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CM Punk files a countersuit against Colt Cabana

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We honestly haven’t done much to keep up with the legal drama which has followed Scott “Colt Cabana” Colton and Phil “CM Punk” Brooks’ victory over WWE doctor Chris Amann in Amann’s defamation case against the former friends.

About a year ago, Cabana filed a suit against Punk, alleging the WWE Superstar-turned-MMA announcer promised to pay for all the legal services they’d need to defend themselves against Amann’s case claiming they’d damaged his reputation and career by using Colt’s The Art of Wrestling podcast to explain why Punk left WWE. That case was thrown out, as the judge did not see a text message from Punk telling Cabana he’d be “100% covered” if he ignored WWE’s demand he pull the podcast off the internet as a binding contract.

Cabana was allowed to re-file however, which he did last December. That reduced the amount Colt was suing for, and introduced documents showing when Punk told his former friend that he’d no longer be covering his legal expenses due to a still unrevealed falling out.

We missed where, and why, that case was also thrown, but apparently Cabana filed a third version of his case on May 21, still seeking $200,000 plus damages for the legal fees he amassed after Punk stopped paying for his defense and Punk’s lawyers informed him they could no longer represent him.

In response to that, PWInsider has learned Punk is now suing Cabana. The counter claim is for $600,000 - half of what Punk says he spent on the effort to defend them both in the Amann case. Punk’s suit alleges Colt didn’t contribute anything to their mutual defense, and introduces the notion that the success of their podcast episode would have allowed him to do so. Further, it notes that the amount of interest in the episode meant “Colton had a commercial and financial incentive to leave episode 226 available for public consumption and not comply with the Demand Letter.” Which means he didn’t leave it up just because Punk told him he’d pay any legal costs associated with leaving it up, but because he was making money off of it.

Insider has more details, and promises they’ll have more moving forward. If you’re interested in getting into the legal weeds, get their latest update here.

For us, the main takeaway is that while Amann (and maybe WWE) couldn’t win directly against Punk and Cabana in court, if they wanted some measure of revenge, they’re getting it watching them destroy their friendship.