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CM Punk almost got into a fight calling the fights

CM Punk was working one of his jobs - none of which are pro wrestler, yet and still - on Friday night (Aug. 16). But while he was calling some mixed martial arts action at Cage Fury Fighting Championships 77 in Atlantic City, he had an incident that was kind of like something that happened in wrestling once.

It doesn’t seem like the Danny Holmes supporter Punk had a confrontation with after Christopher Daukau’ TKO victory over Holmes spilled any diet soda like John Cena did when the Straight-Edge Superstar was calling a match on Raw. But the guy did get too close to the announce table, and as you can hear in the video below.

Punk tells him as much, saying “Bro, you need to back the f*** up! You need to get the...” The camera then pans from the cage to the real action, and we see the five-time WWE World champ being restrained and directing security as to which fan crossed the line as his broadcast partner John Morgan explains what’s happening.

Punk returns to his announce position and can be heard explaining to someone, “I’m sitting here with a headset and I’m doing my f***ing job, and he did exactly what you’re doing right now. He screams bull$#!+ in my face.” The production team then throws it to backstage interviewer Jessica Penne:

The man himself alluded to the moment on Twitter a short time later:

Now that this is resolved, we can get back to figuring out how this means he is or isn’t signing with AEW.

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