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Feedback Loop

Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre

Once upon a time, we were on the road to WrestleMania and some foolish mortals had the audacity to be excited for a match between these two powerhouse wrestlers. The future was bright and the Universal Title picture for 2019 began to take shape. Whoever walked out of WrestleMania the champion would have men like these to challenge them, creating a dynamic, exciting show with * gasp * good wrestling!

But then Shane McMahon happened.

The so called “Best in the World” decided that he should eat up massive amounts of time on both RAW and SmackDown Live because...I guess because he can. He’s a McMahon after all.

Since WrestleMania we have been caught in a feedback loop of Reigns, McMahon, McIntyre...Reigns, McMahon, McIntyre...Reigns, McMahon, McIntyre...with a little Miz, Elias and Revival thrown in for flavor.

Shane McMahon, the supposed “Best in the World” fought occasionally, but mostly he just talked. And talked. And TALKED. He talked his way right into a match at Super ShowDown with Roman Reigns.

Naturally, Roman Reigns was on his way to winning his match on a PPV in the middle of the day that no one was watching because, well, Roman is an actual wrestler and Shane McMahon is a spoiled brat that can’t punch. But spoiled brats can pay their friends to beat up their enemies. Cue Drew McIntyre with the assist and yet another undeserved Shane McMahon win. Yaaaaaay.

The Big Dog didn’t take to kindly to being made a fool of and made it his personal mission to destroy Shane McMahon and his goons. But lapdog or not, Drew McIntyre is still a beastly opponent so in order to get to Shane, Roman has to go through him first! Which is no easy feat as McIntyre has been terrorizing the WWE locker room on behalf of the boss’s son - he even beat up his former friend and tag team partner Heath Slater! Those poor kids...

At Stomping Grounds, Reigns will get his chance to eliminate McIntyre on his path to total McMahon destruction. So, while Shane McMahon may not technically be in this match, this match is entirely about him.

The feedback loop continues.

Roman Reigns faces Drew McIntyre tonight at WWE Stomping Grounds on the WWE Network, starting at 7 ET. And keep it here to for all your Stomping Grounds coverage.


Who Will Win?

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