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Proving Ground

SmackDown Women’s Championship Match

Bayley (c) vs. Ember Moon

The Road to SummerSlam

Before this match was set, Ember Moon was the target of backstage bullies Sonya DeVille & Mandy Rose. For seemingly no reason, they continued to remark about her loner status, her outfit choices and, on one memorable occasion, they broke her Nintendo Switch. As this is the world of pro-wrestling, they eventually challenged Ember to a match and set her with the task of picking a partner. They assumed because she’s a big ole nerd that choosing a partner would be an impossible task, but unlucky for them she got the SmackDown Women’s Champion to wrestle at her side.

Naturally, they won and sent the two bullies packing to eat donuts and read workout magazines featuring themselves...yeah that sounds right.

In a post-match interview the champ was asked what was next for her considering she beat Alexa Bliss at Extreme Rules. Bayley, quick to put Bliss behind her, said that she was focused on elevating the SmackDown women’s division, but to do that she needed a worthy opponent. Lucky for her Ember’s schedule was clear.

But you can’t have a SummerSlam card without Charlotte Flair, and The Queen was mighty upset that she was overlooked for a title opportunity. Trying to prove that she was unworthy of such an opportunity Charlotte faced Moon in a singles battle the following week on SmackDown. But Ember didn’t come to play (she has her Nintendo switch for that) and The Queen was in for a fight.

For some reason, Bayley chose to come out to ringside during the match. Upon hearing her music, Charlotte was distracted enough to be rolled-up by Ember leaving The Queen mad, embarrassed and with no SummerSlam plans.

Ember, clearly tired of being treated like an afterthought and not as a threat, hit Charlotte with an eclipse in their post match brawl...and then she hit the champ with one too. Just for good measure.

Turn about is fair play, however, and while Bayley is ostensibly still “the huggable one,” she has been through the fire of the main roster and is a little harder around the edges than she used to be. Long gone is the champion that wouldn’t pick up a kendo stick to defend her championship and, just like Ember, Bayley let it be known that she was not the doormat she once was.

After losing their tag match to Alexa & Nikki (foreshadowing) Bayley gave Ember a righteous Bayley-to-Belly just to let Ember know where she stood with the champ.

And even though Bayley saved Ember from a relentless sharp-shooter from Nattie the following week it is clear that there is no love lost between these two performers. They may have respect for each other, but neither of them is taking the other lightly.

What’s at stake?

This match is a chance for both women to prove that they belong at the top of the women’s division.

For Ember, it’s an opportunity for her to bust out of the mid-card and to show the WWE universe how truly excellent she is in the ring. She’s been on the main roster for a while now, and while the audience pops when her music hits and while she always delivers in the ring, she hasn’t been given that big match opportunity. Although it is unlikely that she will win the championship rising to the challenge and performing well in this match could be the much-needed boost she needs. Also, it’s something to throw in Mandy & Sonya’s face should they ever bother her again.

For Bayley, things are a little different. She has been on top before - she was the RAW women’s champion and a tag champion - but both times her reigns were cut short and were embarrassingly lackluster. She peaks, is on top for a brief moment, and then tumbles back to the mid-card. She’s already gone through her first challenger, Alexa Bliss, righting the wrongs of her past failures and this match against Ember is her opportunity to stick to her word and elevate her division. She’s a four horsewomen, and it’s damn time she started acting like one.

Tonight we find out who walks out of Scotiabank Arena as the SmackDown women’s champion live on the WWE Network. Follow along for live SummerSlam results and expert opinions here at cSs!


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