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Bayley retains the SmackDown Women’s Championship after Nikki Cross fails to play ace in the hole

Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss regrouping following Alexa’s loss at WWE Stomping Grounds WWE Network

At WWE Stomping Grounds today (for full results check here), Alexa Bliss failed in her attempt to claim the SmackDown Women’s Championship from Bayley despite Nikki Cross’ best efforts in her corner.

A back and forth affair in the early goings, Bliss had a slight advantage from working Bayley’s back over but the champion kept it rolling and was able to counter the DDT into a running knee. So, a new plan, Alexa put the Hugger’s right arm hard into the post and began targeting the shoulder. Going powerbomb for powerbomb, Bayley’s into the turnbuckles and Bliss on the floor.

Up top for Twisted Bliss, and finally Nikki Cross made her impact, trying to make sure Bayley stayed in place, but for naught, as the champion got her knees up to counter the turning splash and followed it up immediately with the Bayley-to-Belly for the win.

Nikki and Alexa regrouped together after their loss, so Bliss doesn’t yet seem to be inclined to ditch her semi-feral Scottish pal, but if she can’t take the title from the Hugger soon, you have to think that Cross is going to learn the same lesson that Mickie James and Nia Jax have learned about trying to forge an alliance with the self-proclaimed Goddess of WWE.

There you have it, folks

Bayley’s championship attitude has carried her to a retention, and Alexa Bliss is still without a title. Where to next, Cagesiders?

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