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MLW Fusion: Sami Callihan stapled Mance Warner’s tongue, Rey Horus vs Flamita stole the show

Salina de la Renta has done it again. Her first episode of MLW Fusion as executive producer was great. Her second was fantastic.

Episode 62 of MLW Fusion returned from the Waukesha County Expo Center in the greater Milwaukee area. The lineup was an MLW match of the year contender in Rey Horus vs Flamita, a grudge match between Low Ki and Ricky Martinez, and an epic falls count anywhere, loser leaves MLW contest with Mance Warner and Sami Callihan.

If you have ever been curious about MLW, then I strongly recommend giving this episode a try.

Sit back and enjoy the uncut, uncensored version.

On to a recap and review of the show...

A photo of Salina de la Renta was the first image, then it went to her relaxing on a sofa with a welcome message. She’s back by popular demand as executive producer to give us what we want. Low Creep will be her sacrificial lamb against Ricky Martinez. International star Flamita vs Rey Horus. Sami the warthog fighting Mance Warner. “Off with their heads.”

The intro package was one featuring Promociones Dorado talent instead of the standard one.

Callihan and Warner can’t get in the building

Sami Callihan and Mance Warner wanted to enter the building, but Salina de la Renta wasn’t allowing it until match time. Callihan tried to bash down the door. Out came Jimmy Havoc. Havoc calmed them down and explained the situation. Mancer noticed that Havoc smelled like light beers. “Yeah, it’s part of my (contract) rider now. You should get yourself a rider, mate.” Warner replied, “Lord, help me now.” A smiling Havoc said waved bye as the duo left and happily said, “Life sucks, and then you get the sweet release of death.”

Rey Horus vs Flamita

For Lucha Underground fans, this bout is El Dragon Azteca Jr. vs Night Claw. It was dynamite with superb quality to be a match of the year contender. I definitely recommend getting your eyes on it.

Highlights include an Asai moonsault by Flamita, Flamita taunting the crowd with a Fortnite dance, a leaping tope con hilo by Rey Horus over the ring post, a musclebuster into a gutbuster by Flamita, an overhead belly-to-belly release suplex into the corner by Horus, a spear into a Spanish Fly by Horus, and a satellite DDT by Horus.

The finishing sequence began with a powerful hurricanrana slam pin by Horus. Kick out by Flamita. Flamita went on the attack with a Death Valley driver, a double underhook powerbomb, and a frog splash. Horus kicked out. The two fought on the top turnbuckle. Flamita clobbered Horus down to the mat then launched for a 450 splash to win.

Lawlor is going to put Contra to sleep

Tom Lawlor cut a promo on the Contra Unit. He brought in the Von Erich brothers to stand by his side. They have pride, honor, integrity, respect, and brotherhood. It may be 3-on-3, but the odds are in Lawlor’s favor. “And you think that you can say the world will burn at your hands? You guys are going to go to sleep at the hands of “Filthy” Tom.”

Savio Vega coming soon

Ricky Martinez vs Low Ki

Salina de la Renta joined Ricky Martinez ringside. She provided a promo prior to the match for the German sausage-eating cheesehead fans in attendance. Salina is there to have fun and her idea of fun is a public execution. Tonight will be a demonstration of what she does to those who cross her.

A heated Low Ki charged, but Martinez bailed to stall. It didn’t take long for Low Ki to get his hands on his opponent as they fought on the floor. Low Ki was in full control until he was distracted by Salina. Martinez blasted Low Ki with a dropkick.

It was a rugged back and forth bout after that. For the finish, Martinez rushed forward for a running elbow, but Low Ki ducked out of the way. Martinez had to stop short to avoid hitting the referee, who was behind Low Ki. That brief interaction allowed Low Ki to bludgeon Martinez with a running elbow/forearm. Martinez was knocked out cold. The referee called for the bell and awarded the victory to Low Ki.

Midwest Mega Powers promo

Sami Callihan was in front of a horse trailer for a promo. Mance Warner walked up to jabber about their main event match. Callihan brought the horse trailer so Mancer can get on a horse and ride off into the sunset when he loses. Warner was not in agreement with that plan. Callihan threatened that he was going to make Warner eat a pine cone. “No.” Callihan tossed the pine cone in Warner’s face.

Callihan refocused both of them. “We’re gentlemen. We’re going to this in a gentlemanly way. We’re going to bleed, we’re going to spit, we’re going to make Jim Cornette have a heart attack.” Warner chimed in, “We’re going to fight.” The Midwest Mega Powers shared a spit and snot filled handshake one last time.

De la Renta berated Martinez

A dejected Ricky Martinez sat with a towel over his head as Salina de la Renta yelled at him. She said he always makes the same mistakes, embarrassed her, and yet he still wants to be contracted by Promociones Dorado year after year. “You’re a f-ing disappointment, Ricky.” Salina left to finish producing the show.

