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AAA Roundup: Hijo del Vikingo number one contender, Killer Kross feuding with a cool cat, more!

Welcome to the AAA Roundup. Let’s get caught up on some news and lucha libre action. Conquista Total featured another chapter in the feud between Faby Apache and Hijo del Tirantes, Hijo del Vikingo putting on a show in a four-way number one contender bout for the Cruiserweight Championship, a trios main event that ended up with six additional luchadores making an appearance, and Killer Kross picking a fight with a cool cat.

There isn’t much news to report this time around, but here are some interesting short videos to share.

Dr. Wagner Jr. narrated a brief tribute to his brother Silver King. Silver King died in the ring on May 11, 2019 in London.

A family of three brothers. Silver King was marked since he was little to carry the boots of his father. He had so much passion that he wanted to debut at a very young age, 17 years old. Wagner Sr. defined Silver King as a great tecnico. Silver King always showed respect for lucha libre. He was born to carry the excellent heritage as a professional.

Up next is a silly comic book style video of Niño Hamburguesa with a hamburger.

Enjoy Starfire chopping the crap out of Adrian Mendoza’s chest.

I’ve always wondered if ripping luchador masks was old tradition or more of a modern take. This photo from Bengala answers that. It shows his father, El Texano, ripping Blue Demon’s mask.

Conquista Total: Mexicali

The Mexicali episode of Conquista Total featured a surprise luchador sticking it to Faby Apache and Taya (match), a four-way elimination number one contender contest for the Cruiserweight Championship (match), and all out mayhem in the main event (match). I recommend watching the cruiserweight bout.

Taya & Faby Apache vs Chik Tormenta & Luchador Sorpresa

The surprise luchador (starting at 6:00) was a masked man dressed like Averno. He started the bout going against Faby Apache. Faby got the upper hand, then Chik Tormenta booted her in the head from behind. Highlights include a flying double knee by Tormenta, a flying missile dropkick by Faby, and a headscissors takeover by Faby jumping off the apron.

At one point, the surprise wrestler and Taya were battling in the ring. Taya had him cornered for a running knee, but he pleaded then poked her in the eye. Faby climbed the corner and yanked off his mask to reveal...


Taya and Faby kicked their rival’s ass. Whirling backbreaker by Faby, dropkick by Faby, and a running double knee by Taya into the corner. They took care of Tormenta as well. Taya hit a brutal curb stomp to Tormenta.

For the finish, Faby and Tirantes went one-on-one. The crowd was going crazy in support of Faby. Hurricanrana pin by Faby. Tirantes kicked out. Double underhook sitdown suplex by Tirantes. He got up off the cover to yell at the crowd that he wants to hurt her more. Faby rolled him up. 1, 2, Tormenta distracted the referee. Tirantes faked getting hit in the balls. The referee didn’t see what happened and gave the win to Tirantes and Tormenta via disqualification.

Villano III Jr. vs Hijo del Vikingo vs Flamita vs Golden Magic

This elimination four-way bout (starting at 23:00) was a number one contender match for the Cruiserweight Championship, which is held by Laredo Kid. It was full of highlights. My favorite was a super Styles Clash by Golden Magic down on top of Hijo del Vikingo’s body on the mat.

Villano III Jr. may have separated his shoulder or broke his collarbone from taking a super reverse hurricanrana then a springboard dropkick to the back. The referee called down medics to take him to the back. I can’t find any news about it, so it might have been part of the show as an elimination.

Golden Magic was eliminated next. It looked like he was setting up a super hurricanrana, but Flamita caught him and turned into a super powerbomb.

Flamita and Vikingo had a heck of a false finish. Flamita got his knees up on Vikingo’s shooting star press attempt. Flamita then executed a double underhook powerbomb and a double underhook backcracker. Vikingo amazingly kicked out.

Vikingo turned the ride with a spinning kick, double running knee in the corner, then a 450 splash. Flamita kicked out at two. Vikingo continued with a rope-hung flying double stomp and a reverse 450 splash to win. Vikingo became the number one cruiserweight contender against his trios champion partner Laredo Kid.

Psycho Clown, Puma King, & La Parka vs Texano, Rey Escorpion, & Chessman

In a shocker, Rey Escorpion did not sucker punch Psycho Clown before the bout (starting at 48:20). That breaks a consecutive double-digit streak. Escorpion did rip Psycho’s mask later in the match. The rudos controlled early with brawling tactics. La Parka began a momentum swing by evading attacks and calling for a double suicide dive by Psycho and Puma King.

La Parka was on a roll against Chessman until Taurus ran down to spear La Parka out of the ring. Laredo Kid made the save with a suicide dive to Taurus. El Poder del Norte came out to beat up Laredo. Hijo del Vikingo brought a broom to the fight to save Laredo, but it was used against him. All those intruders fought to the back.

We now return to regularly scheduled programming. Oh wait, never mind. Murder Clown ran down to beat up Chessman and Los Mercenarios. The big clown crushed them with a tope con hilo. Murder kind of replaced La Parka, who was lying down on the floor. Medics came down to stretcher La Parka away.

The tecnicos were running wild. Murder Clown took flight for a huge crossbody to the outside. Puma King planned on flying next, but Killer Kross snuck down to the ring to grab his foot. Kross powerbombed Puma through a table.

For the finish, Rey Escorpion handled Psycho Clown with an overhead press slam and a powerbomb. Psycho kicked out at two. Escorpion berated the referee. Psycho came over to smoosh their faces together for a kiss. Psycho ran the ropes and rolled over Escorpion’s back for a roll-up victory.

Kross stood outside watching the whole time with his arms crossed and head cocked. Puma King grabbed a mic and spoke in English. He knows Kross doesn’t understand a lot of Spanish, but he does understand, “Eh, puto.” In Spanish, Puma said Kross isn’t going to come to his country to insult lucha libre. Puma came to AAA to complete challenges and kick ass. Next time, bleep bleep bleeeeeeeeep bleep. Puma challenged Kross to a match for the show in Nogales.

The other rudos must have been tired of hearing Puma King flap his gums, because they attacked with chairs. Kross punched Puma in the center of the ring. Taurus came back out again to make it 5 vs 3 in favor of the rudos. Texano wore Murder Clown’s mask like a hat and strutted. Kross powerbombed Puma for good measure.

Conquista Total from Mexicali was a blast. The hijinks of Hijo del Tirantes never get old. This time he got one over on his nemesis Faby Apache to continue building their feud. The four-way cruiserweight bout delivered enough cool flippy stuff to satiate you all week long. As for the main event, check your brain at the door and enjoy the chaotic spectacle. It was silly yet entertaining.

Is there anyone out there rooting for Hijo del Tirantes against Faby Apache? Besides Tirantes’ family, of course. Will Hijo del Vikingo’s number one contendership cause any tension with his trios partner Laredo Kid? How many lives will Puma King lose when fighting Killer Kross?

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