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CMLL Roundup: Campeonato Universal de Amazonas tournament phase 2, Volador & Dragon Lee title bout, more!

Welcome to the CMLL Roundup. Let’s get caught up on major moments from the past week (Aug. 5 to Aug. 9). The Campeonato Universal de Amazonas tournament continued with phase 2, Volador Jr. and Dragon Lee rocked the ring for the NWA World Historic Welterweight Championship, Virus challenged Electrico for the Mexican National Lightweight Championship, and Ultimo Guerrero and Ciber the Main Man had a super silly finish for the CMLL World Heavyweight Championship.

Campeonato Universal de Amazonas, phase 2

Friday’s show featured phase 2 to determine the next Universal Champion of the Amazonas (starting at 44:00). Ten luchadoras competed in phase 1 in a torneo cibernetico and ten different luchadoras did the same for phase 2. Metalica was the victor of phase 1 and awaits the phase 2 winner for a one-on-one match on Friday, August 16.

I’ll do a quick review here in case anyone wants to watch without knowing who wins. The phase 2 match was not as smooth as phase 1. There were mistakes and miscues sprinkled throughout. That’s not to say it wasn’t interesting. The final two created excitement. There are better matches to watch, but I had a good time with this one. Tournaments are always cool.

The ladies started with a battle royal to determine the teams for the torneo cibernetico. The first five out would form one squad. Eliminations were:

1. Stephanie Vaquer by Silueta
2. Skadi by Dalys
3. La Magnifica by Reyna Isis
4. Dalys by Lluvia
5. Reyna Isis by La Jarochita

Dalys getting tossed was a surprise, since she is one of CMLL’s top stars. At least the teams are more balanced in star power than last week.

The official bout now becomes Stephanie Vaquer, Skadi, La Magnifica, Dalys, and Reyna Isis versus Lluvia, Silueta, La Comandante, Mystique, and La Jarochita. Ding, ding, ding. Let’s do this.

Luchadoras can get ousted by pinfall, submission, or disqualification. The eliminations were as follows:

1. La Comandante by Skadi via flying missile dropkick
2. Stephanie Vaquer by La Jarochita via muscle buster slam out of the corner
3. Mystique by La Magnifica via inverted Gory Special slam

Bad news for Mystique. She broke her left clavicle and will be out 8 to 12 weeks. It is unclear when during the match. It may have been early when wrestling Skadi. Mystique slipped off the ropes then ate a powerbomb. Taking an inverted Gory Special slam must have hurt like the dickens. Mystique was definitely down for the count after that maneuver until the doctor escorted her to the back.

4. Skadi by Lluvia via running dropkick in the corner
5. Silueta by Reyna Isis via Codebreaker
6. La Magnifica by La Jarochita via reverse facebuster
7. Lluvia by Dalys via swinging Rock Bottom
8. Reyna Isis by La Jarochita via surfboard submission

The battle between the final two, Jarochita and Dalys, was pretty riveting. Highlights include a suicide dive by Jarochita and a snap suplex variation by Jarochita. For the finish, Dalys hooked Jarochita in a Razor’s Edge position then did a spinning sitdown powerbomb to win.


9. La Jarochita by Dalys via spinning sitdown powerbomb
Winner: Dalys

Dalys as the winner is surprising but also not surprising. She was the top star and favorite to win phase 2, but that now sets up a heel vs heel final against Metalica. I thought La Jarochita was going to pull out the upset. Nope.

Dalys should be the favorite against Metalica, however, I don’t think it is a lock. A shot for Marcela’s CMLL World Women’s Championship would be the money match with Dalys, but maybe the younger Metalica will get a chance to move up the ladder and shine. The finals of the Campeonato Universal de Amazonas tournament can be viewed on CMLL’s YouTube channel.

The photo of the week came from this bout. Silueta and Magnifica look like they are practicing a breakdancing move.


Match of the Week: Volador Jr. vs Dragon Lee for the NWA World Historic Welterweight Championship


This mighty fine bout came from the August 5 show in Puebla (starting at 2:10:30). Volador Jr. entered with a 366 day reign to defend his NWA World Historic Welterweight Championship against Dragon Lee. The champ had El Valiente as his second, while Niebla Roja backed the challenger.

Fall 1 went to Lee via surprise roll-up as Volador was running the ropes. Volador rebounded to win Fall 2 via Spanish Fly.

Fall 3 went over fifteen minutes. Highlights include a tope con hilo by Lee, a tope con hilo by Volador, a Mexican Destroyer by Volador, a standing Spanish Fly by Lee, Volador getting hung up in the corner but still suplexing Lee off the top turnbuckle, a sitdown powerbomb by Lee, and a sunset flip piledriver by Volador.

