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MLW Fusion: Jacob Fatu dethroned Tom Lawlor to become the new heavyweight champion

The 65th episode of MLW Fusion was a live special for Kings of Colosseum from Cicero Stadium in Chicago. Tom Lawlor defended his Heavyweight Championship against Contra Unit’s Jacob Fatu, Alexander Hammerstone held an open challenge for his National Openweight Championship, Rey Horus dueled with Myron Reed, and Konnan joined Salina de la Renta on a live edition of the Jim Cornette Experience.

On to a recap and review of the show...

The opening had Rich Bocchini doing his action man voice to run over the card. Bocchini and Jim Cornette welcomed us to the broadcast. After they were finished, the camera lingered on them for a touch too long as they gave awkward expressions then both turned their heads at the exact same time in perfect coordination.

Star Spangled Hammer Challenge: Alexander Hammerstone vs Kotto Brazil

Alexander Hammerstone entered to issue an open challenge for his National Openweight Championship. He wore ripped jeans as his sporting attire. Those rips were probably all-natural since Hammer has quads for days.

Hammerstone was accompanied by the Dynasty and Aria Blake. Hammer got on the mic with insults to the fans as inner city sweathogs and to the wrestlers in the back as soy boy wannabes. He wants to be a fighting champion against the cream of the crop to show he is the creamiest of them all.

I’m terrible at deciphering hashtags. I saw that tweet before I watched the show and thought, “What does ‘creamies to fem all’ mean?”

MJF joined Bocchini and Cornette on commentary. My favorite line was in regard to Hammerstone’s physique. “Look at his traps. They almost scratch his ears.”

Kotto Brazil was the surprise contender to sign on the dotted line for the challenge. He brought the fire early until he ate a heavy pump kick from Hammer. Hammerstone had a neat squatting pumphandle overhead toss slam.

When Hammer went for his finisher, Brazil escaped and caught his second wind of offense with a satellite DDT, a flying missile dropkick, and a frog splash. Hammerstone kicked out at one. Brazil climbed the corner, but he was distracted by Richard Holliday. Hammerstone charged into the corner for a delayed vertical suplex off the middle rope.

Hammerstone hit the Nightmare Pendulum to win.

After the match, MJF got on the mic to challenge the Hart Foundation for their tag team titles.

Gotch got got

Simon Gotch cut into the broadcast to talk about a past moment from Cicero Stadium. He was standing in front of the same door when he turned heel by selling out Tom Lawlor to Promociones Dorado. Gotch was speaking when the door behind him opened. A crazed Lawlor with a new shaved head haircut was standing there.

Lawlor grabbed Gotch, beat him up, and slammed the door on his head as a message to the Contra Unit. “Tonight, the door closes on Contra.”

Myron Reed vs Rey Horus

Jordan Oliver joined Myron Reed ringside. Reed had new orange pants. To match Oliver’s orange jumpsuit? Oliver would prove to be a nuisance to Rey Horus by interfering numerous times.

Doug Markham was the referee. He has been the main target of bias claims from Reed. Markham didn’t negatively affect Reed in this particular bout, but he was a bit inept in controlling Oliver as a cheat.

The match started a little slow with bursts of athleticism thrown in. Midway through, Horus hit a dope flying attack. He ran the ropes, but Markham got in the way to halt the momentum so he could reprimand Reed and Oliver on the floor. Horus took matters into his own hands by leaping over Markham for a flipping cannonball onto the two hooligans.

Other highlights include Horus smashing Reed with a flying leg drop as Reed was crawling back into the ring and a springboard 450 splash by Reed.

For the finish, Horus was in control but Oliver hopped up on the apron. Horus went over to have words, ducked a punch, and kicked him into the security rail. Horus tuned around into a springboard flying uppercut by Reed. 1, 2, 3 for Reed. The bad guys put the boots to Horus after the bell.

Challenge accepted by the Hart Foundation

Georgia Smith interviewed Teddy Hart and her brother, Davey Boy Smith Jr. She inquired about the tag team title challenge issued earlier by the Dynasty. Davey Boy accepted but with the stipulation of a ladder match. He also wanted to invoke the Freebird rules by placing Brian Pillman Jr. in his spot. Smith felt it was time for Pillman to step up and shine. Teddy wanted to be the one to tell Pillman the good news.

Pillman was outdoors tanning before being brought into the interview. Smith gave him a pep talk. Pillman said he is going to make his father proud and the Hart family proud.

Jim Cornette Experience with Salina de la Renta

Jim Cornette had a live segment in the ring with Salina de la Renta. Cornette listed her accolades. He asked about LA Park cashing in his Battle Riot golden ticket. Ms. de la Renta stated that she wasn’t going to reveal that confidential information in front of all these losers in the crowd.

Cornette followed up with a question about Konnan returning to MLW. Is she worried about Konnan going after Promociones Dorado? Salina is not worried. Last time, Konnan was stabbed on national television. His big two stars (Fenix and Pentagon) aren’t there either. That shows that Konnan sucks at his job. She continued by saying that Konnan can’t please a woman.

Boom! Konnan entered down the walkway. He proposed a live sex show with Salina to disprove her previous statement. Konnan talked in Spanish to basically call her a cheap, table dancing tramp.

