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CMLL Roundup: Dalys crowned Amazon of the Universe, Team Mexico for Grand Prix 2019, more!

Welcome to the CMLL Roundup. Let’s get caught up on major moments from the past week. Team Mexico has been announced for the Grand Prix 2019, Metalica fought Dalys in the final of the Campeonato Universal de Amazonas tournament, Volador Jr. and Forastero wrestled a dandy of a contest, and Caristico acted cowardly two different times against Los Ingobernables.

Team Mexico for the Grand Prix 2019

CMLL has put together their team to represent Mexico in a 16-luchador torneo cibernetico against the world in the Grand Prix 2019 on Friday, August 30.


The participants for CMLL’s squad are Negro Casas, Diamante Azul, Dragon Lee, Cavernario, Volador Jr., Forastero, Rush, and Soberano. That is a damn fine group in terms of entertainment. All eight of them can put on a gem of a match.

Their opponents have not yet been named, but I would guess Gilbert El Boricua and Dark Magic will be there since they are foreigners on the CMLL roster. Matt Taven from Ring of Honor is a logical pick. He has history in CMLL and is in a championship feud with Rush in ROH.

What do you think of Team Mexico for the Grand Prix 2019? Who would you like to see on Team Rest of the World?

Dalys crowned Amazon of the Universe

The final bout for the Campeonato Universal de Amazonas tournament has arrived. Metalica won a torneo cibernetico in phase 1 and Dalys did the same in phase 2 to meet one another in the finale on Friday’s show (starting at 1:07:20).

I didn’t have any sound on the video during the first few minutes of the bout. I’m not sure if it was my computer or technical issues on their end.

Dalys had Negro Casas as her second, while Metalica was accompanied by Luciferno.


The contest was for one fall.

Metalica controlled the action early until Dalys turned the tide to make it a back and forth affair. Top highlights were Dalys running up the turnbuckles for a flying crossbody to the outside and a suicide dive from Metalica.

It looks like Metalica may have legit hurt her back and they went home early to the finish. It started when Dalys caught a hurricanrana attempt on the floor then smashed Metalica’s spine into the ring post. Dalys followed up with a running double knee to Metalica’s back then a suplex to win. Metalica was taken out on a backboard as a precaution. I couldn’t find any news with a health update, so hopefully that was just show. If not, then best wishes to Metalica for a speedy recovery. It is a shame, because that match was heating up to be very cool.

With the victory, Dalys earned a title shot at Marcela’s CMLL World Women’s Championship and will also be the flag bearer for Team Mexico at the Grand Prix 2019.

Match of the Week: Volador Jr. vs Forastero

Volador Jr. wrestled Forastero in fantastic one-on-one action during Friday’s show (starting at 1:48:00). This has been a heated feud the past few weeks. In trios bouts, Forastero has come out on top consistently with the use of dishonest tactics. That led to a one-on-one bout as Forastero has his eye on Volador’s NWA World Historic Welterweight Championship.

Fall 1 was rather quick. The fight began on the entrance ramp. Forastero took charge with a fireman’s carry backbreaker and submitted Volador via arm/shoulder crank. Forastero didn’t even have time to remove his cowboy chaps.

Forastero controlled the action for Fall 2 until he threw Volador into the ropes, and Volador executed a handspring jumping kick back at Forastero. Volador got the pin on a sunset flip.

Fall 3 began hot with showy flips and a suicide dive by Volador. Forastero reversed an Irish whip to send Volador over the fan wall on the floor. Volador returned by jumping off the wall for a hurricanrana then swiftly entered the ring to exit again with a tope con hilo.

The two went back and forth until the finishing sequence. Forastero connected on a suicide dive then suplexed Volador back into the ring. Forastero missed a swanton, but he kicked out on the pin attempt by Volador. Volador tried a springboard moonsault, but Forastero got his foot up. Forastero climbed the turnbuckles to go high risk, however, Volador popped up off the mat and got Forastero in a Frankensteiner. That was enough for Volador to win the exciting climax.

It looks like this feud may be over for now and Forastero will have to wait for a title shot against Volador. However, perhaps they will get into fisticuffs as partners on Team Mexico for the Grand Prix 2019 to set up a title fight at the Aniversario show.

CMLL action in the ring

Let’s go over some storylines and other big matches from the week. The shows from Monday, Tuesday, and Friday can all be viewed on CMLL’s YouTube channel.

