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Drew Gulak wins the WWE Cruiserweight Championship at Stomping Grounds

Drew Gulak raises the WWE Cruiserweight Championship over his head WWE Network

At WWE Stomping Grounds tonight (for full results, check here), the new and improved Drew Gulak claimed the Cruiserweight Championship from his old friend turned rival Tony Nese.

The match was an even-handed three-way affair, with Gulak unable to dominate despite his pure aggression out of the gates. His first close call came with a Gu-Lock on the champion, only for Akira Tozawa to break it up with the diving senton. Nese almost had the title retained twice, first with a Jig ‘n Tonic or Beach Break-style back-to-belly piledriver and then second with the Running Nese, but was foiled each time.

At last, going for the Running Nese one last time, the Legal Eagle clocked Tony with a hard back elbow and jockeyed for position with him until the Stamina Monster sent the champion into the barricade from the apron with a dropkick. Capitalizing, Gulak hit Akira with the Argentine neckbreaker he’s introduced in recent weeks, and that was enough for the 1-2-3 and the title.

As champion, the new and improved Drew Gulak’s promised focus on pain and punishment is enticing-- his time in Evolve leading Catch Point with their competition and results above all else mantra alone shows what he’s capable of, but with 205 Live’s penchant for gimmick matches on the regular, maybe a little bit of that Combat Zone Wrestling ultraviolence is in the purple brand’s future.

And given that the Premier Athlete lost his title without being pinned or submitted, I have to imagine we’ll see a more intense singles match between them sooner, rather than later.

There you have it, folks

Excited for Drew Gulak’s reign as WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Cagesiders?

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