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Pac is free to lose in AEW, or anywhere he wants, now

The big gold obligation around Pac’s shoulder is now gone, giving the former WWE Cruiserweight champ a freedom to be a more complete performer.

Today, Pac’s path to wrestling in AEW just opened up. Yes, The Bastard from Newcastle Upon Tyne lost the Open The Dream Gate Championship, the title you see over his shoulder here:

Pac’s Twitter

Since most of us in the states were sleeping as it happened, the news comes to us from Twitter’s Italo Santana, who marks Pac’s reign as champ at 228 days.

This is huge news for AEW fans and anyone who wanted to see Pac perform in programs where he was free to lose, because the consensus around his dropping out of Double or Nothing was that he didn’t want to betray Dragon Gate, the promotion he darted to the second he could, by losing in another promotion while still holding their title belt. Further, Pac’s matches in the UK’s Rev Pro were solid, but only made up of wins or dusty finishes.

Early speculation said Pac’s bailing on that AEW show was based on him losing to Page, but we later learned it was Kenny Omega who Pac was set to take an L against.

Where does this leave AEW and Pac, on the doorstep of All Out? Well, The Bucks say they want him wrestling in the company. Cody said the same.

The rest, can be easy. Have pre-taped footage of The Bastard break into the BTE or Road to All Out feed, and have him issue an open challenge. Say “Pac’s back.”

And while it doesn’t really matter who he faces, I personally want to see the former King of the Cruiserweights take on Darby Allin. The match these two can have, with Darby dying with each and every kick, but doing crazy stunts that make the sky-soaring Pac smirk, can be amazing.

Also, the two both have ties to WWE, and I could see Darby talking about how he left Evolve — a pipeline to NXT and WWE — because didn’t want to make the same mistake that Pac did. He didn’t want to be marginalized in a sideshow.

So, Cagesiders, who do you want to see Pac wrestle in AEW?

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