantime, a mask vs hair rematch between Blue Demon and Wagner was booked for AAA’s New York show on October 15.

In my opinion, that rematch is pretty lame. It is a lose-lose situation. If Blue Demon loses, it cheapens the Triplemania contest they just had. If Wagner loses again, it will destroy his credibility to compete with Blue Demon in high stakes bouts. Sure, Wagner could lose by shenanigans again, but then they will be at a point of dragging the feud beyond its expiration date. Also, Wagner will barely have any hair by then, so the hair gimmick is kind of cheap. Will they shave his burly beard instead?

As for Wagner canceling his retirement, that’s cool with me. He’s still enjoyable in the ring. I wish him the best of luck in earning as much money as he can before he calls it quits. My only issue is why did he say he’s retiring in the first place? This mess could have all been avoided if he didn’t mention it in his post-match promo. Oh well.

Cain Velasquez’s next lucha libre dates are set

Cain Velasquez announced that he will be returning to the lucha libre ring for AAA’s shows in New York (Sept. 15) and Los Angeles (Oct. 13).

No opponent has been mentioned yet, but Killer Kross will be at the New York show. Odds are good that they will be across the ring from each other in trios action. Velasquez will also be appearing at an indie show in San Jose on October 5. It doesn’t specifically say if it will be an apearance or in the ring.

LA Park’s butt cheeks have gone missing

Put out an APB. LA Park lost his butt cheeks at Triplemania. If you find them, Park is asking that they be returned.

Seriously though, Park was busy after the event positioning himself for future big paydays. He attacked Blue Demon Jr. after the show.

Warning: Spanish language not suitable for work.

Park was angry at Blue Demon for using underhanded tactics in a match with such high stakes. Psycho Clown and Cain Velasquez made the save and tried to cool tensions down. Park challenged Blue Demon for mask vs mask and suggested a match against Velasquez. Park’s AAA plate now has many possibilities for future big fights: mask vs hair against Pagano, mask vs mask against Blue Demon Jr., in singles action against Cain Velasquez, and Park & sons in trios action against Blue Demon Jr., Psycho Clown, & Cain Velasquez. All of those are easily doable, but don’t be surprised if none happen. Predicting LA Park’s next move is never an easy thing.

Quick Hits

Here is a super awesome photo of when Blue Demon Jr. busted the cinder block on Dr. Wagner Jr.’s head.

For viewership stats, Triplemania XXVII rated number one in Mexico for national channels on Azteca Siete, number one for pay channels on Space, and was watched by over 50,000 people on Twitch. Triplemania also trended number one worldwide on Twitter.

AAA’s next taping for Conquista Total will take place on September 8 in Puebla. The main event will be Psycho Clown, Drago, and Taya against Blue Demon Jr., Rey Escorpion, & Ayako Hamada. The tag team LAX will also be on the card in a three-way against Laredo Kid & Hijo del Vikingo and Daga & Arez.

AAA’s next major event, Heroes Inmortales XIII, is scheduled for October 19 in Orizaba, Veracruz. There is nothing to be gleaned from the poster, and no matches have been announced yet.

Vampiro started up a wrestling promotion in Las Vegas. The first shows ran this weekend. Earlier this month, he mentioned that he is focusing on a return to the ring in October.

There was news going around last night that Fenix may have been seriously injured. Eric Mutter from Lucha Central reported that Fenix left the ring with an apparent leg injury. Thankfully, Taya provided an update later in the evening to say that Fenix would be okay.

In other Lucha Bros news, they are launching their own clothing line, action figures, and decorative credit cards. Animo!

Time to get caught all the way up on Conquista Total. There were episodes for Verano de Escándalo, AAA vs Elite from Tepito, and a regular show from San Luis Potosi. Choo, choo. Let’s chug through these express style.

Conquista Total: Verano de Escándalo

Verano de Escándalo from Merida, Yucatan was split into two episodes of Conquista Total. I’ve already covered the event in full back when it originally took place: preview & predictions, live results, and review.

