A Beginner’s Guide to... WALTER

Welcome back to the Beginner’s Guide series. Before I get into this week’s subject, I would like to thank each and every person who commented and recommended my post on Hangman Page, I’m eternally grateful for each of you, and all of your support. Also, if you go to my bio, there’s a link to a schedule for this series, it might not be fully accessible but I’m working on that. Basically a bunch of movement occurred and some plans have changed. Now that that is out of the way, let’s get into this.

Today’s subject is the Ring General, WALTER.

WALTER can best be described as walking armageddon. The minute Dvorak’s Symphony No. 9’s fourth movement hits, the mood shifts. WALTER is famous for his wicked chops that sound like shotgun blasts going off. WALTER doesn’t talk much, but it’s an event when he does considering how rare it is given that he can say more with his facial expressions than words could.

With the character bits out of the way, here are 7 matches I recommend to get into WALTER. You can find them at various sources, such as WWE Network, wXwNOW, Highspots Wrestling Network, and Demand Progress. The three which are available on YouTube are embedded below.

Let’s get started.

1. Pete Dunne vs WALTER - NXT TakeOver: New York

This out of the entire list is the easiest to recommend. Two of the best on the planet meeting on WrestleMania weekend. The match entirely lived up to the hype of the longest reigning champion of the modern era vs the Austrian Colossus. The match is near perfect for what it is: the joint manipulator Pete Dunne against the physically imposing chopping machine. This, aside from the links provided to YouTube is the easiest one to access.

2. WALTER vs Will Ospreay - Defiant Wrestling: Stacked

This match is interesting because I really enjoy it in spite of it involving Will Ospreay, who I will fully disclose that I’m not the biggest fan of in the world. That isn’t because of his wrestling, dude’s one of the best high fliers, it’s more so the person Will Ospreay, who’s kind of an idiot. I’ll get more into that when I get to covering Will Ospreay. The match itself is a David vs Goliath battle, with Ospreay trying to use his speed against WALTER’s raw power and chops. This one thankfully is easy to find on YouTube, with the link provided at the end of the post. Basically, this match is a very good David vs Goliath, a match theme WALTER has done a lot of.

3. WALTER vs Jordan Devlin - OTT Wrestling WrestleRama 2

Another David v Goliath battle, with Jordan Devlin ironically playing the face, given how good he is as a heel in NXT UK. Much like the Ospreay match, Devlin’s goal was out maneuvering the powerful WALTER, and trying to beat the big man, who had beaten him for the OTT title prior. In front of the home crowd, Devlin was a white hot babyface, against the imposing heel WALTER. Another great match to his catalog.

4. WALTER vs Zack Sabre Jr - Evolve 99

This is a different twist on the DvG formula because it’s not a traditional one at all. Sabre does try to out move WALTER, but he’s also just trying to get WALTER into one of his hundreds of submission holds. I’ll get to talking more about Sabre later in the year, but combining one of the best submission specialists on the planet with one of the outright best in the world in WALTER really works well.

5. Jeff Cobb vs WALTER - PWG: Smokey and the Bandido

Unlike most of the matches prior, this is not a David vs Goliath match at all, this is two titans facing off. Cobb is one of the strongest powerhouses on the planet, combine that with WALTER’s strength and you’ve got an epic hoss fight on your hands from PWG. Also to talk this match, I kinda have to spoil the result because it’s one of the few singles matches in which the Austrian is beaten cleanly, by the Hawaiian Juggernaut Cobb. This match came on the heels of many rumors that WALTER was to sign with WWE soon, making the result confirmation of sorts that that would be happening. Overall still, a great hoss fight that comes highly recommended.

6. Ilja Dragunov vs WALTER- wXw Superstars of Wrestling 2018

I’ll admit that I don’t have much to say on this match, mainly because it’s not a promotion many are familiar with, and also I know next to nothing when it comes to Dragunov. It’s a very good match, but I don’t have much to add, someone more familiar with Ilja could probably explain it better than I can.

7. WALTER vs Tyler Bate- Progress Chapter 76: Hello Wembley

This one needs no introduction: it’s Tyler Bate vs WALTER, two of the best going one on one in Progress Wrestling. It’s such a good match, find a way to watch how good for yourselves. Despite my usual dislike of matches going over 30 minutes, this is one that does that I love and highly recommend.

Thank you all for reading this. Tune in on June 21st, where I’ll take you back to the future with NXT’s most recent big acquisition: the ace of the Super Juniors and the time splitter, KUSHIDA.

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