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Jim Ross won’t be getting involved in AEW storylines

Jim Ross sat down with Chris Van Vliet for a long interview covering a wide range of subjects, but the key points relate to his work with All Elite Wrestling. To that end, two things stood out from the interview.

1. He has zero plans to get involved in any on-screen storylines beyond being the guy who interviews wrestlers so they can advance their own stories. It’s clear he looks back with disgust at the many times he was used for as much in WWE. To him, it doesn’t make much sense because, ultimately, it can’t go anywhere. He’s an announcer, who won’t be working matches, so he’ll simply be the soundtrack for the actual talent in an attempt to help them, and the product overall, shine.

2. The idea of AEW competing with WWE is ludicrous, as he shoots down the crazy idea some fans have thrown around that the former will put the latter out of business. He compares it to believing the XFL will take out the NFL, which is so obviously silly it should go without saying.

There’s a lot more, so make sure you check out the full interview:

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