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Beyond Wrestling Uncharted Territory episode 10 review: A perfect ten

Shawn Spears stands in a wrestling ring

It’s been a couple weeks but it’s Wednesday night and I want to get back in the saddle, so that means we take a look at Beyond Wrestling’s shiny new webseries on IWTV, Uncharted Territory! As always, our format is a hard-hitting triple threat, results followed by the best of the show and the worst of the show, with a nautical theme because that’s how they’re branding it and I decided to roll with it. On with the show!

Land Ho!

  1. Joey Janela comes out to cut a promo and he’s... our ring announcer for tonight? Okay!
  2. Tom Lawlor over John Silver by submission with an arm-trap bodyscissors sleeper hold.
  3. ”Smart” Mark Sterling gets an interview backstage about his entry into the Discovery Gauntlet and how he and Thomas Santell are cut from the same cloth.
  4. Thomas Santell over “Smart” Mark Sterling by submission with the Sugar-Free Hold. (Discovery Gauntlet)
  5. Post-match Santell gives an interview where he admits the boys are a little sore but ice and Ovaltine will solve that. The competition gets tougher every week, but next week he’s gonna make it lucky number seven in a row.
  6. He then pledges to not let Cam Zagami get bullied again like he did last week and asks him to call Kenn Doane out right now. Lo and behold...
  7. Kenn Doane over Cam Zagami with a lateral press after tying Cam’s hands behind his back and stomping his head repeatedly.
  8. Top Dogs (Davienne & Skyler) over Allie Kat & Solo Darling by pinfall with a powerbomb / lungblower combination on Kat.
  9. Josh Briggs over Chuck O’Neil by disqualification after he refused to break a kneebar at referee Kevin Quinn’s five-count.
  10. Post-match, O’Neil tries to punch Tom Lawlor, who came out to break things up, and gets judo tossed for his trouble. Tom gets on the mic and challenges “Chuckie” to a fight right now, but O’Neil says he already got paid tonight so he’ll see him next week.
  11. Chris Dickinson gets an interview about his match with Josh Alexander, saying he doesn’t care what Josh brings to the table because he’s gonna chew it out and spit it out.
  12. Chris Dickinson over Josh Alexander by pinfall with a lariat. Post-match, Dickinson tells a story about his grandma weeping and telling him he treats his opponents with such respect before moving on to putitng Alexander over
  13. Shawn Spears over Orange Cassidy by pinfall with a victory roll and his hands on the ropes for leverage. Post-match, Cassidy nails him with one more superkick before putting his glasses on Spears.
  14. Joey Janela gets on the mic to close the show and says he thinks he’ll wrestle next week, and David Starr is free to show up to any show he’s on, and he’s got no opponent for Americanrana.

X Marks the Spot

  • He really is filthy, isn’t he?: Silver and Lawlor had a really fun back and forth grappling/striking-oriented match but I want to single one specific thing out here. Early on, John was laying your usual indie chest kicks to a kneeling opponent in, and Tom, as one often does, sold them like he just wanted more, except... it wasn’t just that he wanted more, it was like he was getting off on them, like each kick charged him with sexual energy, and I really had no choice but to sit back and admire his decision to go there.
  • The Ovaltine Dream: When last I left Uncharted Territory, Thomas Santell was well on his way to being a star, and now he’s arrived with a loyal crowd at Electric Haze that lives and dies on every nearfall. The match, like his others, was a grappling-oriented back and forth affair hinging around the idea that Smart Mark promised an honest grappling match but immediately started cutting corners. Fantastic stuff.
  • Banana peel city: Zagami was in fine form here, ducking and dodging and cutting corners and just generally making an impressive show of wrestling in his dress clothes opposite Doane, and what a brutal finish!
  • Nine lives: Allie took a fantastic beating in the women’s tag here-- it was a little slower than I’d like to start and my attention meandered, but once they got going they did some really wild stuff, and two for two on big brutal finishes with Solo tied up with as the Top Dogs took Kat out.
  • It’s good to have the Walking Weapon back: He and Dickinson tore the house down in match that started off with some surprisingly genteel grappling before moving into striking and then on into power moves and pure violence for the last act. It was a really strong statement of intent from Josh on his return to Beyond even though he came up empty, and hey, The North vs. Slither when?
  • The gentleman prefers apples: The Perfect Ten leaned hard into the comedy here and shock of shocks, Orange Cassidy made that work big time. The match hit peak funny when Spears opened his jacket to reveal a t-shirt that read “I prefer apples” and, of course, escalated nicely into drama more and more as the match went on.

Walk the Plank

  • Gimme the no DQ!: Briggs and O’Neil had a fun match largely built around Chuck working the bad leg, but nonetheless it couldn’t help but feel like just a preview for a future no holds barred version of this match. I’m very much looking forward to that rematch, but for now this felt a bit more stunted than I would have liked.

On the Horizon

Announced for next week, Kris Statlander makes her first appearance as IWTV champion, Bear Country have an open challenge, Chuck O’Neil vs. Tom Lawlor, Youthanazia vs. LAX, and Anthony Greene vs. Richard Holliday! Plus Thomas Santell returns as the Discovery Gauntlet rolls on!

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