Part 1 has the following bouts:

  • Hijo del Tirantes vs Faby Apache (video)
  • Daga & Tessa Blanchard vs Taya & Laredo Kid (video)
  • Dr. Wagner Jr. & Psycho Clown vs Blue Demon Jr. & Taurus (video)

Part 2 has the following bouts:

  • Australian Suicide & Sammy Guevara vs Maximo & Mamba (video)
  • Myzteziz Jr., Hijo del Vikingo, & La Parka vs Texano, Rey Escorpion, & La Hiedra (video)
  • Reina de Reinas Championship: Lady Shani (champ) vs Chik Tormenta vs Keyra (video)
  • Tag Team Championship: Young Bucks (champs) vs Lucha Bros (video)

All the matches were entertaining in their own way. The Young Bucks versus Fenix and Pentagon was the best of the bunch. The Reina de Reinas bout is worth watching to see Keyra become the new champ. The only contest not to get aired was Pagano, Aerostar, & Puma King against Chessman, Monster Clown, & Killer Kross. That was when Aerostar took a nasty spill on a high altitude dive and was taken to the hospital. He has since recovered.

Conquista Total: AAA vs Elite from Tepito

AAA faced Elite for an interpromotional competition in Tepito, Mexico City. This show was a bonus YouTube episode (here). It looks like it was an Elite broadcast rather than a AAA show. It was all action with no entrances for the five bouts.

Let’s get to the match results as AAA won overall 3-2:

  • Faby Apache & Goya Kong defeated Keyra & Rossy Moreno. The win came off a double pin for AAA. Goya used a hammerlock butt slam on Keyra, and Faby got a rolling pin on Rossy.
  • Astral, Demasiado, & Zumbi defeated Mamba, Tigger Boy, & Villano III Jr. You may recall Astral from his days in CMLL winning bodybuilding showcases. For the finish, Zumbi pinned Mamba after a superkick and a fancy turnbuckle dropping foot to the face.
  • Eterno & Imposible defeated Australian Suicide & Bengala. I’d pick this bout as the best of the bunch. It was full of flashy maneuvers. Eterno won the match by pinning Australian Suicide after catching a pop-up hurricanrana attempt and turning it into a Styles Clash.
  • Monster Clown & Murder Clown defeated Emperador Azteca & Golden Magic. This match was big guys vs high flyers. The move of the night was Emperador Azteca and Golden Magic taking to the air for flying crossbodies onto the clowns in the crowd seats. For the finish, Golden Magic landed a 450 splash, but crooked referee Hijo del Tirantes whipped Golden Magic’s back with one of the clown straps. The clowns took control, and Murder pinned both Elite members after a flying splash.
  • Psycho Clown & Texano defeated Trauma I & Trauma II. The crowd was fully behind Psycho Clown. This was typical AAA main event style with brawling that eventually settles down into a match inside the ring. The ending involved outside interference. Psycho Clown trapped a Trauma in la casita pin, but referee Hijo del Tirantes was pulled out of the ring in a surprise appearance from Electroshock. AAA won the bout via disqualification. Electroshock is a former AAA Mega Champ (in 2010), and his presence was used to set up beef for the next AAA vs Elite competition. Elite’s bad guys removed Psycho’s mask and stood tall to close the show.

Conquista Total: San Luis Potosi

This episode of Conquista Total (here) emanated from San Luis Potosi, San Luis Potosi. It was the first show after Verano de Escándalo. Back to the normal review style for this one. It was highlighted by Blue Demon Jr. piledriving Dr. Wagner Jr. into a ‘get sent to the back and return with fire in your fists’ injury moment, except it didn’t finish out as you would expect.

Keyra & Daga vs Starfire & Puma King

This was a lengthy bout to begin the show (starting at 7:45). It was interesting but on the slower side with lots of mat work. Notable moments include Daga punching Puma King in the ribs with brass knuckles, a double arm German suplex by Starfire, and a sitdown Razor’s Edge by Starfire. There was also a funny sequence when Daga sitdown powerbombed Starfire, sat there smiling, then Puma King ran the ropes to smash Daga in the face with a double knee.

