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Starrcast III gets a headliner (unless WWE has him on an exclusive deal)

Yesterday, Starrcast announced what will certainly be one of the big draws for their third iteration, the AEW All Out-adjacent III in Chicagoland on Labor Day weekend... Sting!

The parenthetical in the headline is mostly a joke, but one based on the precedent set by Starrcast II where both Undertaker and Kurt Angle were announced as guests before WWE got wind of things and nixed their bookings.

Sting has always been a bit more outside WWE’s control, though. He resisted coming to work for Vince McMahon until the end of his in-ring career, and hasn’t been a consistent presence for the company since his retirement at the 2016 Hall of Fame ceremony. Wikipedia still lists him as being under a Legends contract, but it’s not clear if that’s now, or will still be the case come the weekend of Aug. 30 - Sept. 1. Considering how, to date, WWE has handled anyone under contract to them working events which could have All Elite ties, we’ll know soon enough.

Stay tuned.

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