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Another taste of Jon Moxley promos in AEW

AEW is currently building to the upcoming Fyter Fest on June 29 in Daytona Beach, and one of the featured matches on the show is Jon Moxley vs. Joey Janela. It’s one hell of a match-up, because they’re both willing to go entirely too far in the pursuit of violent entertainment.

They have to get their first, and that means promos like this, yet another taste of what Moxley promos will be like in AEW:

“What about what happened at Double or Nothing makes you think that I want to wait until July to step into the AEW ring for my first official match? Did I just stroll back into the professional wrestling world? No! I Shawshank Redemption’d out of that bitch and I’ve been on a full sprint ever since, so we’re gonna do it fast.

”Joey Janela... let’s talk about that. This man said he wants to die in the ring. Okay, I get it. I get it. But when the Bad Boy Joey Janela said this, Jon Moxley didn’t exist in AEW. Things are different now. Now you’re talking about a guy that doesn’t have an off switch; you’re talking about a guy who doesn’t care if their are children in the audience, I don’t care if your grandmother is in the audience; you’re talking about a guy who doesn’t necessarily care about the referee’s discretion; when I get in the ring, when I step through the ropes and the bell rings, you’re talking about a guy who doesn’t necessarily care about the safety of the athletes.

”June 29, Daytona Beach, at the Fyter Fest, Jon Moxley/Joey Janela, you’re gonna get it right now, quick, fast, in your face. It’s like Amazon Prime for head trauma. When you sign that contract for June 29, Joey, you become my enemy for the duration. So take it from me, from one guy who gives zero fucks to another, choose your words carefully, my friend, and make sure you’re sure you want to become my enemy.”

That’s the good stuff.

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