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MLW Roundup: Austin Aries in action tonight, two title fights announced for Chicago, more!

Let’s catch up on this week’s news in MLW and preview Saturday night’s episode of Fusion. Austin Aries returns tonight on Fusion, two big title fights were announced for Kings of Colosseum in Chicago, and I’ll be providing a friendly public service announcement not to mess with Jacob Fatu.

The Greatest Man That Ever Lived will return to MLW tonight

This next episode of MLW Fusion on Saturday night will be the final group from the Milwaukee taping. It will mark the big return of Austin Aries to MLW as he wrestles Adam Brooks. I’ve only seen Brooks once in CMLL, but the Australian looked flashy enough in the ring. Even though the result seems like a lock for an Aries victory, I’m sure the bout will be enjoyable.

The main event should be a slobber-knocker with Tom Lawlor fighting Josef Samael of the Contra Unit. The Von Erich brothers will be there for backup, but it could still be a risky challenge ahead of Lawlor’s heavyweight title defense versus Jacob Fatu on July 6. I’m expecting pandemonium to erupt as a sort of go-home show to Kings of Colosseum.

Also, expect to hear from The Dynasty, Jacob Fatu, Mance Warner, and Salina de la Renta.

MLW Fusion airs on beIN SPORTS Saturday nights at 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT. New episodes are posted on YouTube Mondays at 7 pm ET. Fusion is also broadcast in the UK, Ireland, and Israel.

Two title fights announced for Chicago

MLW’s next live event will be Kings of Colosseum from Chicago on July 6. The card is starting to fill up with major match announcements this past week.

Two bouts will involve the feud between the Dynasty and the Hart Foundation. Alexander Hammerstone will make his first National Openweight Championship defense against Davey Boy Smith Jr. Oh, man. Serve up that beef. It should be a doozy when those two powerhouses collide. Anyone up for a bench press competition or greased up muscle pose showdown on Fusion? I’m kidding, but not entirely. I love that silly stuff.

The Hart Foundation will be using the Freebird rules to defend the Tag Team Championship as Teddy Hart and Brian Pillman Jr. take on MJF and Richard Holliday. Did I mention it will be a freaking ladder match? Oh, yes.

Here is the full card so far for Kings of Colosseum:

  • Heavyweight Championship: Tom Lawlor vs Jacob Fatu
  • LA Park & Hijo de LA Park vs Dr. Wagner Jr. & Hijo de Dr. Wagner Jr.
  • Tag Team Championship Ladder Match: Teddy Hart & Brian Pillman Jr. vs MJF & Richard Holliday
  • National Openweight Championship: Alexander Hammerstone vs Davey Boy Smith Jr.
  • Unsanctioned Match: Von Erichs vs Simon Gotch & Josef Samael
  • Death Match: Mance Warner vs Bestia 666

That lineup looks rock solid. Plus, Low Ki, Rey Horus, Gringo Loco, Myron Reed, Ace Austin, Ariel Dominguez, and more are scheduled to appear.

Tickets are still available at

Public service announcement: Don’t F with Fatu

If you watched last week’s episode of MLW Fusion, you may have noticed a fan getting lippy with Jacob Fatu and Simon Gotch. Thankfully, that moment was all talk. I’m here to warn you not to cross the line in your trash-talking fun and games.

I don’t know the where or the when about this clip, but a fan foolishly thought it was a good idea to walk past the security rail with bravado toward Fatu. Fatu knocked him down cold.

I’m probably supposed to provide a mature critique about this incident, but hahahahahaha. That was funny. So, the lesson here is to not take it too far as a fan.

Also, don’t mess with LA Park’s mask.

You have been warned.

Inside Major League Wrestling

The Snowdens are back with episode 4 of the Inside Major League Wrestling podcast. It started with a review of Fusion. Jonathan mentioned being backstage during the discussion of Low Ki’s knockout elbow finisher. It was supposed to appear so powerful that opponents struggle to get to their feet and the referee jumps in to protect the fighter, like an MMA ref. The idea was to add an element of danger to Low Ki.

The interview guests for Inside Major League Wrestling were Ross Von Erich, Marshall Von Erich, and Tom Lawlor. All three were separate conversations and took place the day after their fight with Contra. Ross started at 24:50. Topics were being babyfaces against super vicious heels and how they know what to do as wrestlers/performers in a match of that chaotic style. It goes right into the chat with Marshall. The highlight was the psychology of using the Iron Claw.

The Tom Lawlor interview begins at 40:50 and rolls for about thirty minutes. Topics include MLW being a potpourri of different wrestling styles, dressing up at UFC weigh-ins, and being an MMA guy in wrestling.

If any of those topics sound intriguing to you, then give it a listen. Jonathan asks interesting and inquisitive questions about the mental strategy of professional wrestling. Hear it here.

Salina being an empresaria

Salina de la Renta has a new shirt for sale as she campaigns to become full-time executive producer.

Like a true empresaria, Salina doesn’t miss a beat on making a buck. You also may be able to buy one of her shoes.

Are you excited for Austin Aries’ return to MLW? Which is your favorite match so far for Kings of Colosseum? Would you buy Salina de la Renta’s broken shoe? Ehh, it’s probably better if no one answers that last question.

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