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Being the Elite Rewind: Kenny Needs A Friend

BTE YouTube

This week on Being the Elite: Rewind I watch episodes 11-15 of the series and become increasingly worried about Kenny Omega.

He’s alone in Japan without his sons, and while his career is reaching an all time high, he desperately needs some companionship. The Bucks are obviously traveling a ton, so nothing new there, but we do get to see them goof off in a water park and have a fashion montage.

Plus, stitches! (kinda)

Episode 11

The Bucks are at a water park with their families because it’s Nick’s birthday. It is good, wholesome content that I signed up for. Matt has clearly started to really get into BTE because he now flexes and goofs off in front of the camera every chance he gets. It probably helps that it’s not 2am, but still. They wish their dad luck in the G1, wish they could be there, but alas PWG beckons.

aaaaaand they get recognized in the water park and get a cabana upgrade for their families. (They are very clear that they are not in Colt Cabana, just a regular cabana in case you were wondering). It’s like they are real celebrities! Naturally, they finish the day off in a trampoline park with their kids. The best dads.

Meanwhile in Japan, Kenny is wearing his sons shirt at the G1 because he is sad and misses his boys (...there may be a lot of editorializing here on my part. Who can say?) Kenny shares some Japanese history - thanks for keeping us smart! He is alone so he is focusing on making all the people at the G1 hate him for attention, but when he is not making crowds angry he is diligently catching and evolving Pokemon! He has evolved a Magikarp and is basically a Pokemon master.

The video ends with the Bucks on the road heading to PWG anniversary show. They lament that while it’s a an easy drive, but the hardest show physically. Always a trade off. The video ends with Nick flipping off stuff. Obviously.

Episode 12

The Bucks are traveling again and this one is a doozie - LAX to Atlanta to Santiago, Chile. It’s a 24 hour travel day baybee! The Bucks hustle in Chile, signing autographs, selling merch and videoing fans videoing them. INCEPTION. The Bucks and The Hardy’s have a casual hallway suck it/delete off. The fans eat it up and I become very sad thinking about The Final Deletion and how Matt has been misused in WWE. :( The match looks super fun and ends in a double pin. #ProtectTheGimmick.

Meanwhile, Kenny is still alone in Japan, but now he is bleeding from his back. Kenny is very sweaty but is enthralled with himself his performance. OMG THAT CUT ON KENNY’S BACK! WHYYYYYY? Wrestling is real? Why didn’t anyone tell me?? LOL the NJPW doctor was NOT prepared to be in this video. He was also not prepared to stitch up Kenny so he’s just gluing him together I think? Why doesn’t he have a stitching kit?? Also, Kenny is a bit of a baby. It’s endearing.

Episode 13

Fashion Montage
BTE YouTube

This one starts with Kenny on a post G1 tour - he won! He’s on his way to the airport waiting to be interviewed. You know what that means...INCEPTION.

Meanwhile, The Bucks are finally in Japan, but are not with Kenny! Heartbreak. They do get handed a magazine with Kenny’s face on it though so someone, somewhere is looking out. They head to a shop to do a little fashion montage and OMG the store is amazing. Oops, there is a typhoon and the boys are stranded. Safe, but stranded.

Meanwhile, Kenny is in Canada “training” in his bathing suit. #HeartsOfFire

Episode 14

Nothing says “Ring of Honor” like randomly wrestling in a baseball field and meeting a cosplay Kenny Omega. And now we’re just watching a blurry fan video of them wrestling the Briscoes I think? Idk, it’s blurry and I’m not googling it.

It’s BOLA night 1 and they are hoping for a 200 t-shirt weekend. Man, they are merch slinging machines. They brought their kids to BOLA! Also, Nick’s kids watch Steven Universe so it is official they are the best dads.

After BOLA The Bucks are tired and broken but they believe they’ve competed in the “greatest six man tag ever” and they ain’t kidding! Young Bucks & Adam Cole versus Ospreay, Ricochet and Sydal! Oh, and Marty won BOLA. YAY!

It randomly ends with Kota putting someone in a toilet. This show is weird.

Episode 15

The Bucks & Virgil
BTE YouTube

It’s 1:30 am and they’re on the road again. Honestly, how do they not get hurt more?

Nick is tired of people asking him if he’s high because his eyes are always red. It’s just sleep deprivation!

“I haven’t done a drug in my life. This is just how I look.”

“We are straight edge #CMPUNK”

The Bucks meet Virgil. Matt aggressively sprays himself with tanner.

The Bucks are wrestling solo at the ROH show and Nick hates. It’s cute. They are real snarky in this episode. The best thing about the Young Bucks is that they are the nicest people but act like dicks all the time. It’s weirdly charming.

Meanwhile, Kenny is in Japan waiting for his sons, so he is making friends with birds. Literally, he’s just hanging out with an owl. Oh, Kenny.

The vlog style is charming again, mostly because of all the Kenny pining. It’s like a little story line. I hope they are reunited next week. I’m worried about him...

Join me here next week for Being the Elite: Rewind episodes 16-20.

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