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Vampiro diagnosed with Alzheimer’s & potential for Parkinson’s, could die from one bad hit

Over the weekend, AAA’s Verano de Escándalo took place in Merida, Yucatan. Back in the Mexico City metropolitan area, there was a peculiar appearance from a legend at an independent lucha libre promotion on that very same day.


Vampiro had been working for AAA as their Director of Talent, but he wasn’t present at one of AAA’s major events. Instead, Vampiro was the guest of honor for a show by the promotion IWGR. No, this wasn’t a case of a wrestler shirking his responsibilities without telling anyone.

It turns out that Vampiro had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and the potential for Parkinson’s back in April. Vampiro explained to +LuchaTV that he had a pre heart attack in November, so he visited a clinic in Las Vegas for deeper tests.

Vampiro is now living in Las Vegas for therapy, which includes cooking for his plant-based vegan diet, athletic training in Thai boxing, Jiu Jitsu, and Krav Maga, public speaking, playing guitar and video games to help his memory, and visiting cryo chambers.

Ok ... I just did the cryo chamber
I went to -130 for 3 min.
I am from Canada. .. -50 is normal
I got my fat naked ass in this thing .
I look like a big pink lab rat
And my penis is small to begin with
Now it’s the size of half a peanut !!!
So I froze my balls off and now I am in a 140 degree infrared sauna
I guess this is what I gotta do to stay healthy
So be it!
Let’s see what happens

Vampiro is still formally part of AAA, but it doesn’t sound like he is involved in booking anymore. They have given him support and space to take care of his health.

As for wrestling again, Vampiro views wrestling in his current condition as an insult to lucha libre. He doesn’t want to put on an embarrassing performance or offend paying fans. Also, he could die with one bad hit. Vampiro is putting his ego aside and accepting that his time has passed.

Despite the difficulties, Vampiro chooses to have a positive outlook on life. One of his main motivations from here on out is to live to see his daughter’s successes in life.

Vampiro continues to stay active with recommending hair products, being involved in music projects, growing out his pompadour, meeting his idols, promoting mezcal, opening a pro wrestling dojo in Las Vegas, and dressing in snappy duds.

Best of luck to Vampiro on his therapy.

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