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Chris Jericho is already taking credit for ALL OUT selling out in 15 minutes

You knew this was coming:

“I just want to say you’re welcome. Don’t forget why you sold out in 15 minutes; don’t forget why AEW is the hottest wrestling company in the world today; don’t forget why it’s even in existence in the first place. It’s because of Chris Jericho, it’s because of me. And now I don’t just want a thank you because of Double or Nothing, I want a thank you because of ALL OUT, I want a thank you for the whole kit and kaboodle. I want a thank you from all of you for AEW even being in existence. And if you think I’m going to stop with this think again. I’m waiting. I want to have my thank you. Waiting. Still waiting.”

Yes, there is some truth to his playing a big part in the initial success of All Elite Wrestling, but also, no, he’s not really responsible for this, but also maybe, but not totally, but kind of. I think I hate this version of Chris Jericho more than any other because I can’t figure out whether I should agree with him or not, and also he’s just a pompous ass no matter what the reality may be.

Jericho will be wrestling Hangman Page for the AEW world championship on the show, likely in the main event. I say “likely” because Jon Moxley vs. Kenny Omega is also booked for the card, and is a legitimate main event match in its own right.

So far, those are the only two matches set for the show.

Something tells me it would have sold out even if there were zero matches booked for the show, which is scheduled for Aug. 31, 2019, in Chicago, Illinois.

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