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Sermon on the Mat (July 4, 2019): Freelance, Progress, PWX, & RevPro cards;

Evolve results, and all the usual free match action

Match graphic for Case, Skyler, & Liger vs. the Revolt! Premiere Wrestling Xperience on Twitter

Welcome back to the Sermon on the Mat, your weekly one-stop shop for news from the wider world of wrestling beyond the big cable TV monoliths that get all the coverage.

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Freelance Wet Hot American Supershow 2 (July 5, 9PM Central)

  1. Alexander Lee vs. Arik Cannon vs. Greg Iron vs. Hornswoggle vs. Ricky Gibson vs. Steve Manders (Scramble Match)
  2. Ace Perry, Levi Everett, & Tripp Cassidy vs. Kenny Sutra & Take-It Homewreckers (Bucky Collins & Darin Corbin)
  3. Maine State Posse (Aiden Aggro & Danger Kid) vs. Space Pirates (Shane Sabre & Space Monkey)
  4. Project MONIX vs. Royce Isaacs
  5. Alex Zayne vs. Kobe Durst vs. Robert Anthony
  6. Craig Mitchell & ??? vs. GPA & Tony Nas
  7. Effy vs. Eye Candy Elliott (c) (Freelance Legacy Championship)

Freelance are back in Chicago, Illinois and you bet they’re bringing you a holiday supershow worthy of America’s birthday, kids! Horny’s holdin’ down the scramble, you got a trio of Indiana’s finest bringing it to the Homewreckers and friends, Craig Mitchell and GPA in a mystery partner situation, Elliott Paul defending against Effy, and more!

Get your tickets here or check it out live on IWTV, folks.

Progress Chapter 91: / Chapter 92: (July 6-7)

—Progress Chapter 91: Prog on the Tyne (July 6)—

  1. Connor Mills vs. Jurn Simmons
  2. Do Not Resuscitate (Chuck Mambo, Spike Trivet, & “Present” William Eaver) vs. More Than Hype (Darren Kearney, LJ Clearly, & Nathan Martin)
  3. Paul Robinson vs. Primate
  4. Candy Floss vs. Holidead
  5. Brent Banks vs. David Starr
  6. Ilja Dragunov vs. Jordan Devlin (Progress Unified World Championship #1 Contender’s Match)
  7. Eddie Kingston vs. WALTER (c) (Progress Unified World Championship)

—Progress Chapter 92: Entertaining Friends (July 7)—

  1. Holidead vs. Lana Austin

Progress are running a double-header this weekend, and while card details for night two are a bit short, I mean...

Kingston. WALTER. Violence.

Check here for tickets, or check it out on Demand Progress, folks.

PWX Legend (July 7, 7PM Easter)

  1. Lindsay Snow vs. Savannah Evans
  2. Harlem Bravado vs. Rocky Romero
  3. Drew Adler & Tracer X vs. Roppongi 3K (SHO & YOH)
  4. Brian Pillman, Jr. vs. Darius Lockhart vs. Mason Myles vs. Sir Rios Badu (PWX World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contender’s Match)
  5. Ethan Case, John Skyler, & Jushin Liger vs. the Revolt! (Caleb Konley, “Man Scout” Jake Manning, & Zane Riley)
  6. Billy Brash vs. Saieve Al Sabah (c) (PWX iTV Championship)
  7. Jason Cade vs. Slim J (c) (PWX World Heavyweight Championship)

PWX are back in Charlotte, North Carolina and wait what?

Jushin “Thunder” Liger?! And Rocky and the boys?! Hell yeah a slice of New Japan is coming to PWX! He’ll team up with two men that represent PWX more than anybody against the Revolt!, RPG3K have Adler and Tracer, plus a heaping helping of PWX’s regular action, topped off with Jason Cade getting a shot at the title!

Get your tickets here or check it out when it hits Highspots Wrestling Network, folks.

RPW Live at the Cockpit 43 (July 7)

  1. Seleziya Sparx vs. Shazza McKenzie
  2. James Mason vs. Kenneth Halfpenny
  3. Josh Bodom vs. Kyle Fletcher
  4. Mark Davis vs. Sha Samuels

RevPro are back in the Cockpit in London, England, and boy howdy that’s a name I’ve not seen in a while! Seleziya Sparx crosses the pond to battle Shazza McKenzie, plus Fletcher and Davis have opportunities to avenge the loss of the tag titles in singles matches to the current champions!

Tickets are sold out, but you can catch the action from RPW On Demand, folks.

Free matches here!

Hornswoggle vs. Mordecai

From the fine folks over at AIW, we’ve got... yep. Yep. That’s Kevin Thorn, as Mordecai, wrestling Hornswoggle. That is the match I have selected for y’all this week. Have fun!

Anthony Henry vs. Ethan Case

A blast from the past from our friends over at PWX, Anthony Henry defends the PWX World Heavyweight Championship against Ethan Case in a two out of three falls match. It’s a good one, enjoy!

Smash Wrestling Episode 101

And last but certainly not least, an hour of TV from Smash in Canada main evented by Evil Uno taking on the legendary Ultimo Dragon! Don’t miss it!


Evolve 129 / 130 (June 29-30)

—Evolve 129 (June 29)—

  1. Milk Chocolate (Brandon Watts & Randy Summers) over the Skulk (Adrian Alanis & Liam Gray)
  2. Babatunde over Harlem Bravado
  3. JD Drake (c) over John Silver, Sean Maluta, and Takuri to retain the WWN Championship.
  4. Brandi Lauren vs. Shotzi Blackheart goes to a no-contest
  5. Arturo “Adrian Jaoude” Ruas over Josh Briggs
  6. The Unwanted (Eddie Kingston & Joe Gacy) (c) over Anthony Greene & Curt Stallion to retain the Evolve Tag Team Championship
  7. Tyler Breeze over AR Fox
  8. Roderick Strong over Anthony Henry
  9. Austin Theory (c) over Leon Ruff to retain the Evolve World Championship

—Evolve 130 (June 30)—

  1. Adrian Alanis vs. Harlem Bravado vs. Stephen Wolf went to a no-contest
  2. Brandi Lauren over Natalia Markova
  3. Josh Briggs over Brandon Taggart
  4. Curt Stallion over Sean Maluta
  5. Babatunde vs. JD Drake (c) went to a no-contest (WWN Championship)
  6. Anthony “Sharkbait” Gutierrez over Steven Pena
  7. Josh Briggs over Arturo Ruas
  8. Tyler Breeze over Anthony Greene
  9. The Skulk (AR Fox & Leon Ruff) over Beaver Boys (Alex Reynolds & John Silver), Milk Chocolate (Brandon Watts & Randy Summers), and the Unwanted (Eddie Kingston & Joe Gacy) (Elimination Match)
  10. Roderick Strong over Austin Theory

As always with Evolve, I’m gonna point you to my reviews (well, okay, just 129 for now, been dealing with some fallout from moving and 130 will be along very soon!) and keep it quiet here, but we’re heading towards the WWE Network with some real steam buidling between Austin Theory and JD Drake for their winner takes all double title match!

Check out the VODs on the World Wrestling Network, whether as individual purchases or at no additional cost through your Club WWN subscription.

As always...

Remember folks, no matter what type of wrestling you like, no matter how down you feel about the state of WWE, Impact, ROH, or any other “big-time” pro wrestling, there’s something out there for you. There’s a pro wrestling product that can hit you in the right spot and make you love wrestling like you thought you’d never be able to love it again. It’s there, I promise. You just gotta reach out and find it, and that, my friends, is what the Sermon on the Mat is all about.

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