Cageside Community Ratings: SummerSlam

WWE returned to PPV action in Canada with 'the largest party of the summer', SummerSlam. As with every PPV each match has been rated by members of the Cageside Community in order to a cSs rating. All the votes have been tallied and compared with the scores awarded by Dave Meltzer, and ESPN. How did the ratings compare to the rest of this seasons Pay per views? Read on to find out.

Highest rated match of the night
Finn Balor v Bray Wyatt - Cageside rating: 4.28

Votes: 765

Meltzer Rating: 2

ESPN Rating: 3

2018/19 rank: 9th out of 117

  • The fiend's in-ring debut top the charts with Cagesiders. This is Bray Wyatt's highest rated one on one match, beating his previous best of 3.39 when he fought Seth Rollins at 2017's Great Balls of Fire.
  • This was Bray's seveth one on one encounter since we started rating matches at Survivor Series. Three of them have been against Balor. His other opponents were Rollins, Randy Orton and Matt Hardy.
  • The short nature of the match led to both ESPN and Meltzer giving a lower score. The 2.28 difference is the largest 'Meltz Gap' of the season.

2nd Place
WWE Universal Title match: Brock Lesnar v Seth Rollins - Cageside rating: 3.98

Votes: 778

Meltzer Rating: 4.25

ESPN Rating: 4.5

2018/19 rank: 23rd

  • Lesnar and Rollins' third encounter of 2019 saw them obtain their highest Cageside score, beating the 3.07 their WrestleMania 35 encounter received.
  • This match won match of the night honours from both ESPN and Meltzer, who rated it higher than Cagesiders.

3rd Place
United States Title match: AJ Styles v Ricochet - Cageside rating: 3.91

Votes: 254

Meltzer Rating: 3

ESPN Rating: 3

2018/19 rank: 27th

  • Whilst Ricochet and Styles Extreme Rules rematch didn't get as warm a reception as its predecessor, it still rated highly enough with Cagesiders' to get third place.
  • This is the third consecutive Pay per View that Ricochet has appeared in one of the top three matches.

Charlotte Flair v Trish Stratus - Cageside rating: 3.83

Votes: 410

Meltzer Rating: 3.25

ESPN Rating: 3.75

2018/19 rank: 37th

  • Flair and Toronto's favourite daughter obtained the highest score ever for a women's match at SummerSlam, beating the 3.74 Charlotte received when winning the SmackDown Live women's championship last year.
Raw women's title match - Becky Lynch v Natalya - Cageside Rating: 3.61

Votes: 471

Meltzer Rating: 3.25

ESPN Rating: 3.75

2018/19 rank: 49th

  • Meltzer and ESPN could not separate this from the Flair/Stratus match, as they awarded each match the same score.
WWE Cruiserweight title match - Drew Gulak v Oney Lorcan - Cageside rating: 3.60

Votes: 79

Meltzer Rating: 2.75

ESPN Rating: N/R

2018/19 rank: 51st

  • Gulak's successful title defence took Cagesiders' pre-show match of the night award, and achieved a similar score to Gulak's unsuccessful attempt to wrest the Cruiserweight title from Cedric Alexander at last years' SummerSlam (3.63).
Kevin Owens v Shane McMahon - Cageside Rating: 3.24

Votes: 199

Meltzer Rating: 2

ESPN Rating: 3

2018/19 rank: 71st

  • KO's WWE career continues after downing the best in the world. This match didn't poll as well as their 2017 Hell in a Cell clash which scored 4.32.

WWE Women's Tag team titles - Alexa Bliss/Nikki Cross v The IIconics - Cageside Rating: 3.17

Votes: 267

Meltzer Rating: 1

ESPN Rating: N/R

2018/19 rank: 76th

  • Over a fifth of voters gave CrossBliss first title defence a maximum score, helping to boost the average rating to 3.17.
  • This was Meltzer least favourite match of the night.
Goldberg v Dolph Ziggler - Cageside Rating: 3.10

Votes: 605

Meltzer Rating: 3

ESPN Rating: 0.75

2018/19 rank: 80th

  • Goldberg's squash of Dolph Ziggler was divisive. Cagesiders and Meltzer gave similar scores, but this gained the lowest rating from ESPN.
Buddy Murphy v Apollo - Cageside Rating: 3.10

Votes: 94

Meltzer Rating: 1.75

ESPN Rating: N/R

2018/19 rank: 81st

  • Rowan's rampage curtailed what was an entertaining pre-show battle. This match received the lowest number of votes.
WWE title match - Kofi Kingston v Randy Orton - Cageside Rating: 3.04

Votes: 384

Meltzer Rating: 2.5

ESPN Rating: 3.5

2018/19 rank: 86th

  • The WWE title match was another one which score was possibly hampered by the non-definitive finish. It also split the three judges, with a point variance between Meltzer and Espn, with Cagesiders' in the middle
SDL women's title match - Bayley v Ember Moon - Cageside Rating: 2.91

Votes: 169

Meltzer Rating: 1.75

ESPN Rating: 2

2018/19 rank: 95th

  • Bayley's successful defensive of the SDL women's title received the lowest score. This is the first SmackDown women's title match in over a year to score lower than three.
SummerSlam has a match average score of 3.48. This is a considerable improvement on last year's event which scored 3.19. Meltzer's average rating decreased to 2.54.

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