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Ryback wants to dive into a swimming pool of Papa John’s garlic butter sauce

The fourth of July is known for many things, one of which is a gluttonous hot dog eating contest. On the topic of stuffing faces with food, let’s check in with Ryback to see what the Big Guy chows down on for cheat meals when he shouts, “Feed me more.”

Warning: Language not suitable for work.

Ryback’s top three cheat meals are common choices, but I love his enthusiastic analysis as he breaks down his love of pizza, donuts, and Buffalo fingers with buttermilk ranch (insert Joey Diaz rant). The Big Guy has a true passion for garlic butter sauce from Papa John’s.

“You could fill a f-ing swimming pool up with that garlic buttery sauce, I would dive in that f-ing face first. Just throw the pizza in at me. Just throw it at me. Just let me f-ing gorge that pizza in that garlic butter sauce. Just rub it all over. Just eat that. I would be a fat fish in water, I guess... in butter sauce.”

The Oreo donut from Krispy Kreme holds a special place in Ryback’s stomach.

“If I could dive into a swimming pool with Oreo donut cream, just jump right in once again. Don’t want to mix it with the f-ing pizza. That’s disgusting.”

In fact, it looks like the Big Guy fed himself 14 garlic Parmesan wings last night.

Leave it the Big Guy to take a topic like cheat meals and serve it up with some hilarity. I hope it leads to Ryback getting a sponsorship from Papa John’s or Krispy Kreme, so they can make his dreams come true.

In other Ryback news, he’s been utilizing a new social media strategy.

Seriously though, the Big Guy has been full steam ahead on positivity, motivation, and health. If you are interested in those areas of life, check out his YouTube channel. He started breaking up his podcast, Conversation with the Big Guy, into shorter digestible chunks.

Which food item would you like to fill a swimming pool with? Would you watch videos of the Big Guy eating cheat meals?

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