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Evolve 130 live results: Theory vs. Strong, Drake vs. Babatunde , and more!

Poster for Evolve 130 World Wrestling Network

Evolve returns tonight at 8PM Eastern with Evolve 130 in Brooklyn, New York, courtesy of the fine folks at the World Wrestling Network. So check out my recap of last night’s show here and then get ready to chat about it with the finest pro wrestling community on the internet while you watch, whether it's through the website, Roku channel, or whatever other device you may be tuning in on.

And note that the live stream of this show is included with your $9.99 subscription to Club WWN!

Here's a run-down of the card for tonight, and we'll update with basic results here, too:

Adrian Alanis vs. Harlem Bravado vs. Stephen Wolf went to a no-contest following a low blow from Bravado.

Brandi Lauren over Natalia Markova

Josh Briggs over Brandon Taggart

Curt Stallion over Sean Maluta by pinfall with the Ode to Luigi

Babatunde vs. JD Drake (c) went to a no-contest when the Unwanted attacked in the middle of the match (WWN Championship)

Anthony “Sharkbait” Gutierrez over Steven Pena by submission with a standing Spanish Fly chained into a triangle choke.

Anthony Henry vs. Arturo Ruas never gets going because Ruas attacks before the bell and injures Henry’s leg!

Josh Briggs over Arturo Ruas by pinfall with a chokeslam lift powerbomb.

Tyler Breeze over Anthony Greene by pinfall with the Unprettier.

Beaver Boys (Alex Reynolds & John Silver) vs. Milk Chocolate (Brandon Watts & Randy Summers) vs. the Skulk (AR Fox & Leon Ruff) vs. the Unwanted (Eddie Kingston & Joe Gacy) (Elimination Match)

  • Beaver Boys eliminate Milk Chocolate by pinfall with the double Emerald Flowsion.
  • The Skulk eliminate Beaver Boys by pinfall with Ruff Ride from Leon Ruff on Alex Reynolds.
  • The Skulk win, last eliminating the Unwanted by pinfall with a 450 splash from AR Fox.

Roderick Strong over Austin Theory by submission with Strong Hold.

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