For the finish, Keyra took out Starfire by powerbombing her onto the announce table. Daga and Puma battled back and forth. Daga had a sweet full nelson lift into a bridging German suplex. In the end, Daga used his brass knuckles to punch Puma in the face then get the win after a double underhook facebreaker.

Jinetes del Aires vs OGT’s

Chessman and Super Fly each came out with cookie sheets, while Averno entered with a trashcan. Laredo Kid, Myzteziz Jr., and Hijo del Vikingo didn’t bring weapons. This was a non-title bout (starting at 31:30).

This match was full of highlights. The foreign objects were used early when the tecnicos attempted a triple suicide dive and paid the price. Two of the cooler moves were triple springboard 360 cannonballs from the tecnicos and a flying guillotine leg drop with a chair by Laredo.

For the finish, Chessman powerbombed Vikingo onto a trashcan on the floor and Super Fly overhead press tossed Laredo into the crowd. Myzteziz and Averno fought in the corner. Averno prevailed with a super double underhook slam. All three OGT’s piled on to pin Myzteziz for the win.

Blue Demon Jr., Texano, & Rey Escorpion vs Dr. Wagner Jr., Psycho Clown, & Pagano

Remember that this match occurred before Triplemania XXVII, and that is why Dr. Wagner Jr. still has hair. Wagner had both his sons by his side for this bout. Like clockwork, Rey Escorpion attacked Psycho Clown during his entrance (starting at 52:20).

This match was chaos. All six were involved, but all that really mattered were the exchanges between Blue Demon Jr. and Dr. Wagner Jr. They began by fighting in the crowd. Blue Demon hit Wagner with a chair early, and there was blood soon after. In the ring, Blue Demon peppered Wagner with punches in the corner then wiped Wagner’s blood all over his chest.

Lucha Libre AAA

The beginning of the end was when Blue Demon used a piledriver to temporarily cripple Wagner.

Blue Demon continued to attack with the use of chairshots until Hijo de Dr. Wagner Jr. carried his father to safety. Galena del Mal, Wagner’s other son, was beat up by Blue Demon and Los Mercenarios. Blue Demon ripped Galena’s mask and bit his forehead to cause bleeding. Hijo de Dr. Wagner Jr. ran back to make the save, but he was beat up also.

Eventually, Dr. Wagner Jr. slowly ran down in a neck brace to save his sons. Pagano and Psycho helped clear the ring with tope con hilos on Los Mercenarios. Wagner won the exchange of fisticuffs to knock Blue Demon down. When Wagner tried ripping Blue Demon’s mask, he injured his neck again. Blue Demon capitalized with a clothesline and stomps to the neck. Wagner could barely move as Blue Demon pinned him to win the match.

Conquista Total from San Luis Potosi was enjoyable, despite it feeling a little weird in that it took place before Triplemania XXVII. I have to give credit to the booker man for providing yet another fresh finish for Blue Demon Jr. and Dr. Wagner Jr. to keep their feud from getting stale.

In a match that didn’t make the cut from San Luis Potosi, Chik Tormenta became the first women to challenge for the AAA Latin American Championship in a three-way against Golden Magic and champ Drago. Drago retained, but Tormenta had this cool suplex spot.

We’ll close with a couple of GIFs and video clips as I clean out my bookmarks. With Conquista Total only doing one televised show of matches per event (it used to be part one and part two), there were some cool moves from matches that got left on the cutting room floor. These aren’t related to any of the Conquista Total episodes mentioned above in this Roundup.

Check out this brutal fireman’s carry driver from Villano III Jr. leaping off the apron and delivering Golden Magic onto the entrance ramp.

Next up is Aerostar with a springboard splash. Watching the spaceman float in the air never gets old.

Last is Australian Suicide and Vanilla Vargas horsing around as a couple on a Mexican television show.

That’s a wrap for this week’s AAA Roundup. Get funky and lucha on down.

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