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Kenny Omega: AEW will be the biggest test for Jon Moxley

All Elite Wrestling

It’s all well and good that Jon Moxley feels like a little kid again now that he’s free of WWE and getting back to his old self cutting promos for AEW. The honeymoon still isn’t over, but there’s work to be done in the future.

And that might be the most interesting angle here.

Let’s get it from Kenny Omega, who was talking about Moxley promoting their upcoming match at All Out in an interview with Gamespot:

“Yeah, it’s crazy because I remember seeing him on TV. I saw something there. I knew that there was something magnetic about him, something special about him. WWE never showed it. And then when I see him nowadays, when I see these backstage promos, when I see the stuff that he’s done in Japan, when I see the stuff that he’s doing around the world, I see this new enthusiasm. I see the spark. I even see the physical condition that he’s in. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen. This is not the Moxley that came from that other place. This is a Jon Moxley that’s reborn. I have to assume that this is a new entity, that this is a new person, and he has a type of enthusiasm and that sort of never-say-die attitude. And, with the skillset that he has, that magnetic charisma, with that ability to sell a match with this promo skills, with that ability to be incredibly physical, he’s kind of like a new-age Terry Funk. You know what I mean? He brings something very new to the table that people clearly enjoy.

“But the problem is, is that he’s kind of coming into my world. And, I don’t want him to think that it’s going to be easy for him. I don’t want him to think that he’s going to get a free ride. You can talk the best game in the world. You can. You can brawl like the best of them. But the fact of the matter is, I made my name by being the best. I made my name by having the greatest 20-minute matches, 30-minute matches, 60-minute matches, and I’ve shown that I can do it in all styles of professional wrestling. Now, finally, he has the platform to show if he can be that multifaceted tool. So this is going to be the grandest stage for him, and this is going to be the biggest test for him as well. Yes, he can brawl. Yes, he can talk. But now, can he wrestle? Now, can he win? Now, can he fight? Now, can he have the type of performances that AEW is going to command from him? This is the real test.”

You know what? He’s right.

Moxley can say all he wants that WWE stifled him creatively and he needed that freedom to thrive as a performer but the true test of whether or not that’s the case will be just how well he does now that he does have that freedom. He’s got matches lined up against some of the best wrestlers in the world, Omega chief among them. This is where we get to see just how great Moxley can be.

That should prove to be more interesting than any of the rest of it.

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