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WWE Stomping Grounds results: Kofi Kingston uses impressive cage escape to retain the WWE title


The WWE title match between Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler tonight (June 23) at Stomping Grounds in the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, Washington, was a rematch from Super ShowDown. Because that first match ended when Xavier Woods aided the champ Kofi, tonight’s match was a steel cage match.

Dolph took the upper hand early and ran with it for a good while. But a slap woke up the champ, who started tossing the challenger all over the cage.

Kofi tried to escape but Dolph met him on the top rope where they took turns in hitting the other’s head in the cage. Kofi won the exchange and then delivered a springboard splash on Ziggler before trying to climb again.

The Show Off caught the champ, preventing the escape. He pulled Kofi down and then started the climb himself. This time, it was Kofi to meet Dolph, both on the top of the structure. Zigs got to a point where both feet were over, but the champ was able to use his body weight to pull the challenger back into the cage.

The fight continued in the ring again. Ziggler locked in a leg submission and Kofi had to climb himself up the rope and then up the cage to finally get Dolph to release it. The challenger followed up with a superkick that knocked the champ through the door. Ziggler was able to grab Kingston’s leg and pull him back in, saving the match for the time being.

The door came into play again, this time Dolph trying to escape via the door multiple times with Kofi making the save.

The champ got kicked to the other side of the ring as Ziggler went for the door again... but Kingston sprung up and jumped through the ropes to retain the title!

As far as escapes go, that was dang impressive.

Kofi Kingston remains your WWE Champion. Is that it for Ziggler in the title scene?

You can find all the results from Stomping Grounds here

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