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Being the Elite Rewind: If You Ain’t Hustlin’

Dress for the job you want.
BTE Youtube

This week on Being the Elite: Rewind I watch episodes 16-20 of the series and am truly in awe of the Young Bucks hustle.

Episode 16

The Bucks are in Japan and are searching for a little piece of home before their match, i.e. fine American cuisine. They don’t seem super excited to be back in Japan. It’s either that or the sleep deprivation. Who can really tell at this point? ~TIME JUMP~ Matt is feeling the match against the Briscoes as he took a nasty bump from the top rope. ~TIME JUMP~ Party bus with Kenny, The Bucks and Adam Cole (BayBay) to a Japanese garden but really to a McDonald's. Kenny is recognized while Adam Cole gets not noticed and also fries. ~TIME JUMP~ It’s Adam’s first sponsored dinner and Kenny is teaching him how to eat his meat. The Bucks act like children (“they are touching meats”) and start a delete chant but it’s for dessert. Oh, also they superkick the OWNER OF THE RESTAURANT and sign his face. Japan is wild.

Gangs all here!
BTE Youtube

Episode 17

Cue the jaunty free music archive track for a sightseeing montage in Kobe, Japan. They end up in an arcade and somehow are wearing Kigurumis. Adam in Lilo, The Bucks are Chip and Dale and Kenny is...well, I have no idea...a pink nightmare? They go into a photobooth that is basically a giant snapchat filter. It’s a beautiful nightmare. After the arcade they film themselves filming a Q&A for NJPW (INCEPTION) and Kenny is talking about masturbation. Naturally. Before the show they have an autograph assembly line because they are “making money all the time.” It’s the last day of the tour; Adam is sad and Kenny was “born ready to go home.” Same Kenny. Same.

Episode 18

Adam and the boys are in Boston just days after their tour in Japan for an ROH show. The hustle never stops. The Bucks film themselves watching Adam give a promo in the next room on Facebook live. SUPER INCEPTION. Matt is judging Nick’s tan game, says he looks like a ghost and, well, he’s not wrong...

It’s Ladder War Six time! Oh man, I forgot how crazy this match was. The Bucks legit almost killed Christopher Daniels! Nick has a big mark on his side and Matt is feeling worn out but they don’t have big injuries thank god! CD and Kazarian on the other hand, had to go to the emergency room! Wrestlers are bananas man. The Bucks are sore, but are ultimately really happy with the match, “at the end of the day that was probably one of my favorite matches I ever had.” Nick makes it home for his son’s first birthday and hilariously mix the family singing happy birthday with the craziest spots from Ladder War 6. Oh, and the Bucks recreate the photo of Adam Cole and Kevin Owens in a hotel with their belts because they are jelly of Kevin Owens as all wrestlers should be.

Ladder Wars 6
BTE YouTube

Episode 19

The Bucks land in Tokyo and immediately start selling merch. “If you’re not hustling you’re not making money. Grow up.” They eat at a the very famous Japanese restaurant “Sizzler.” There is an autograph montage where Matt does his stupid and amazing autograph over and over again. They are V famous. Backstage at NJPW they are signing more stuff to sell and then they do a merch photo-shoot.

Hustle Hustle Hustle.

Tour, rest, Ring of Honor, Rest, New Japan Pro Wrestling, rest, repeat.

Episode 20

Back at the airport...wonder if they have a favorite airport? If they do it’s not this one because Matt got stopped by the TSA and searched for twenty minutes. It’s gotta be the man bun. Or maybe the mutton chops?

OMG GUYS they are at my comic book store in Chicago - Challengers Comics + Conversation! This is so exciting to me! Oooo they are signing the autograph wall and there is Patrick the co-owner. This is very emotional for me! (If you’re ever in Chicago and like comics you have to go to Challengers. Not to brag, but it’s the best comic book store in the world).

Nick has a solo ROH match, it goes well. Matt also has a solo match and Nick let’s him know “if you need me to interfere let me know”...spoiler he does.

The tour continues and Nick and Matt are feeling “FML”

Sure, there was a lot of complaining in these episodes, but I’m continuously impressed that they are able to hustle as hard as they do and not kill themselves. It’s a great accomplishment.

Join me here next week for Being the Elite: Rewind episodes 20-25.

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