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AEW Fight for the Fallen was a success

All Elite Wrestling returned for its latest event, Fight for the Fallen, last night in Jacksonville and, well, there isn’t all that much to say about it! It was a good show, for what it was, a charity event.

As my partner on this here site, Sean Rueter, put it when we talked about it after:

“Fight For The Fallen existed to remind us that AEW has a big show in August and TV coming in October, and to raise money for a good cause. It succeeded.”

Yeah, pretty much!

Some quick hits:

  • There’s almost no way MJF doesn’t become a top heel in the industry within a very short period of time. He’s incredible at what he does.
  • The matches all ranged from solid to very good, with nothing standing out as particularly bad or particularly great.
  • Alex Marvez was better on this show but I still believe AEW would be better off with a two man booth. Jim Ross still has his issues (notably saying “Hangmen” over and over during Hangman Page’s match) but Excalibur is fantastic.
  • The stuff with Awesome Kong and Aja Kong was legitimately great, though I’m not entirely sure how to feel about the former as a heater for Brandi Rhodes.
  • Chris Jericho’s promo was good but seemed to go over poorly in front of the live crowd, which hurt the segment. Still, it acted as a strong build to his title match against Hangman Page.

Get complete Fight for the Fallen results here.

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