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AAA Roundup: Cody Rhodes wrestling tonight, Daga & Drago up the ante, more!

Welcome to the AAA Roundup. Let’s get caught up on some news and lucha libre action from Conquista Total.

We’ll start with a reminder that Cody Rhodes will be stepping foot into a AAA ring tonight to wrestle. The June 18 show from Aguascalientes is a television taping, but you can view it live for free on AAA’s Twitch channels (Spanish, maybe English too) at 9:30 pm ET.

Lucha Libre AAA

Rhodes is supposed to team with MJF in tag action, but there have been rumors of an MJF elbow injury. For what its worth, MJF said a few days ago that he is ready to do the work with his mentor and best friend in Rhodes. Taurus and Daga will be their opponents.

Speaking of Taurus, Cody and Brandi put out a short video message to the fans in Mexico. Watch all the way through for some amusing bull chatter.

Quick Hits

The feud between Daga and Drago is heating up. Drago issued a mask vs hair challenge.

If rumors are true that AAA is planning for the Madison Square Garden and Los Angeles Forum events to be on PPV, then they will be needing some unique big-time bouts to help sell the shows. Daga vs Drago in hair vs mask could fill that need.

Reina de Reinas champ Keyra recently injured her knee. It doesn’t look to be serious and she plans on competing in the ladies TLC match at Triplemania XXVII on August 3.

Bengala announced that he will be finishing up dates under that moniker while he goes back to his Super Nova persona.

Here’s a question. If Bengala is dating Lady Shani, does that mean he can step out on the town as Super Nova?

Let’s catch up some AAA programming with a double shot of Conquista Total from Villahermosa and Queretaro.

Conquista Total: Villahermosa

Conquista Total was coming to us from Villahermosa, Tabasco. The show (here) can be viewed on AAA’s YouTube channel.

Dragon Bane & Big Mami vs Halcon 78 Jr. & Lady Maravilla

Big Mami got on the mic to open the bout (starting at 8:00) and addressed the budding manipulative romance Lady Maravilla is aiming for with Niño Hamburguesa. Mami doesn’t know what is going on with Hamburguesa, but she apologized for acting jealous. Maravilla was grinning ear to ear. Mami has a big friendship with Hamburguesa...

Maravilla attacked with a dropkick while Mami was still talking. Maravilla pounded Mami to the ground, sat on her back Camel Clutch style, and said on the mic that Mami’s fat boy has someone better. How could Mami think Hamburguesa would stay with a disgusting fat girl like her?

The top highlight was a running springboard moonsault by Dragon Bane to the outside. For the finish, Mami ran wild with a running leg drop, Gory neckbreaker, and a running splash to Maravilla. Halcon 78 Jr. broke up the pin. Bane attacked him with a running Spanish Fly. Mami then flattened Halcon with a flying splash to win. After the match, Maravilla roughed up Mami then left.

Laredo Kid, Hijo del Vikingo, & Lady Shani vs Texano, Rey Escorpion, & La Hiedra

The story was tecnico speed vs rudo power (starting at 25:00). Hijo del Vikingo slapped Texano, so Texano pie-faced him to the mat. We were off to the races from there. Top highlights include the male Mercenarios pressing Vikingo onto empty chairs in the crowd, springboard moonsaults by Laredo Kid and Vikingo to the outside, and Vikingo with a springboard 360 into a hurricanrana on the floor.

For the finish, Texano and Rey Escorpion caught Laredo’s flying crossbody on the floor and tossed him into the crowd. The rudo duo ducked a suicide dive from Vikingo as he crashed into the security barrier. All three Mercenarios turned their attention to Lady Shani in the ring. Texano whipped her in the butt with his bull rope. Shani was then decimated by a package piledriver from Rey Escorpion, fireman’s carry backbreaker by Texano, and a sitdown powerbomb by La Hierda to win.

That stanza was some slick teamwork.

Tables, Ladders, Chairs: Pagano vs Chessman

Chik Tormenta backed Chessman, and Niño Hamburguesa was the second for Pagano (starting at 39:50). Pagano entered through the crowd to ambush his rival. Chessman spit red mist early to blind Pagano, but Pagano still hit a suplex. He must have done that Bloodsport training.

In a funny moment, Pagano’s vision was still impaired. He slammed referee Hijo del Tirantes thinking it was his opponent. Pagano covered Tirantes, so Chessman made the three count to fool Pagano into thinking the fight was over. Chessman then walked over to whack Pagano with a chair.

TLC violence followed. For the finish, Niño passed something to Pagano so he could spray spit in Chessman’s face. Pagano won off a backpack slam.

Psycho Clown, La Parka, & Puma King vs Blue Demon Jr., Killer Kross, & Daga

Puma King began the bout (starting at 1:01:15) by chasing Killer Kross with a cookie sheet. Puma ended up running right into a superkick from Daga. A six luchador brawl ensued. Highlights include a sort of bear hug Saito suplex by Kross, a flying crossbody by Puma to the outside, and a suicide dive by Psycho Clown.

For the finish, Kross powerbombed Puma onto a table and Psycho Clown sitdown slammed Daga onto the announce table. That left La Parka and Blue Demon Jr. alone in the ring. Blue Demon kicked La Parka in the balls for the win.