For the finishing sequence, both luchadors were sitting on the top turnbuckle exchanging forearm blows. Lee got the better of Volador and hit a rope-hung double stomp. Lee followed with a Mexican Destroyer and a roll-up. Volador kicked out at two. Lee climbed the turnbuckles, but Volador sprang to life for a super hurricanrana. Lee kicked out at two. Volador continued his attack with a superkick, a backcracker, and a sunset flip DDT for the 1, 2, 3. Volador retained his championship.

Sometimes main events in Puebla feel like they are phoned in, but these two went all out for this title bout. If you have ever been curious to watch Volador Jr. and Dragon Lee, then this match will be a good taste to make you a fan of theirs.

CMLL action in the ring

Let’s go over some storylines and other big matches from the week. The shows from Monday, Tuesday, and Friday can all be viewed on CMLL’s YouTube channel.

Monday from Puebla (Aug. 5, 2019)

The semi-main trios bout set up the main event for August 12 between Rush and Caristico. Rush faked a nut kick for Los Ingobernables to win by disqualification. Afterward, Caristico challenged Rush one-on-one mask vs hair without a referee because his pants are overflowing with bravado. It sounds like Caristico thinks he has the biggest balls in town. Caristico kept interrupting Rush by leading the crowd in “Eh, puto” chants, so Rush walked over and yanked off Caristico’s mask. That was a funny way to shut Caristico up. Rush accepted one-on-one only. Rush then beat up Caristico and piled chairs on top of him. Hahahahahaha, Caristico got a replacement mask and chased Rush but Terrible nonchalantly yanked off Caristico’s mask again as he ran by.

Mexican National Lightweight Championship

Electrico has owned the Mexican National Lightweight Championship for 2183 days and counting. He won the belt on August 13, 2013. Virus attempted to be the man to end Electrico’s reign (starting at 49:17 of the show). Fuego was the second for the champ, while Virus went solo.

Virus scored Fall 1 with a hammerlock submission. Virus caught a jump by Electrico to lock in a standing hammerlock then dropped to the mat for a butt slam while still maintaining the submission. Electrico tied it up by winning Fall 2 after two springboard missile dropkicks and a springboard flying splash.

Fall 3 lasted over ten minutes. Highlights include a tope con hilo by Electrico, a flying elbow drop by Virus, and a springboard moonsault by Electrico to the outside. For the finish, Electrico hit a springboard elbow drop. Virus kicked out. Electrico quickly applied a crucifix pin to win and retain his championship.

Tuesday from Mexico City (Aug. 6, 2019)

There were no storylines during this show. In the trios main event, El Terrible, Rey Bucanero, and Templario defeated Caristico, Atlantis, and Soberano. Terrible used a Styles Clash to pin Caristico in the deciding fall. The main event for August 13 was Rush, Terrible, Bestia del Ring against Caristico, Soberano, and Stuka.

Friday from Mexico City (Aug. 9, 2019)

The trios main event was used to set up a singles bout between Volador Jr. and Forastero for Friday, April 16. Forastero kicked Volador in the cojones for the overall victory. The referee was clearly watching, so I’m not sure why there was no disqualification.


Afterward, Volador challenged Forastero one-on-one. Forastero was interested in competing for Volador’s NWA World Historic Welterweight Championship. Volador offered a title opportunity right then and there for Forastero. Forastero teased the crowd then left. It looks like Volador will get his wish for a singles match, but there will be no title on the line.

CMLL World Heavyweight Championship


Ultimo Guerrero defended his CMLL World Heavyweight Championship in comical fashion against Ciber the Main Man (starting at 1:42:35 of the show). Gran Guerrero was the second for the champ, while Okumura backed the challenger.

Ciber took Fall 1 with a spear. Guerrero tied it up by tying Ciber up in an octopus submission to win Fall 2. Fall 3 had the big moves with a chokeslam by Ciber and a super powerbomb by Guerrero. For the finish, Ciber kicked Guerrero in the nuts behind the referee’s back. Ciber tried to get a fake disqualification by pretending he was the one in testicular pain, but Guerrero fell down on top of him and the ref counted three.

Ultimo Guerrero retained his Heavyweight Championship. After the match, Guerrero grabbed a mic to remind Ciber that he wants hair vs hair. Guerrero demanded a simple yes or no answer. I think Ciber said he’ll do the hair vs hair, but he wants another title shot first after how that one ended.

That’s a wrap for the CMLL Roundup. Which title bout of the three did you enjoy the most? Who are picking to win the Campeonato Universal de Amazonas?

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