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Mex. indies heating up: Hijo de Fantasma feuding with Rush & La Mascara, Rush vs LA Park, more!

AAA and CMLL are the big two promotions in Mexico. They both have an established history, but that isn’t stopping upstart independent promotions trying to put together dream feuds that slip through the fingers of the big boys. The independent scene in Mexico is getting busy with hope of Hijo del Fantasma vs Rush, Rush vs LA Park, and more superstar clashes.

Hijo del Fantasma targeting Rush and betrayed by La Mascara

Back in March, Hijo del Fantasma announced that he was leaving AAA to become a free agent on the independent scene. One of his preferred matchups would be against Rush, but Fantasma wasn’t interested in joining CMLL to do it. It looks like Fantasma and Rush are finding a way to make it happen on the Mexican independent scene.

At a press conference for the promotion Revolucion Lucha Libre, Hijo del Fantasma and Rush took step one of the story by being respectful rivals. They are adversaries in the ring, but carnals outside the ring. A big match between the two is a dream for both.

The second step in the story was Hijo el Fantasma and Rush teaming in a trio with La Bestia del Ring against Hechicero, Mr. Aguila, and Mr. Electro. After the bout, La Mascara made an appearance when Rush and his father turned on Fantasma. Mascara has history with both as a member of Los Mercenarios with Fantasma and a member of Los Ingobernables with Rush. Which side would Mascara defend? Mascara’s ties to Los Ingobernables must run deeper, because he attacked his old Mercenarios mate.

Step three looks to be angling toward a hair vs hair match between Hijo del Fantasma and La Mascara. That bout is not official at the moment. Mascara is currently a free agent after leaving AAA, so the path is clear.

Feuding with Los Ingobernables isn’t all Hijo del Fantasma has been up to. He also has a faction in the promotion The Crash Lucha Libre. Fantasma is the leader of La Rebelión Amarilla with members Mecha Wolf Mr. 450, Bestia 666, and Black Danger.

Rey Horus (aka El Dragon Azteca Jr.) also joined up after winning the heavyweight championship. Mecha Wolf and Bestia 666 recently won the tag team titles from the Lucha Bros.

As for Hijo del Fantasma’s future plans, he teased that his pass through the independents will be short. He is going to another place but didn’t mention that place by name. I’d put my money on AEW. Fantasma speaks perfect English and would be a main event talent out of the gate.

Rush vs LA Park in Koaz

Koaz is a promotion operating out of Monterrey. They had a Night of Champions in May. Rush became heavyweight champ, Sexy Star became women’s champ, Cuervo & Escoria became tag champs, and Emperador Azteca became the cruiserweight champ. Koaz also plans to have mixed tag and women’s tag titles. With so many new championships, they must have big plans to carve out some space on the lucha libre scene.

Koaz has an hour long video of Noche de Campeones on their YouTube channel. I haven’t watched it, but it looks to be edited highlights of the matches with lots of promos.

Here is a short highlight package of the evening.

Remember MAD from AAA? Juventud Guerrera took that idea with him to Koaz. I haven’t figured out the members, but MAD is coming for championships, masks, and hair. Juvi already has his sights on Emperador Azteca and the cruiserweight championship. Diosa Quetzal is challenging Sexy Star for the women’s title. Invading factions are always an interesting concept, so I’m curious to see how Juvi’s vision of MAD plays out.

As cool as MAD could be, Koaz is working on an even cooler feud. Rush and LA Park are back at it. They had a heated feud in CMLL that was supposed to finish with hair vs mask, but that climax never happened. Instead, LA Park went to AAA to compete in the four luchador mask vs mask vs mask vs mask Poker de Ases at Triplemania XXVI. Park was the one that officially unmasked Hijo del Fantasma.

Koaz is looking to pick up where CMLL left off but with a new wrinkle. LA Park wants to challenge Rush for the Koaz heavyweight title. If Park losses, then he offered to be Rush’s servant for three months.

Rush will have time to mull that offer over. Until a yea or nay is given, he will be busy wrestling LA Park on the local scene June 15 in Tlalnepantla and August 4 in Oaxaca.

Koaz’s next show will be Wanted on June 16 in Monterrey. The main event is a tag bout of LA Park and Cibernetico versus Rush and Mesias.

Taurus is Lucha Voz champ

In more lucha libre promotion news, Taurus is the champ in Lucha Voz. I don’t know much about Lucha Voz, but I like Taurus and that photo is funny with the guy’s facial expression on the bottom left. That was enough for me to investigate a little. It looks like they operate out of Azrizona.

Lucha Voz’s YouTube channel has some cool matches, such has the Lucha Bros vs Taurus & Mecha Wolf and Jack Evans vs Rey Horus vs Septimo Dragon.

Which bout are you most excited for: Hijo del Fantasma vs Rush, Hijo del Fantasma vs La Mascara in hair vs hair, Rush vs LA Park, or a triple threat of Hijo del Fantasma vs Rush vs LA Park? Do you think these dream matches will actually follow through? Where would you like to see Hijo del Fantasma wrestle in the future?

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