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I think Jon Moxley is trying to warn Renee Young about how violent his Fyter Fest match will be

Last weekend, Renee Young tweeted this:

JM is most likely her husband, Jon Moxley. And while I believe in my heart of hearts that randomly suggesting mid-aughts indie matches to one another is normal chit-chat in their Las Vegas home, I think Mox may have had an ulterior motive for this one.

See, he’s getting set to face Joey Janela next Saturday (June 29) at AEW Fyter Fest in Daytona, Florida. That match will pit Moxley against the guy who inherited his mantle on the independent scene as “guy who does crazy $#!_+ that will probably get him killed” when he signed with WWE and became Dean Ambrose. It’s expected to be bonkers. Mox himself sold it as “like Amazon Prime for head trauma”, meaning we shouldn’t have to wait long for something to happen which will make us cover our eyes and hope neither man got seriously hurt. Janella responded by cutting a promo from a funeral parlor about putting his life on the line.

$#!+’s about to go down.

So, if you were trying to brace your wife - whose experience of watching you wrestle live has consisted almost entirely of WWE matches - for a new level of violence? This is a match you might have her watch:

Or maybe I’m reading too much into it. We’ll find out next Saturday.

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