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The One Who Knocks

Aleister Black versus Cesaro

In WrestleMania season tradition, several NXT superstars were called up to the main roster. While some of them were teased for weeks via titantron video packages, others, like Aleister Black, made their presence known the old fashioned way - with a surprise debut (and win) on RAW.

Although Black’s initial run on the main roster as part of a make-shift tag team with Ricochet didn’t end it gold, the two wrestled on the grandest stage of them all in a fatal four way for the SmackDown Live tag team belts at WrestleMania 35. Not too shabby, considering some of the other NXT call-ups are literally just wandering around the hallways getting drunk and chasing DRAKE MAVERICK.

During the post Mania superstar shake-up the team was split; Ricochet was sent to RAW and Black to SDLive - a rare smart move on WWE’s part as both competitors were more likely to thrive as singles wrestlers.

Then they put Aliester in a closet.

And kept him there...for over two months.

He lost his mind a little, but then someone finally answered his call. Sort of...

because we had to wait two whole weeks to figure out who knocked on the bloody door!

Rumors were that it was going to be Cesaro, but then the rumors were that that story was scrapped, but then, turns out, it was Cesaro.

Really, the pinnacle of story telling right here.

Regardless of the truly lackluster build, this match up is exciting. Since losing his tag team partner Cesaro has enjoyed a decent amount of screen time and a light character restructuring, but is still a little lost at sea. He needs a proper feud to reestablish himself as a singles wrestler and Black is the perfect foil for him. Although, Aleister Black whining in a closet for two months has honestly taken a lot of the intensity away from his dark twisted gimmick (like, why not just go to the ring and issue an open challenge? Maybe Cesaro was looking for you this whole time but no one knew where the closet was!) facing someone with a similar cool, calm cockiness is sure to highlight his own ferocity.

What’s at stake?

On the surface it seems like Aleister HAS to win. I mean, he has literally just been sitting backstage quoting dead poets for over two months. But on the other hand, Cesaro needs to find his footing as a singles star to be reckoned with. WWE needs to find a way to put both these superstars over without completely demolishing the other’s build; which, to be honest, is a big ask of WWE.

Regardless, this match should be one of the best - if not the best - matches of the night. Both men are incredible in-ring technicians with something to prove so hopefully that translates in the ring. And if we’re very lucky this won’t be a one off!

And if we’re really lucky, we won’t have to hear Aleister quote Shakespeare again.


Who will win?

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