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AAA Roundup: Blue Demon Jr. to retire if he loses mask, powder to the face trick, lumberjack match

Welcome to the AAA Roundup. Let’s get caught up on some news and lucha libre action from Conquista Total. Blue Demon Jr. will retire with honor if he loses his mask, but that hasn’t stopped him from using the old powder to the face tactic on Conquista Total. That show also featured a lumberjack match for Psycho Clown and Rey Escorpion.

First, I want to give a reminder that AAA’s major event Verano de Escándalo will take place Sunday, June 16. You can watch live on Twitch starting at 6 pm ET. I sure hope we get something as goofy as this interaction last year with Vampiro and Konnan, who was pretending to be La Parka.

In other news, Blue Demon Jr. stated that he will retire if he loses his mask. He has a big date set on August 3 for a mask vs hair match at Triplemania XXVII against Dr. Wagner Jr. During an interview posted by +LuchaTV, Blue Demon Jr. said that if he loses he will have one final match at Madison Square Garden on September 15 then retire. I’m rooting for Blue Demon Jr. to defeat Wagner, but wrestling at MSG would be one heck of a sendoff to his career.

At the taping last weekend, Daga and Tessa Blanchard made it known that they want the mixed tag titles from Niño Hamburguesa and Big Mami.

Daga said Big Mami and the slimy fatboy Niño Hamburguesa are worthless. Daga was going to hit Mami with a chair, but Niño saved her and followed with a flying splash to Daga. Tessa Blanchard ran to the ring to hit Niño with a chair. All the rest of the rudos present put the boots to the mixed tag champs.

Also on that show is a match getting rave reviews. Laredo Kid defended his cruiserweight title against Hijo del Vikingo.

You can watch that match by subscribing to AAA’s Twitch channel or wait a few weeks until it appears on AAA’s TV show Conquista Total.

Here is the card for the June 15 show in Cancun. Since it is the go-home show for Verano de Escándalo, it will be interesting to see what direction AAA is looking for their talent. This show will air live on AAA’s Twitch channel as well.

Marisela Peña, AAA

It looks fairly standard. The only surprise is Scarlett Bordeaux teaming with the tecnicos Taya and Myzteziz Jr. I doubt Bordeaux turned good girl, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she betrays her team or just leaves in the middle of the match.

Last up, enjoy Murder Clown and Dave the Clown chop Adrian Mendoza

Conquista Total: Los Mochis

This episode of Conquista Total emanated from Los Mochis, Sinaloa. It featured the sinister tactic of powder to the face in the Blue Demon Jr. and Dr. Wagner Jr. feud and also a lumberjack match for Psycho Clown and Rey Escorpion. The show can be viewed on AAA’s YouTube channel.

Maximo, Mamba, Myzteziz Jr. vs Poder del Norte

The exoticos strutted, Myzteziz Jr. twirled, and Poder del Norte were vicious in this trios bout (starting at 7:00). Highlights include a dope springboard double corkscrew by Myzteziz, a cannonball through the ropes by Mamba, and a Spanish Fly by Mocho Cota Jr.

For the finish, Poder del Norte ran a train on Mamba. Running elbow drop, running double knee, and a running dropkick to a downed Mamba in the corner. Mocho Cota Jr. finished with a frog splash to win.

After match, Poder del Norte teased ripping Myzteziz’s mask. Hijo del Vikingo ran down for the save. Vikingo and Myzteziz cleared the ring then took flight with a cannonball and suicide dive. Myzteziz got the mic to call his agitators the Princesas del Norte. He offered a contract to defend the trios titles against Poder del Norte. Carta Brava Jr. said they didn’t need a piece of paper. Their word was good enough. Challenge accepted by both squads.

Faby Apache, Drago, & Golden Magic vs Keyra, Monster Clown, & Chik Tormenta

This bout had nice suplexes and cool high flying (starting at 27:00), but the bigger story was between Faby Apache and referee Hijo del Tirantes. Tirantes interfered against Faby on a few occasions. Faby was running for an aerial attack, but Tirantes got in the way. Faby dropped as if she ran into a brick wall. Later, Faby had Chik Tormenta up in a double underhook suplex position, but Tirantes pushed Tormenta down to stop the slam. Near the end, Monster Clown powerbombed Golden Magic. On the pin, Faby pulled Tirantes foot to break the count.

For the finish, Monster Clown got his feet up on a moonsault by Golden Magic. That led to a potato sack toss slam by Monster for the win. I don’t know what that move is called. Monster had Golden Magic over his back then flung him into a 360 toward impact.

After the match, Faby and Tirantes went at it with Faby connecting on a whirling DDT. The rudos saved Tirantes and put the boots to Faby.

Dr. Wagner Jr. & Pagano vs Texano & Blue Demon Jr.

I guess this contest was a street fight (starting at 40:30). There was a ladder, a plank of wood with a cool painting on one side, a giant stick, and a broom. Blue Demon Jr. started off by attacking Dr. Wagner Jr. with a chair during his entrance. Wagner was busted open early, but he repaid Blue Demon Jr. later by ripping his mask and bloodying him up as well.

The majority of the match was chaotic brawling. Highlights include a cannonball by Pagano crashing through wood and a flying guillotine leg drop by Pagano with a chair onto Texano who had a closed ladder covering his body.

For the finish, Wagner went wild with a chair to the enthusiasm of the crowd. He cranked up to whack Blue Demon one more time, but referee Hijo del Tirantes grabbed the chair. During that commotion, Blue Demon reach into his tights to take out a sack of powder. He then dusted Wagner in the face and used a roll-up to win.

Lumberjack Match: Psycho Clown vs Rey Escorpion

As Psycho Clown was celebrating with kids, Rey Escorpion charged him with chops to kick-start this lumberjack match (starting at 55:30). They fought into the fan seats. Escorpion tore Psycho’s mask less than one minute in.

The ringside enforcers tallied five tecnicos and five rudos. They did their job when needed.

The tecnico lumberjacks also put the boots to rudo referee Hijo del Tirantes when he was knocked out of the ring.

Highlights include a suicide dive by Psycho, an overhead press slam by Escorpion, a powerbomb by Escorpion, and a super hurricanrana by Escorpion.

Things started getting wild when Lady Maravilla and Big Mami starting fighting as lumberjacks. Poder del Norte went in the ring to stomp Psycho. Myzteziz Jr. and Hijo del Vikingo cleared the ring with a couple of springboard dropkicks then springboard moonsaults to the outside. After a superplex by Psycho, Chik Tormenta crotched him after he climbed the corner again. Faby Apache joined the fracas to attack Tormenta.

For the finish, Psycho Clown socked all the rudo lumberjacks. When he got back in the ring, Rey Escorpion was waiting to execute a spinning package piledriver for the win.

Conquista Total from Los Mochis was entertaining. I especially enjoyed the old school feel of powder and lumberjacks. It also set up Poder del Norte finally getting a rematch against Los Jinetes del Aire. I’ll be looking forward to that awesome matchup. Maybe it will go down at Triplemania in August.

What is your favorite wrestling moment involving powder? How about your favorite lumberjack match?

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