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AAA Roundup: Fenix working hurt, Taurus in Los Mercenarios, more!

Welcome to the AAA Roundup. Let’s get caught up on some news and lucha libre action from Conquista Total. Fenix might be injured again, Lady Shani wants Taya’s Impact title, and it looks like Taurus has become an official member of Los Mercenarios.

Fenix injured?

Fenix sent out this mysterious tweet earlier this week.

It immediately made me wonder if Fenix would pull out again from a major AAA show. The Lucha Bros are scheduled for a tag team title bout against the reigning champion Young Bucks at AAA’s Verano de Escándalo on Sunday, June 16.

Fenix didn’t follow up at all about that message, but Pentagon posted last night that they won another set of tag team titles. This time it was from HOG Wrestling.

I was so hoping that HOG was a promotion in the country that sticks. HOG actually stands for House of Glory, and I believe the show took place in Queens, NY. Anyway, that shows that Fenix did compete, so perhaps he’ll gut it at Verano de Escándalo.

Speaking of Pentagon, he was a guest on the YouTube show Peluche En El Estuche. The show was filmed back in February, but I just found out about it. The premise is like a talk show on wheels. They drive around and shoot the shit. There wasn’t really any newsworthy quotes, but this particular outing was pretty funny, if you understand Spanish. Language not suitable for work.

Lady Shani gunning for Taya’s Impact championship

In a brief interview with +LuchaTV, Lady Shani was asked about what she wants for Triplemania XXVII. Her reply was to take all the titles off Taya. Shani wants an opportunity for the Lucha Capital title and the women’s belt in Impact. That would certainly be interesting if Impact signed off on that idea, but I’m kind of hoping they don’t. I don’t see Shani working in Impact any time soon, so it might spoil the outcome of that bout as a guaranteed win for Taya.

Drago’s yearbook photo

I don’t know the context for this photo, but it cracks me up. Drago’s pose and toothy grin remind of a cheesy yearbook photo. I hope that silliness catches on with other luchadores, and they take similar pictures.

Conquista Total: Nogales

The Nogales episode of Conquista Total featured Los Mercenarios with another member and Hijo del Vikingo working double duty.

Hijo del Vikingo, Flamita, & Golden Magic vs Poder del Norte

The trios bout (starting at 6:00) was finesse for the tecnicos versus roughhousing for the rudos. It was as entertaining as you would expect with those two teams while featuring springboards, moonsaults, splashes, and more. Two moves in particular stuck out to me. Golden Magic went rolling into a standing backflip splash, and Hijo del Vikingo was popped up to stand on Carta Brava Jr.’s shoulders then did a headscissors takeover.

For the finish, Flamita and Vikingo missed springboard moonsaults to the outside. Poder del Norte put the boots to them on the floor. In the ring, Golden Magic hit a flying crossbody on Brava. That move pretty much had no effect on Brava. His teammates came in for a 3-on-1 train in the corner. Running elbow drop, running double knee, and a running dropkick. Mocho Cota Jr. nailed a frog splash for the win.

Dave the Clown, Averno, & Chessman vs Niño Hamburguesa, Murder Clown, & La Parka

At about five minutes into the match (starting at 26:00), Lady Maravilla ran down to hug Niño Hamburguesa just as he was gearing up for his corner cannonball maneuver. Dave the Clown came up behind and whacked Hamburguesa with a chair.

Maravilla left after that.

The rudos controlled the action for a long stretch until Murder Clown grabbed Dave’s foot as he was running the ropes. That led to a cannonball by Hamburguesa through the ropes and a suicide dive by La Parka. Murder cleaned house and got flashy with a twisting crossbody, a monkey flip, and a big overhead press slam.

The teams went back and forth until the finish. Murder hit a 619 on Dave, then Murder took flight for a tope con hilo onto Averno and Chessman. Hamburguesa finished the job on Dave with a flying splash to win.

Rey Escorpion, Texano, & Taurus vs Psycho Clown & Laredo Kid

La Hiedra and Taurus joined Los Mercenarios ringside. I don’t know why Taurus was there. He was in the intro graphic for Los Mercenarios and also wore one of their t-shirts. Taurus would be a cool addition to the group, but AAA needs to do better storywise than just having him appear there.

Psycho Clown grabbed a mic before the match (starting at 51:20). He said it was unfair at 5 vs 2, including referee Hijo del Tirantes, but that doesn’t matter. Rey Escorpion snatched the mic and handed it off to La Hiedra. She mocked Psycho then slapped him and kicked him in the gut.

Los Mercenarios began the match by beating Psycho Clown and Laredo Kid from pillar to post. Somebody’s music began playing and that music belonged to Hijo del Vikingo. He charged out to even the odds and make it a proper trios bout. The tecnicos launched for a triple tope con hilo.

The good guys used their speed to create situations of miscommunication between the rudos. Highlights include a suicide dive by Psycho, a sitdown slam by Psycho to Texano through a table, and a tope con hilo by Vikingo to the outside.

For the finish, it came down to Laredo versus Escorpion. Rey hit a major powerbomb, but Laredo kicked out. A slam by Escorpion came next, then he missed a springboard moonsault. The two fought up in the corner. Escorpion blocked a super back body drop, however, he was unable to block the subsequent powerbomb off the turnbuckles. Laredo pinned Escorpion clean to win.

The rudos were getting payback after the match, so La Parka ran down with a chair to rescue his friends. The day was saved.

That was an okay episode of Conquista Total. The action was fine and dandy. I was disappointed that we didn’t get the Puma King vs Killer Kross singles bout that was teased last episode from Mexicali. I’m pretty sure this photo below took place at that show.

I wanted to see Kross in face paint and also observe if he had any messages on camera for Pentagon, like in that tweet above about cero miedo.

About Taurus being a member of Los Mercenarios, I guess this new t-shirt makes it official.

Those shirts look pretty cool, but I don’t know if they are real or just a design.

How do you feel about Taurus becoming an official member of Los Mercenarios? Would you like to see a feud between Killer Kross and Pentagon?

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