Konnan is actually there because he has a new crop of luchadores. They are all signed so Salina won’t have a chance to exploit them. Salina threatened Konnan with a humiliating secret she knows about him. If he pushes hard enough, she will show him not to mess with her. Salina exited the ring with a sassy strut.

Stipulation accepted by the Dynasty

The Dynasty stood by to give their answer to the Hart Foundation. They had a funny moment about AirPods headphones. MJF couldn’t hear his buddies and had trouble silencing the audio equipment.

Alexander Hammerstone jubilantly informed MJF about the Hart Foundation’s challenge and putting Pillman in the match. MJF shouted, “What?!?! That loser? We got it in the bag, baby!” Richard Holliday told MJF about the ladder match stipulation. MJF was less than enthused and hesitant to accept. Holliday assured him, “Dude, I’m 6’4”. I’ll climb that ladder easily. We’ll be fine.” Holliday accepted the terms on behalf of the Dynasty as MJF made frustrated facial expressions in the background then stormed off.

Jim Cornette explained that MJF was afraid of heights. I’m not sure if that was a joke or actually part of the MJF character.

Heavyweight Championship: Tom Lawlor vs Jacob Fatu

The challenger, Jacob Fatu, was escorted by Josef Samael. Samael was suited and pointy booted as a sharp dressed man. The champion, Tom Lawlor, was going solo. In story, the Von Erich brothers were over in Israel promoting MLW.

Salina de la Renta was sitting ringside. Nothing came of it. I guess she was there in case an opportune moment presented itself for LA Park to cash in.

Ding, ding, ding. Let’s do this!

Lawlor began throwing blows, but Fatu was too powerful and knocked Lawlor down. Fatu used his brawn to beat Lawlor from pillar to post. Lawlor used his heart and craftiness to focus on applying rear naked chokes.

Lawlor went high-rick for a flying crossbody. Fatu caught him and turned it into a swinging slam. Fatu attempted his finishing moonsault, however, Lawlor moved out of the way. The referee was admonishing Samael. That provided a convenient moment for Lawlor to kick Fatu in the balls. Lawlor hit repeated kicks to Fatu’s chest. That only revved up the big man. Knees to Fatu’s head and another rear naked choke. Fatu escaped. Lawlor attempted a cutter, but Fatu blocked it and sprang into a handstand into the ropes back into a standing moonsault.

Lawlor rebounded with a variety of strikes, then he ran into a superkick when trying a discus lariat. Fatu capitalized with a Samoan drop and a mighty moonsault.

1, 2, 3! Jacob Fatu is the new MLW heavyweight champion.

MLW’s Kings of Colosseum live special was ripsnorting, to borrow a word from Jim Cornette. It had quality matches, exciting confrontations, solid story advancement, and plenty of humorous moments.

Jacob Fatu is the new king of MLW. That finish was fire. I was not expecting him to win. Being surprised at a result is always a cool fan experience, especially when you are invested in the story. As much as I like Tom Lawlor, I don’t see him being victorious in a rematch. Fatu may be champ for a very long time. The good thing is that there are tons of high-caliber contenders on the MLW roster to make for must-see matchups.

I loved how the main event had a major big-time feel to it. The storyline and bad blood obviously played a key factor, but it was enhanced by touches such as the mini history lesson of George Hackenschmidt vs Frank Gotch, the tale of the tape, the title lineage scene, and ring announcer Tim Barr’s golden pipes on the introduction.

My takeaway from the Jim Cornette Experience is that Konnan has a new crop of luchadores. I’m very excited to see who he brings. I’ll be crossing my fingers for Hijo del Vikingo. As for the secret, I can’t think of what would cause embarrassment for Konnan. He doesn’t seem like a man with much shame. Would it have to do with a moment in which he lacked machismo? Konnan carries that type of bravado and swagger, so maybe it is something when he was begging or crying.

I’m on board for a recurring open challenge routine from Alexander Hammerstone. Your boy Hammer is bringing the creamies. I always enjoy heels insulting the fans with terms like sweathogs and soy boys. I know soy boy can have a certain inflammatory meaning, but the simple, basic concept behind the term makes me laugh.

Myron Reed vs Rey Horus had the moves. That’s another match where I didn’t think the eventually winner would win. MLW has been teasing Promociones Dorado being interested in Horus. I’m wondering if Salina will use the fact that he was outnumbered as part of the sales pitch to recruit him.

Next week should be a doozy with the tag team title ladder match between Teddy Hart & Brian Pillman Jr. and MJF & Ricard Holliday. I’m intrigued to see if Pillman rises to the occasion and how MJF’s fear of heights will play a role. I liked the reference to the ladder match concept with Bret Hart and Bad News Allen (Brown) in Calgary Stampede Wrestling. It makes it seem like the Hart Foundation will have insider knowledge and strategy from Uncle Bret.

Do you think Tom Lawlor will win a rematch against Jacob Fatu? What do you think is the secret Salina de la Renta has on Konnan? Who would you like to see Konnan bring into MLW? Which team are you going with in the tag team title ladder match next week?

MLW Fusion airs on beIN SPORTS Saturday nights at 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT. New episodes are posted on YouTube Mondays at 7 pm ET. Fusion is also broadcast in the UK, Ireland, and Israel.

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