Dynasty, bro

The Dynasty and Aria Blake were chilling as Richard Holliday talked about his match next week against Teddy Hart. Holliday ragged on Harts’ cheap clothes. MJF and Alexander Hammerstone informed Holliday that Hart makes his own gear. They shared a hearty laugh about it. Next came jokes about cat breeding and bail money.

Hammerstone said not to worry because he brought gold (his Openweight title) to the Dynasty. MJF and Holliday made faces of frustration mixed with confidence. They will win titles too. Hammerstone agreed, but you could tell he didn’t believe it. The Dynasty bros gave a fist pound.

Falls Count Anywhere, Loser Leaves MLW: Sami Callihan vs Mance Warner

Sami Callihan walked over to Jim Cornette and spit-sprayed water at him. Cornette flew off the handle and waved his tennis racket. Callihan flipped him off, so Cornette threw a chair. On commentary, Cornette offered Mance Warner $5,000 if he crippled Callihan. I don’t know if that was planned or improvised, but it was a damn funny moment. It didn’t have any impact on the bout.

The two wrestlers brawled all over the arena. The list of items used for combat includes trashcans, a trashcan lid, chairs, the merch table, fencing, bleacher seats, plastic knives and forks, hot sauce, a stapler, and large wooden boards.

Notable moments include a brainbuster by Callihan onto the bleachers, Warner forcing hot sauce down Callihan’s throat, Teddy Hart watching from a doorway, Callihan stapling a dollar bill to Warner’s head, Warner with a chokeslam onto a trashcan, a super sitdown piledriver by Callihan through wood, and a spear by Warner through wood.

Here is a GIF of Callihan stapling a dollar to Warner’s head. It might not be suitable for work, depending where you work.

The close of the bout began with the duo sitting in chairs to trade heavy blows and disgusting loogies. Warner got the better of the exchange then climbed the turnbuckles. Callihan threw a chair and took Warner for a ride via piledriver onto an open chair. Luckily for Warner, Callihan slightly missed the chair target. Warner was able to kick out at two.

Callihan took it up a notch. Yes, there were still notches available even after so much chaos. Callihan stapled Warner’s tongue to a wooden board. In hindsight, that was a strategic mistake. Warner hulked up and smashed Callihan with the board. Knee pad up, knee pad down, running knee to Callihan. Kick out at one. Warner whacked Callihan again with wood, placed it against Callihan’s face, then delivered another running knee.


1, 2, 3. Callihan is leaving MLW.

Wow. That was a f-ing awesome episode of MLW Fusion. It had a great mix of serious wrestling, comedic moments, and whatever you want to classify Mance Warner vs Sami Callihan as.

As for Salina de la Renta producing Fusion, I don’t know what she actually did behind the scenes. I have no clue how shows are made. If Salina had a hand in the video packages, then thumbs up to her. The ones featuring Contra Unit and LA Park were visually stimulating and made perfectly clear what to expect from them. I imagine they would be especially effective to new viewers.

Speaking of LA Park, Salina referred to Ricky Martinez as a human wrestler. Is LA Park literally a supernatural force in MLW? I haven’t seen the first thirty episodes.

On the comedy side, Jimmy Havoc’s upbeat delivery of, “Life sucks, and then you get the sweet release of death,” might be line of the year. The Midwest Mega Power promos continue to be magic. Shout out to Rich Bocchini for saying flummoxed. That word always makes me giggle for some reason. Jim Cornette losing his shit over Sami Callihan spitting water at him was hilarious. It was also a nice play by Bocchini claiming Cornette’s eye was getting red by contracting something contagious from Callihan.

Add Rey Horus and Flamita to the short list for matches of the year in lucha libre. They had all the right moves. Equal parts finesse and power. I was not expecting Flamita to win, so that gets bonus points for unpredictability. It was mentioned that Salina de la Renta was interested in signing Horus to Promociones Dorado. Hmm, I wonder if Horus blew his chance or if she will use his loss as an opportunity to low ball him on money.

Low Ki vs Ricky Martinez was a change of pace from the lucha libre supershow. It was a more gritty style. I like the knockout finish. It provides variety and makes Low Ki’s matches feel like anything can happen to win. A few weeks ago, Low Ki knocked out a jabrone. I wasn’t sure if that was planned. This obviously was, but I like how it plays to Low Ki’s past reputation for unintended violence in the ring.

Mance Warner against Sami Callihan was a hoot and half. Pure spectacle, in a good way. I will say that I’m not a fan of staplers and spit, but I must admit that stapling a dollar to Mancer’s head and stapling his tongue are two moments I’ll never forget. Cheers for Ole Mancer sticking around. I would have been sad if he lost. With the Callihan chapter closed, I’m eager to see what’s next for Warner.

Which match was your favorite from episode 62 of MLW Fusion? How about your favorite moment?

MLW Fusion airs on beIN SPORTS Saturday nights at 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT. New episodes are posted on YouTube Mondays at 7 pm ET. Fusion is also broadcast in the UK, Ireland, and Israel.

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