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Being the Elite Rewind: The Vlogs the Thing

BTE Youtube

In our second installment of Being the Elite: Rewind I watched episodes 6-10 of the series and, well, nothing really happens. The show is still in the vlog format, The Bucks are still perpetually on the road, and already on episode six the series has lost some of its whimsy. I know they’ll get it back but watching six minutes of travel talk interspersed with fuzzy Ring of Honor clips just ain’t doing it for me!

At least there is a significant up tick in Kenny Omega in these episodes.

Episode 6

Episode 6 opens with Nick complaining about traveling again. Now don’t get me wrong, when I say complaining I am not diminishing his right to complain - they have THE WORST schedule - but as a viewer it is just kind of same ole, same ole at this point. Nick picks up Matt and says “you ready to rock?” in the flattest tone, to which Matt response unenthusiastically, “No. Not at all.” FUN!

In the airport Matt is wondering how he keeps getting recognized, while Nick pans the camera down to show Matt wearing his own YB merch. This was definitely needed to lighten the mood of the video and is really the kind of silly stuff that I am watching for. The Young Bucks commitment to wearing their own merch and constantly living that carnie life is admirable.

Adam Cole sighting!

Did you guys know that the Young Bucks work out? Because they do. In maybe my favorite moment of the video they poke fun at themselves working out and then do a bunch of flips into the pool. They are on one hand super responsible, hard working adults and on the other just 13 year old boys who love FLIPZ. It is endearing.

Hey! It’s Adam Cole again! They are all broken and sick, but still manage to put on a great match at the ROH show. Casual.

Watching the match it occurred to me that none of the men in the six-man are there anymore and I *almost* felt bad for ROH, but then I remembered that ROH treats their female talent like trash and I didn’t fell bad anymore.

The video ends with them back at the airport thinking about what their wrestle dad is doing, but wrestle dad is living his best life and isn’t thinking of his sons. This is in the era of peak New Day vs The Elitie internet banter and Kenny Omega is battling Xavier Woods in a video game contest at a convention. Ah, those were the days.

Episode 7

The Bucks are on their way to Japan for a few days and, oh, they is fancy because they are living that first class lyfe! Neither of them notice that the seats say “Business Elite” which I find hilarious.

Once they land, tired and jetlagged, they immediately head off to the wrestling shops to sell their wares. As Matt said, “The first thing we do is sell shirts to the wrestling shop because we are absolute carnies.” Make that money Matt.

The wrestling shop can only be described as a wrestling fans nerd paradise and is covered floor to ceiling with every bit of merch you could dream of! They find AJ Styles gloves (“What up AJ?”), Kevin Owens action figures (“What up KO?”), and about 1 million of their own shirts. It’s amazing and I’ve already booked my flight to Tokyo just to go to this store.

After the superstore, The Bucks are prepping for their match with dad. I like watching match prep and seeing the different ways they warm up and get in the zone. Nick is mostly just filming though so I hope he stretched...but maybe his warm up routine is just getting a rise out of his partners as his hype speech is simply “Are you pricks ready?” To which Kenny responds “I was born ready dick.” Aw feel the love.

After the show they head to a place called Round One. At first I thought it was a bowling alley because the logo had a pin symbol, but the interior looked like a giant casino. Neither is correct. It is actually a ridiculously large arcade. Wrestlers really are just big kids. They play a ton of games, sign some autographs and Kenny wins a Kirby.

Kenny just saying whatever’s on his mind!
BTE YouTube

Episode 8

This episode is honestly not worth watching as it’s 100% filler.

Nick and Matt film each other filming the same thing (INCEPTION). Adoring fans ask for their autographs (#Humbling). One adult fan shows Kenny a picture of him as a child with Kenny (Kenny is old). They make fun of The New Day (still want this rivalry to happen...). They complain about their schedules again (it’s a theme). They finally notice that their seats say “Business Elite” (yay! Observation skills).

Episode 9

This episode begins with a cool, slick new intro. The Bucks are headed back to their homes to celebrate the fourth with their families, but then Nick is back on the road flying solo because Matt gets to go on vacation. Honestly, I was a little shocked that Matt was actually going on a vacation. I know his family probably wants to go somewhere, but if I traveled that much my idea of a vacation would be to sleep in my bed. Such is the life of a family man.

Nick flies to the Baltimore show by himself and is clearly very lonely. It’s funny because you’d think that some alone time would be nice as he is always with Matt, but he loves his brother and it is V cute and I am full of feelings.

LOTS of clips from the match in Baltimore. Honestly, like half the episode is just ROH clips. Again, ROH are big ole dummies for not getting a cut of BTE.

Nick is back in LA, tired. I wonder what The Bucks would sound like if they actually got some sleep?

The episode ends with Kenny Omega singing Teenage Dream to a Japanese wrestling crowd for absolutely no reason. It’s delightful.

Nick is very sleepy.
BTE YouTube

Episode 10

The episode begins with a quick answer to my last question. Matt, back from vacation, seems like a different person. Relaxed, excited and he has a real tan!

When they land they catch a quick midnight workout - complete with flips - and Matt facetimes his kids while pumping iron. A multitask king.

The video then throws to Kenny Omega alone in Japan “taking over” the vlog because in his estimation Being the Elite needs more wrestle dad. He is, of course, absolutely right.

Kenny wrapped day one of the G1 and as he put it there was a little debacle at the press conference. “I’ve been known in my frail mental state to just say things that come to my mind.” Spoiler alert Kenny: somethings NEVER change.

He is mad and surprised because there are no Pokemon in Tokyo, but he brought his PS4 so he has a friend something to do. He gets a coffee at 7/11 and, frankly, seems really lonely... he needs his children!

What are his children doing? Just some arts and crafts prepping their fringe shirts before flying to a convention in Oklahoma where they spot Woke Daddy Nash and The Hardys.

The episode ends with Nick editing the episode on his phone. He edits them on his phone! That is crazy to me and makes me appreciate the show even more. INCEPTION.

So yeah, nothing really happens, but it’s The Bucks and it’s Kenny so there are some fun moments. I don’t know when they switch formats, but I hope it’s soon. I think I hate vlogs...

Join me here next week for Being the Elite: Rewind episodes 10-15.

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