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Braun Strowman says the powers that be aren’t ready for him to hold a title

Braun Strowman wearing a shirt that reads “thick” is a mood.

Speaking with the crew over at Gorilla Position last weekend, The Monster Among Men gave an interesting answer when asked why WWE has not given him a title run just yet.

“The powers that be aren’t ready for it. One of the biggest things is I’m running out of opponents; I’ve beat everybody. That’s the biggest thing, I feel like. Where we’re at right now, we’re trying to get some other guys more established because, let’s be for real, not everybody can match up to what I’ve done and what I’m capable of doing. So I feel like that’s part of the biggest thing is just timing-wise, everything happens for a reason in this business. Everything, what you think is going on right now has literally been in works for a year, two years already. So we plan so far ahead.”

Honestly, as well, I don’t feel like where I’m at with my character, he needs a title. I get some, if not the, biggest reactions when I come out anywhere in the world with just me. And a title, is without a doubt, is what I want to hold. The Universal title is the most prestigious thing in the WWE, absolutely, to represent the company in that way. But if I don’t need it, I don’t need it.”

A confident Strowman also asked his fans to be patient and dropped the nugget that he just signed a new four year deal with WWE.

Over the last 18 months or so Strowman has had his fair share of big wins as well as head scratching losses.

Always floating near the top of the card, when is the right time for WWE to reward Braun Strowman with the biggest title in the company?

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