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AEW Fight for the Fallen live results

All Elite Wrestling returns with its Fight for the Fallen event tonight (Sat., July 13, 2019) at Daily’s Place Amphitheater in Jacksonville, Florida. The show will stream for free to anyone with an account on B/R Live, starting at 8:30 pm ET.

There will also be a pre-show, The Buy In, which will start at 7:30 pm ET.

We’ll provide live results from the show as they come in, as well as a place for you, dear reader, to hang out and talk about it as it all goes down.

Full results:

- Excalibur & Alex Marvez welcome us to The Buy In, and the way they turned the amphitheater int a wrestling venue looks pretty cool

- Sonny Kiss def. Peter Avalon via pinfall after a split leg drop from the second rope

- Jen Decker interviews Cody and Dustin. Cody talks up the gun violence cause. When asked about how the Brotherhood is going to control the pace the match. Cody says that’s hard, but what’s going to happen when they find and attack a bodypart in an old school fashion. Meanwhile, Dustin says he’s going to powerslam the Bucks so hard, their souls will leave the body. Cody is asked if he’s 100% after the Shawn Spears attack. He says if he weren’t, he wouldn’t be here.

- Bea Priestley & Shoko Nakajima def. Britt Baker & Riho when Nakajima rolls up rolls up Riho when she delivered a frankensteiner into a cover. While the match was a bit sloppy at times, it had a ton of energy and the crowd was really into it.

After the match, Bea and Britt try to fight and their joshi partners pull them off.

- Jen Decker interviews Kip Sabian. He argues that he’s not just here to fill a spot against Hangman Page tonight. He’s here to prove he’s one of the best in the world. He makes a point that Page was a big member of the Elite and it seems like he’s being handed things. He’s pulling for Hangman against Jericho so he’s first in line for a title match after he wins tonight.

This marks the end of the Buy In. Jim Ross comes out and they transition to the main card.

- MJF, Shawn Spears & Sammy Guevara def. Joey Janela, Jimmy Havoc & Darby Allin

Early on, Darby really wanted in when Spears was in there, but Spears tagged right out. MJF and Shawn wouldn’t tag each other, Spears did blind tag MJF when Friedman had Joey in trouble.

The MJF/Spears issue got more heated when MJF did the “ten” gesture but turned it into the middle fingers to Shawn. Shawn ran into the ring and got tossed aside, but this all allowed Joey Janela, the face in peril, to finally tag out.

After the match broke down, MJF was in the ring and Spears tagged himself in without MJF noticing. He went and defeated Darby Allin when a running Death Valley Driver.

- Jebailey was sitting next to Private Party in the crowd, but then was kicked out because he wasn’t part of the private party.

- Brandi Rhodes def. Allie

Awesome Kong came down to the ring before the match even starts. Allie stepped out early on to star down Kong and Brandi did a baseball slide from the ring and took advantage. Brandi clearly working as the heel.

Allie looked to have the match won (also with a Death Valley Driver), but Kong pulled Brandi under the rope.

Allie taps Brandi with a Dragon Sleeper but Kong distracts the ref.

All these distraction, allows Brandi to win with a spear.

There’s a post match beat down, but it’s interrupted by Aja Kong! Officials have to step between the two Kongs.

- The Dark Order (Evil Uno & Stu Grayson) def Angelico & Jack Evans and Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy to advance to All Out for a chance at a first round bye in the Tag Title tournament

Marko Stunt, who came out with Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy, prevented Evans and Angelico from finishing off Jungle Boy at one point.

In the end, the Dark Order hit their tandem finish The Fatality - a Gory Special into a bulldog - on Jungle Boy.

This match was designed to get Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus over.

- Adam “Hangman” Page def. Kip Sabian with the Dead Eye with only a minute remaining

Page’s bad knee was definitely the main focus here.

After the match, a man with a Dark Order mask attacked Hangman. Of course, it was Jericho. He delivered the Code Breaker and the Judas Effect. He flipped off the crowd when they start a “Thank you, Jericho” chant.

- Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr. & Fenix) def. SCU (Scorpio Sky & Frankie Kazarian, w/ Christopher Daniels)

Christopher Daniel got involved - he’s targeted by the Bros but then retorts with a BME to the outside. This doesn’t result in a DQ from Aubrey Edwards but he does get ejected from ringside.

Lucha Bros win when Pentagon delivered a package piledriver to Scorpio Sky.

After the match, Daniels returned to the ring, but the Lucha Brothers took him (and the rest of SCU) out with a ladder. Then Pentagon cut a promo on top of the ladder calling themselves the best tag team. They then challenge the Bucks to a ladder match for ALL OUT for the Triple A titles.

- Kenny Omega def. CIMA with a One Winged Angel

This match started out a bit slow but definitely picked up and ended up being a fun bout.

- Chris Jericho came down to the ring for his open mic. He was back to asking for his apology. He didn’t want it from the fans. That’s useless. He wants it from the wrestlers. He claimed if he loses to Hangman at ALL OUT, it’s not just the beginning of the end of AEW but the beginning of the end of the career of Chris Jericho. So he’s realized he has to beat the Hangman.

It’s when he called Page “a little bitch,” that Hangman attacked Y2J. Officials tried to pull him off and then the locker room. Jericho bailed out pretty quickly.

- The Young Bucks def. Cody & Dustin Rhodes

The Bucks played up the role of heels, mocking the Brotherhood much of the time and eliciting boos from the crowd even.

The Brotherhood endured the speed of the Bucks for awhile, but like Cody mentioned in his promo earlier in the night, they were able to isolate Matt Jackson and pick apart a body part. In this case, his left arm.

It then went into the stage where it was all broken down and that lasted for awhile until the Bucks hit the Meltzer Driver on Cody for the 1-2-3.

Matt Jackson grabbed a mic post match. He said everything, even the mocking, was all in the spirit of competition. He put the Brotherhood over as one of the best teams they’ve been in the ring with.

Apparently, they were short on time and Shad Khan came out with the big check ($150,000) to donate to the gun violence victims.

Cody finished off by saying you can’t counter-program All Elite Wrestling.

Then Kenny took over, thinking they were maybe off the air, and did his “Goodbye and good night” but replaced “bang’ with “boing.”

That’s the show, folks. Thanks for watching with us!

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