Monday from Puebla (Aug. 12, 2019)

Rush and Caristico wrestled one-on-one in the main event (starting at 1:42:15 of the show). Caristico was rearing to go in the grudge match. He stood on the entrance ramp ready to fight, but Rush swooped in through the crowd for the strategic advantage to start the bout. Rush beat up Caristico but lost Fall 1 via disqualification. Rush went for his trademark running dropkick in the corner, then he stopped short and yanked off Caristico’s mask instead. Rush was more interested in humiliating his rival rather than winning the fall.

Fall 2 went to the floor as Rush whipped Caristico with the camera cord. Rush then ripped Caristico’s mask. Back to the floor for more of a beating.


Caristico eventually came alive with three consecutive suicide dives. The two dueled back and forth leading to a thrilling moment. Caristico speared Rush hard. On the pin, Rush got both his hands up to halt the downward momentum of the referee’s hand to break the count at two and a half. Rush charged forward into the corner, but Caristico evaded. Rush’s movement caused the referee to cower. At that moment, the cowardly Caristico yanked off his own mask and threw it at Rush. The referee assumed Rush acted mischievously once again. Caristico won Fall 2 via disqualification for the sweep.

After the match, Rush wanted to show good sportsmanship to Caristico for outsmarting him. The two hugged, then Rush kicked Caristico in the balls, and took his mask one more time.

The semi-main was an atomicos bout (4 vs 4) between Mistico, Sanson, Cuatrero, & Forastero and Ultimo Guerrero, Gran Guerrero, Euphoria, & Soberano.

Los Guerreros Laguneros won Fall 1 via triple submission. Los Dinamita and Mistico won Fall 2 after a teamwork rolling catapult maneuver by Los Dinamita into the corner. Ultimo Guerrero pinned Mistico to win Fall 3. Ultimo Guerrero pulled off Mistico’s mask before the pin, but the referee didn’t see it.

After the match, Mistico wasn’t happy with how he lost. He challenged the winners to one more fall. Los Laguneros huddled up. Ultimo Guerrero gave the answer. “No.” Ultimo Guerrero said they can have a revenge match next week. And that will be the main event for Monday, August 19. This atomicos contest was pretty good. The rematch should be even better.

Tuesday from Mexico City (Aug. 13, 2019)

The trios main event of the show set up a feud between Caristico and El Terrible. Terrible won the match by kicking Caristico in the balls before the pin. Afterward, Caristico challenged Terrible to a singles match and that will be the main event for Tuesday, August 20.

Caristico acted cowardly again. He insulted Los Ingobernables then ran away leaving his two partners to get beat up. What a scumbag Caristico is. Terrible caught up to him and pulled his mask off.


Caristico tried to keep talking on the mic. Rush ran over, stomped him, and said, “Chinga tu madre.” F your mother.

Friday from Mexico City (Aug. 16, 2019)

In the trios main event on Friday’s show, Ultimo Guerrero and Ciber the Main Man continued with the shenanigans in their hairy feud. Guerrero faked getting kicked in the balls. The referee was reluctant to call for a disqualification, so Ciber pinned Guerrero. At the count of two, the referee changed his mind and unfairly disqualified Ciber.

After the match, Guerrero tried again to get Ciber to agree to hair vs hair. Ciber said they can do it at the Aniversario show, but he doesn’t trust the referees with how all their matches have ended in chicanery. Ciber wants to compete for Guerrero’s CMLL World Heavyweight Championship in the meantime. The announcers weren’t buying Ciber as being serious about hair vs hair. They thought it was strategy so Guerrero would agree to another title defense.

In micro trios action, Microman was low-blowed by Chamuel. Microman’s team won the deciding fall via disqualification. Microman got on the mic to ask for a revenge match. Chamuel gave Microman his answer by putting the boots to the most micro of the micros.

The card for Friday, August 23 will be headlined by Ultimo Guerrero, Diamante Azul, and Cavernario against Ciber the Main Man, The Chris, and Gran Guerrero. Microman and Chamuel will tussle in a revenge trios match, and Volador Jr. will wrestle Forastero’s Dinamita mate, Sanson, in a lightning match.

That’s a wrap for this week’s CMLL Roundup. Do you think Dalys was a good choice to win the Campeonato Universal de Amazonas tournament? Would you like to see more of Volador Jr. against Forastero? Will Caristico act cowardly again this week when wrestling El Terrible?

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