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AAA Verano de Escándalo live results: Will the Lucha Bros get revenge on the Young Bucks?

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The second of AAA’s ‘big five’ events is hours away. Verano de Escándalo will take place on Sunday, June 16 from Merida, Yucatan.

The main event will be Dr. Wagner Jr. & Psycho Clown vs Blue Demon Jr. & Taurus, but the bigger draw for international fans is no doubt the Young Bucks defending the AAA tag team championships against the Lucha Bros.

Here is a cool fan art classic poster for the Lucha Bros vs the Young Bucks.

Get up to speed on the storylines with the preview and predictions.

The show will be available for free live streaming on Twitch in Spanish. I’m not sure if there will be an English feed this time, but you can try checking AAA’s English channel on Twitch once the festivities begin. The start time is listed for 6 pm ET, but there might be a pre-show.

If you can’t watch live, there is an option to pay 5 dollars for a monthly subscription on Twitch to get on-demand access at your leisure. Or, wait a few weeks until it pops up on YouTube as part of AAA’s TV show, Conquista Total.

Joins us at 6 pm ET for some wild lucha libre action. There are bound to be surprises and unintentional laughs. AAA’s shows never run 100% smoothly. Enjoy the event and have fun chatting it up in the open thread.

Quick results:

Dr. Wagner Jr. & Psycho Clown defeated Blue Demon Jr. & Taurus. Lots of brawling all around. For the finish, Wagner countered into a back body drop to put Blue Demon through a table. A sitdown slam finished the job for the tecnicos to win.

Tag Team Championship: The Lucha Bros defeated the Young Bucks to win the tag titles and become new champs. The finish was super exciting with close pins and ref bumps. The Lucha Bros won with their flying butt stomp into package piledriver finisher. Pentagon pinned Matt Jackson.

No Disqualification: La Parka, Myzteziz Jr., & Hijo del Vikingo defeated Texano, Rey Escorpion, & La Hiedra. Despite the no DQ stipulation, this bout was tamer than others earlier in the evening. Vikingo earned the win on La Hiedra off an inverse 450 splash.

Pagano, Aerostar, Puma King defeated Chessman, Monster Clown, Killer Kross (with Scarlett Bordeaux). This bout was utter chaos highlighted by Aerostar climbing the light scaffolding for a flying crossbody and maybe breaking his neck on the floor. No joke. The finish involved Chessman and Puma King. Chessman set up a ladder on chairs. He tried a super hurricanrana but Puma King countered into a super powerbomb onto the ladder. Puma pinned Chessman to win.

Laredo Kid & Taya defeated Daga & Tessa Blanchard. Near the end, Daga coldcocked Tessa with brass knuckles by accident. Laredo won the match by pinning Daga on Laredo’s special version of the Spanish Fly.

Sammy Guevara & Australian Suicide defeated Maximo & Mamba. This match was heavy on exotico comedy. The rudos won after a swanton bomb by Guevara, a flying 450 splash by Australian Suicide, then a shooting star press by Guevara all in succession to Mamba.

Faby Apache defeated Hijo del Tirantes. Chik Tormenta was by Tirantes’ side and often made it two-on-one. Faby won off a flying dropkick to a trashcan which was being held by Tirantes.

Fenix and Pentagon cut a promo in the ring about getting the tag team titles back tonight. Konnan came out. Insults were exchanged. Konnan slapped Pentagon across the face. The Young Bucks ran down to bushwhack the Lucha Bros.

Reina de Reinas Championship: Keyra defeated Lady Shani and Chik Tormenta in a three-way to become new champ. Keyra pinned the former champ Lady Shani on a roll-up. The screen got blurry, so I’m not sure what happened.

Check back Monday for a full review right here on Cageside Seats.

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