After the match, Los Mercenarios ran down to beat up the tecnicos. Laredo Kid and Hijo del Vikingo ran out to fight Los Mercenarios. Bad idea. Laredo and Vikingo were getting beat up until La Parka used a cookie sheet to turn the tide. The tecnicos stood tall and the rudos looked angry to close the show.

Conquista Total: Queretaro

The second helping of this double shot of Conquista Total came from Queretaro, Queretaro. The show (here) can be viewed on AAA’s YouTube channel.

Daga started with an in-ring promo.

He is in AAA for two things. Championships and to support the best female luchadora on the planet, Tessa Blanchard. He’s finished with Los Perros del Mal...

Out came Taya. (Remember that Daga turned his back on Taya and Joe Lider during their Perros del Mal reunion match at Rey de Reyes.) Taya told Daga that if he continues to insult the people of Mexico, then she will break his bleeping face. Daga said that if it wasn’t for him watching out for Taya back in the day, then she would have ended up as a table dancer.

Slap! Taya slapped Daga, then backhand slapped him, and then forearmed him in the face. She played to the crowd only to turn around into a superkick from Daga. Taya dodged a corner attack and got in her own patented running double knees move in the corner. Tessa Blanchard ran down to defend her man. It was a two-on-one beatdown until Laredo Kid ran down with a chair to make the save.

Lady Shani, Faby Apache, & Taya vs Chik Tormenta, Keyra, & Tessa Blanchard

Taya and Tessa Blanchard began the bout (starting at 13:30). Taya got the better of that exchange, then shook her hips and slapped her own ass. Highlights include rudo referee Hijo del Tirantes grabbing Faby Apache by the hair and dragging her to the mat when she tried to save Taya from a three-on-one attack, a springboard flipping splash by Keyra, and a fierce powerbomb by Faby to Keyra.

For the finish, it came down to Taya and Tessa. Spinning sidewalk slam by Taya for a two count. Taya followed up with a hard hitting German suplex. Daga came down to clothesline Taya. Tessa finished the job to win off a hammerlock DDT.

Drago, Murder Clown, & Pagano vs Daga, Taurus, & Chessman

Highlights of the contest (starting at 33:30) include Murder Clown monkey flipping Taurus, a Dirty Dancing corkscrew with Monster Clown boosting Drago into the air for an outside flying attack, a cannonball by Pagano through the ropes to the outside, Daga stepping up to Murder Clown then getting chokeslammed, a tope con hilo by Murder Clown, Daga hitting Drago with a trashcan on a suicide dive attempt, and Murder Clown with a fireman’s carry driver to Taurus off the apron through a table.

While referee Hijo del Tirantes was checking on the big men, Chessman spit red mist at Pagano then kicked him in the cojones. The ref missed it all but still counted to three for the rudo victory.

After the match, Daga challenged Drago to a bout for Drago’s Latin American Championship. Drago more or less said that championships are made to be defended. Challenge accepted whenever, wherever. Chessman took his turn to insult Pagano with lots of bleeps. He is a higher level than Pagano.

Dr. Wagner Jr., Psycho Clown, La Parka, & Puma King vs Blue Demon Jr., Texano, Rey Escorpion, & La Hiedra

La Hiedra’s inclusion in the eight-luchador tag main event (starting at 54:00) made it intergender. Dr. Wagner Jr. was accompanied by one of his sons, Galeno del Mal.

Wagner started bleeding early. I’m not sure from what. He seems to always do that in his feud with Blue Demon Jr. The rudos dominated early until Rey Escorpion missed La Parka with a chair and accidentally hit Texano instead. La Parka grabbed the chair and went wild for the tecnicos to regroup and run a clothesline train on Blue Demon.

The wildness continued as action was all over the place. For the finish, Puma King connected on a flying crossbody to La Hiedra on the floor, Psycho Clown crushed Rey Escorpion with a cannonball off the top of the ring post down to the floor, and La Parka speared Texano through a table. That left the two nemeses in the ring, Wagner and Blue Demon.

Blue Demon was beating up Wagner’s son. Wagner mildly hulked up for a sitdown slam to Blue Demon. Galena hit a frog splash, and Wagner pinned Blue Demon for the win.

Those were solid episodes from Villahermosa and Queretaro. There were no must-see matches, but the action was entertaining enough. If you are looking for one match to watch from the bunch, then I’d go with either Laredo Kid, Hijo del Vikingo, & Lady Shani vs Texano, Rey Escorpion, & La Hiedra from Villahermosa or Drago, Murder Clown, & Pagano vs Daga, Taurus, & Chessman from Queretaro.

Konnan was on commentary in Queretaro. His enthusiasm is quite enjoyable. He reacts to moves as if he were a regular fan.

Dr. Wagner Jr.’s son getting involved was kind of cheap, but it did create yet another different type of finish to keep that feud fresh until the Triplemania showdown.

What do you think of Dr. Wagner Jr. using his son to do dirty work? Do you like Konnan on commentary? Does an appearance from Cody Rhodes make you interested enough to watch live? Or will you wait six weeks or so to watch it on Conquista Total?

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