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Video of Janela and nZo’s Blink 182 ‘fight’ is as disappointing as you knew it would be

It’s 2019.

No one was really surprised to learn Joey Janela and nZo (aka Real1, fka Enzo Amore) had some kind of a contentious interaction at a Blink 182 concert in New Jersey. Nobody was shocked that it quickly made its way online, and that a Twitter spat followed reporting of their in-person one.

Likewise, you will not be surprised to learn that someone videoed the scene, and that it too has made it’s way onto social media. And, as you probably expected, the whole thing is less exciting than watching flies fornicate.

Here it is, because why not?

Joey’s blaming it on hard seltzer, and (correctly if barely, IMHO) pointing out who wins a fashion battle:

Because these guys are (or have been, in Amore’s case) pro wrestlers, we’ll play some “work or shoot?” with this reenactment of every playground run-in between two trash talkers who have no intention of taking a punch but feel they’ve escalated things to the point they have to pretend they might throw one before reverting back to insulting each other at a safe distance as soon as possible.

That will ultimately be answered by whether or not Zo is booked at Spring Break 4 or whatever.

Janela says it won’t, but we won’t be surprised if it is.

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