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Shawn Spears starts a feud with Cody Rhodes at Fyter Fest with an unprotected chairshot to the head

One of the things AEW established at tonight’s (Sat., June 29, 2019) Fyter Fest event in Daytona, Florida was the fact that time limit draws will be a thing pro wrestling fans can expect from the product going forward. Indeed, Cody Rhodes and Darby Allin went 20 minutes without a finish, so there was no winner.

But before they could decide on a possible overtime, Shawn Spears crashed the party.

With an unprotected chair shot to the head.

MJF, among others, rushed out to the ring to run Spears off and check on Cody, who had what looked like a big gash on the back of his head. It didn’t seem to come from the chair shot, at least, but said chair shot was still an unprotected blast to the head.

Jim Ross put over how seriously they take concussion safety as Cody was being led to the back for treatment. Further updates were promised.

Either way, it’s now part of a story for a future Cody vs. Spears match.

Get full Fyter Fest results here.

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