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Will Ospreay accepts Seth Rollins’ apology, on one condition

Peace in our time, provided there’s chicken.

Will Ospreay’s Twitter

Really, New Japan’s Will Ospreay never seemed terribly bothered by his Twitter back-and-forth with WWE Universal champion Seth Rollins last week. The IWGP Junior Heavyweight champ just asserted his own claim to “best pro wrestler on the planet”, made some jokes about the booking of Raw’s top title (and who hasn’t?), and sold some merch.

So it’s not surprising that when Rollins extended an olive branch yesterday (July 2), Ospreay accepted. One one condition... he wants some spicy chicken:

Jokes about South African restaurant chains aside, this is a very respectful response from the Aerial Assassin. All shoot feuds should end this well.

And Ospreay has bigger fish to fry anyway, like his first G1 Climax tournament, which starts Sat., July 6 in Dallas. But we should cut out all this talk of eating fish and fowl. Someone might think Will’s a cat...

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